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Thank You

Susan Cobb

Thank You
By Susan Cobb

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Designer’s Tip: Stamp the poppies image for the card focal with Black ink, then embellish with the Encrusted Jewels for color, glitter, shimmer, and texture.



  1. Front: Place your card with the fold at the top. Take a Red Velvet red/green/tan large floral paper and cut in half. Glue one piece even with the left side of the card. Repeat for the right side of the card. Cut a 5 1/2"x5” Red Velvet green textured paper and ink the edges. Glue centered on the card front. Cut a 2”x5” Red Velvet dark brown/ivory dots paper and glue vertically on the card, 1 5/8” from the left. Ink the edges black.
  2. Stamp the Silhouette Poppies image on Red Velvet tan/ivory textured paper with Black ink. Take some Encrusted Jewels Aged Scarlet Embossing Enamel and sprinkle it sparingly on small areas of the blossoms and bud. Repeat with Aged Hunter Embossing Enamel on the stems and leaves. Hold the heat gun beneath your paper, heating it from the bottom until melted. Finish by heating the front of the paper briefly. Now sprinkle a tiny amount of Red Tinsel Embossing Powder on the flowers and heat as before.
  3. Tear around the edges of the stamped image. Ink the edges with VersaMark™ ink. Sprinkle some of the edges with Mahogany Tinsel, and some with Aged Hunter Embossing enamel. Again, apply the heat from beneath the paper, then briefly on top. Add more VersaMark™ to some areas, then sprinkle with Aged Scarlet Embossing Enamel and heat to melt in the same manner.
  4. Cut a 5”x3 7/8” Red Velvet red/black words paper and ink the edges black. Foam tape the stamped image on the red/black paper and glue on the card, centered 3/4” from the bottom. Place Dazzles™ “Thank You” on the lower right portion of the card. Use 3/4" wide red crepe ribbon to tie a bow. Zot™ the bow on the edge of the torn image as shown.