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Suzanne Ramos Loves Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling!

When I learned I was going to teach a journaling class I was a little nervous. (As my husband says, If its spelled wrong, it must be yours.)

Like many of you, I love to scrap but usually leave space to journal for later. But when I was introduced to Scrapbook Recipes for Journaling I fell in love. I started to look at scrapbooking and journaling in a whole new light.

As we all know, journaling is a very important part of scrapbooking and this book actually makes journaling fun. Ive found myself choosing one of the 51 different journaling recipes in the book, then finding a picture to go with it. Its an easy way to get journaling done, and done in a way that really adds to my pages.

This is a beautiful book full of fun new layouts (159 to be exact) and ideas. Each page gives you three different examples of the recipe, how they were done and what was used.

One recipe that I recently used was Job Description, where I wrote the job description for being a daddy. For example: pay is lots of TLC; skills needed are knowledge of wheels, patience, love to give, time to wrestle and so on.

Another one that I love is the recipe for 101. I did a page with Beach Combing 101 from my 18 month olds point of view. For example, the water is cold, there are lots of sticks to play with and rocks to throw and I can run and run and run.

The book is a wonderful guide, inspiration, and ideas of all your scrapbooking.

As the Hot Off The Press instructor, Suzanne Ramos teaches at countless scrapbooking conventions across the United States. For information on Suzannes class schedule, check out our Convention Calendar.