Shauna's Holiday Greetings Card

by Shauna Berglund-Immel

Card Stats

  • Technique: Using twill and tape-style fragments
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Designer: Shauna Berglund-Immel

Shaunas Tip: Every card needs a focal pointthats the place where your eye goes first. Its the most attention-getting part of the card. The easiest way to make a focal is with one large single image, like this Holiday Greetings cut-out. To add balance to the design, I framed the quote with tape-style words and added a twill border.


How to make Shaunas card:

Cover the card front with green sponged paper. Cut a piece of green tis the season paper to 4 1/2x6. Mat on green glimmer paper and trim, leaving a 1/16-wide border.

Cut a piece of 8 twill. Wrap horizontally across the green tis the season paper and adhere the ends to the backside of the paper. Tie a twill bow and attach with a Zot. Center the tis the season paper on the card front and glue. Shauna says: Zots are great for attaching ribbon and twill because they wont soak through and stain the fabric like liquid adhesives. I use a few Zots to secure the twill going across the card, and two on the backside.

Cut card quote into a rectangle, mat on glimmer paper and trim to leave a 1/16 border. Cut out greetings and celebrate fragments and glue vertically to either end of the quote. Trim edges evenly. Center on top portion of the card.

Chalk the shadow letters of the card quote with green chalk.

For the inside of the card: Trim tis the season paper to 4 1/2x6. Mat on green glimmer paper, trim to a 1/16-wide border and center on the inside card back.

Cut out second part of the quote and mat on green glimmer paper and trim to leave a 1/16-wide border. Adhere to bottom right side. Cut out holiday wishes fragment and adhere vertically down the right side of the quote.