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Layouts With Pizazz
Layouts With Pizazz


By Susan Cobb



  1. Use the tan textured with floral border paper as the background, turning the paper so the border is on the left. Use a white pen to add faux-stitching penwork around a 6 5/8"x10 5/8" piece of rust floral paper. Knot a 4 1/2" length of light blue sheer ribbon in the center. Lay the ribbon diagonally over the top right corner of the rust floral paper, wrapping the ends around the edges to secure on the back. Glue the paper centered over the tan textured portion of the background.
  2. Mat a vertical 5"x7 1/2" photo on white cardstock, trimming the mat to 1/16". Mat again on light blue textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/8", then glue 5/8" from the top edge of the rust floral paper.
  3. Cut a 12"x3/4" strip of rust striped paper (stripes running vertically) and use a white pen to add faux-stitching penwork along the long edges. Mat the long edges on light blue textured paper, trimming the mats to 1/16". Glue the strip across the bottom of the page, centering the strip over the large bottom edge of the rust floral paper. Add two light blue mini brads to each end of the rust striped paper strip. Computer journal the name onto the rust floral label, then mat the label on light blue textured paper, trimming the mat to 1/16". Glue the label overlapping the rust striped strip, centered under the photo, and add a light blue brad to each end of the label.
  4. Use Glue Dots™ to secure a large light blue silk flower over the rust striped paper strip, securing the center of the flower about 3" from the left edge of the page. Layer a small light blue silk flower on top of the large flower. Run a thin strip of rust floral paper through the holes on one medium light blue button, then use Glue Dots™ to attach the button in the center of the small silk flower.
  5. Computer journal onto white cardstock, crop and ink the edges black. Glue the journaling at an angle to the left of the photo, tucking the bottom left corner under the rust striped paper strip.
  6. Knot a 3" length of light blue sheer ribbon. Use a Glue Dot™ to secure the knot over the right edge of the background paper's floral border with the ribbon tails pointing toward the top and bottom edges of the page. Computer journal the date onto the rounded tan/rust striped tag and ink the edges of the tag black. Glue the tag at an angle with the tab overlapping the bottom tail of the knotted ribbon. Add a light blue brad to the tab.

Susan Cobb

A tip from Susan: Get the look of stitching without a needle and thread! I used a pen to create simple straight stitch penwork rather than taking the time to hand-sew a stitched border around the edges. And penwork doesn't always have to be black. I used an opaque white pen to add the penwork to this layout, coordinating the rest of the layout with the white stitched look that's printed on the background paper's border. An easy technique? Place a ruler on your project and hold the pen up against the edge of the ruler while making short, straight, evenly spaced lines.

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