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Spring Birthday Card

Lodell Halvorson

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Spring Birthday Card
By Lodell Halvorson

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Designer’s Tip: This is a quick and easy card that can be made in a flash!



  1. Front of the card: Place your card with the fold on top. Cover the card with Serendipity pink dot paper. Ink the edges. Cut Serendipity blue dot flowered paper to 6”x4 1/2” with flowers on the left and ink the edges.
  2. Stamp “Happy Birthday” on 2 3/4”x1 3/4” white cardstock and ink the edges. Glue to the blue dot paper 3/8” from the right and 5/8” from the top. Use the craft pick to pierce three holes above the white cardstock and insert three butterfly brads as shown. Stamp “It’s Your Day!” under the white cardstock and glue blue dot paper centered on the card.
  3. Inside the card: Cut blue dot paper to 2”x5” and glue to the left side of the card. Stamp “Make a Wish!” on 2 1/4”x1” white cardstock and cut a “V” in the right end as shown. Mat on pink dot paper with 1/16” borders and insert a butterfly brad in the upper left corner. Glue to the card 3/8” from the top and overlapping the border paper as shown.