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Scrapbooking 101: Chalks & Inks

Using Chalk

Acid-free chalk is a wonderful product to add a touch of color to your pages. Apply decorating chalk to your paper with either the foam-tipped applicators, cotton swabs or your fingertips. After applying, shake off any excess, then place a clean piece of white paper over the chalked area. Rub with your fingers over the paper thats against the chalk to burnish it and blot out any excess. This sets the chalk in place so it wont wear off. Dont use teachers chalk or sidewalk chalkthey arent the same.

Ink Pads

There are many ways to use ink pads on a scrapbook page. The most common way is with stamps. But you can also ink the edges of your page, photos or a mat. There are tons of ink pads in millions of colors! Some of our favorites are the StazOn® ink pads because they work on non-porous surfaces so we can use them on transparencies, ribbons and metal embellishments.

Spray Inks

Spray inks have become very popular! We love the Smooch Spritz, they have great colors and a fun metallic shine. Spray inks can be used as a background color, or you can use them with templates and stencils to create a page focal or embellishment.