Susan's Pick: sarabinders

As a designer, Im always on the lookout for great new products that I can experiment with. Thats why Im so excited about Hot Off The Press new sarabinders!

sarabinders are easy and totally functionaland did I mention addictive? I sat down to think about all the ways I could use them, and the list went on and on! I was dying to make one for grocery lists and coupons, one to use as an address book, a home decorating journal to keep paint chips and swatches, a favorite fonts book, a quote book, a calendar, a recipe book, a CD holder, a sketchbook, and, of course, a handmade scrapbookthere are endless possibilities!

The surface of a sarabinder is perfect for customizing with paint, ink and paper so I can add my own personal flair to each and every project. One of my favorite things to do is paint the surface, then cover the front with a cool patterned paper and snazzy embellishments. Slide mounts and ribbons make great sarabinder embellishments because they can be glued flat to the binders surface. I also like to use tags, alphabet tiles and stickers, or even a photo to really personalize each binder.

Dont forget about the great inserts! You can get everything from lined papers to address book papers, from manila dividers to fun, brightly colored pockets and envelopes. Use them as is, or decorate them to coordinate with the front of your binder. Use ribbons, brads, slide mounts, tags, stickers, stampsyou name it!

sarabinders are so user friendly, too! Theyre fun to make, reasonably priced, and they dont take much time to design and embellish. I can choose the inserts that I want to add depending on my personal preference and the intended use of the binder. And think of how special it would be to give a handmade sarabinder to a friend as a functional gift thats from the heart, personally designed just for the recipient!