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So Many Reasons

Amy Hurley-Purdie

So Many Reasons
By Amy Hurley-Purdie

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Designer Tip: Use tweezers to place those tiny pieces of foam tape when building up your Papier Toile.



  1. Card front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Cover with black cardstock. Glue 4½”x6½” Chalkboard gray/green distressed centered on the front. Glue 4”x6 ½” Chalkboard multi rose pattern centered on the gray/green paper. Glue 3”x6½” Chalkboard peach distressed centered on the rose pattern paper. Then glue 1”x6½” white/black polka dot centered on the peach paper. Glue a 3½” square of black cardstock centered on a 4½” square Chalkboard teal patterned paper. Wrap 5/8” teal corners to overlap the corners of the cardstock and secure with foam tape as shown. Glue to the center on point and ¼” from the top. Foam tape Good Life Papier Tole, “SO MANY REASONS…” centered on the teal cardstock piece. Following the instructions on the Papier Tole, foam tape the remaining layers of the design. Add Embellies™ brads to the top layer of “CELEBRATE”, before foam taping it in place.
  2. Glue 1/4” Chalkboard paper onto 1/2” strip of black cardstock and glue horizontally ¼” from the bottom edge. Place a strip of Black Rhinestones on the paper strip. Add three Embellies to the strip as shown. Place Black Rhinestones on folded corners and Papier Tole embellishment as shown. Zot™ a bow of ¾” yellow crepe ribbon to the lower left corner of the Papier Tole. Zot™ the Embellies™ star on the upper left as shown.
  3. Card Inside: Cover the inside with black cardstock. Glue 4¾”x6¼” Chalkboard peach distressed paper centered. Cut 2” square Chalkboard teal patterned paper in half diagonally and then cut each piece in half diagonally again. Glue a teal triangle in each corner as shown. Place Black Rhinestones and glue as shown. Glue Chalkboard Paper Tole “Live well, laugh often…” centered. Add Black Rhinestones to the corners. Foam tape remaining layers per the instructions on the Papier Tole sheet. Use 1/4" wide teal sheer ribbon to tie a bow. Fasten one Embellies™ brad centered on the bow. Zot™ on the lower left corner of the Papier Tole Embellishment.