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Scrapbooking 101: Speciality Papers

Color Me Papers

Color Me paper is paper printed with a raised design that will resist color. With Color Me papers you can decide the paper color. It's simple, all you do is add your color then wipe away the excess and you'll have a beautiful patterned paper in your choice of color. You can color with ink pads, chalks, spray inks, markers, walnut inks or alcohol inks. Or re-heat and add embossing powder, flock or glitter to the pattern. Use one color or mix them to create an original paper all your own!

Foil Papers

Foil papers are a heavyweight paper printed with a foiled design. They are beautiful as background pages or cut them up and use for scrapbook page accents. They add a unique look to any scrapbook page.

Flocked Papers

Flocked papers are printed with a fuzzy textured design. These papers are great as background papers because they add so much dimension to the scrapbook page. And theyre soft to touch, too!

Textured Papers

These papers have light texture and rich dimension, and come in lots of styles. There is Peacock, Hammered , Suede and Glimmer. They look wonderful on scrapbook pages because they add interest to your page.


Vellum is a translucent lightweight paper. Its terrific for matting photos, journaling and using with templates to create embellishments. Vellum is not as porous as your other scrapbooking papers, so adhesives and inks wont be absorbed as quickly. And because vellum paper is so transparent, most adhesives will show through. There is a special vellum adhesive that wont show through but you can also place the glue so its hidden under another element on the page or use brads to attach.