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Snowflakes Christmas Card

Snowflakes Christmas Card
Designer: Teresa Welch

Designer Tip: I used a small square of felt for inking the paper edges with paint, simply because its, absorbent, inexpensive, and disposable. You could also use a sea sponge and dab the paint onto the paper edges. For either, practice on scrap paper so you know just how loaded the felt or sponge is before applying it to your card papers.

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  1. For the card front: Cut a piece of the dark snowflakes paper to 4 3/4x6 1/4. Spread a quarter-sized puddle of white paint evenly over the surface of the felt square. Allow the paint to soak into the fibers. Gently brush this surface across the edges of the paper (the same action as for inking paper edges). Turn the blank card with the fold on the left and glue the paper centered on the front.
  2. Paint the three chipboard circles and let them dry. Stamp and emboss three large snowflakes on the textured purple background paper. Punch them out, then brush the edges with the paint-soaked felt. When dry, stamp a medium snowflake on each in blue. Set aside to dry.
  3. Cut a 3/4x6 1/2 strip of stripes paper and mat it on aqua textured paper. Brush the edges with the paint-soaked felt. When dry, glue this strip vertically on the front, 3/4 from the right edge.
  4. Stamp and emboss Tis the Season on aqua textured paper. Cut it to 2 3/4x1 1/4 and brush the edges with the paint-soaked felt. Mat it on purple, then on aqua again, varying the widths and brushing the edges with paint each time. Attach a felt snowflake at the upper left corner with a lavender brad. Glue this greeting to the front as shown, 1 1/2 from the bottom. Add a lavender mini brad to the center of each dried chipboard circle, then glue them along the border, spaced as shown.
  5. For the inside: Cut a 4 1/2x3 piece of the snowflakes paper and brush the edges with the paint-soaked felt. Glue it centered on the inside back. Cut a 6 1/2 length of the let it snow border and mat it on aqua. Brush the edges with the soaked felt, then glue it vertically as shown.
  6. Print Wishing you a season of beauty on white and mat it on turquoise. Brush the edges with the soaked felt. Add a felt snowflake in the upper left and lower right corners, using lavender mini brads. Glue the sentiment as shown.