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Shine Designs

About the Projects
Shine Designs
Designer: LeNae Gerig

The shiny pattern printed on Shine Designs papers make them a joy to look at, and they're super fun to work with, too! Use them as is for a unique look on any paper craft, or add your own style with a little customization.

Shine Designs papers have a white core, so they look great when sanded. And the smooth finish is perfect for stamping on, too! Just be sure to use a StazOn ink pad since these papers are non-porous. You can also emphasize the tone-on-tone patterns with a little added penwork.

Read on to see how LeNae used Shine Designs papers to decorate an elegant Mini Folder and to add a pretty pleated edge to a stylish card front!

Monogram Mini Folder
By LeNae Gerig

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Covering the Surface:

  1. With the Mini Folder unassembled, cover both inside pocket flaps with Black Lace paper. Assemble the folder.
  2. Cut a 7 7/8"x5 5/16" piece of Black Lace paper. Place horizontally and fold the paper in half. Attach corner Brad Buddies™ in the top left corner and bottom right corner of the right half of the folded paper. Glue the paper to the folder's outside surface (with the Brad Buddies™ on the front of the folder) by placing the folder's fold in the paper's fold.

Embellishing the Surface:

  1. Add an ABC rub-on to the top of a black Great Big Brad™. Layer two sizes of white flowers. Fold a 5" length of swirly white sheer ribbon in half and place the folded end in the center of the flowers. Insert the monogram brad in the center to connect all the layers. Zot™ the flowers centered on the folder's front.
  2. Fold 3 1/2" of swirly white sheer ribbon in half and Zot™ the folded end in the top right corner of the right pocket flap. Add a mini brad to the center of a small white flower and Zot™ it over the folded ribbon end.
  3. Computer journal a sentiment on white cardstock, leaving about 1 1/4" of space within the sentiment. Crop to a tag shape, then attach a small black flower in the space with a silver mini brad. Mat on Black Lace paper, trimming the mat to 1/8". Punch a hole in the tag's tab and run dotted black sheer ribbon through. Insert the tag into the folder's left pocket. Insert a gift card into the folder's right pocket.

By LeNae Gerig

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For the Card Front:

  1. Place the card with the fold at the top. Cover the top 3 1/4" with Pink Daisies paper and sand the edges.
  2. Cut two 1 3/4"x11" strips of Brown Flourish paper. Place one strip laying horizontally. Fold the right end of the strip under, 3/4" from the left end, then fold it back to the right. Fold the strip under again, 3/4" from the first fold, then fold it back to the right. Repeat until you reach the end of the strip, then repeat with the second strip. Join the strips together to form one continuous strip and sand the edges of the pleats. Glue the pleated strip even with the bottom of the card front, trimming the excess even with the card edges. Glue lace ribbon overlapping the top edge of the pleated strip and trim it even with the card edges.
  3. Sand the edges of a pink big brad and add the "blessings" rub-on to the top. Layer brown and pink silk flowers and add the big brad to the center. Zot™ the flowers to the left end of the lace ribbon length.
  4. Zot™ three buttons to the upper right of the layered flowers.

For the Card Inside:

  1. Cut a 1 3/4"x3 1/4" piece of Pink Daisies paper. Sand the edges of a brown big brad and add the "friend" rub-on to the top. Add the brad to the top right corner of the paper, then glue the paper to the left side of the card inside.
  2. Glue lace ribbon across the bottom of the Pink Daisies paper, extending off the edges. Zot™ two buttons to the paper, just below the big brad.

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