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Thanks So Much Iris Folding Card

Susan Cobb

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Thanks So Much Iris Folding Card
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: The card topper with a dragonfly cut-out window makes it easy to create this card using the Iris folding technique. The beautiful foil papers are light weight, easy to fold, and perfect for this technique--but you can also use them for matting. I inked the dragonfly stickers to match the purple foil for a pretty touch in the upper right corner. Double sided adhesive squares work better for this technique than using glue.

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  1. 1) Cut an 11 ½"x5 ¾" purple cardstock rectangle and fold in half for a 5 ¾" square card. Trim the dragonfly card topper to a 4 7/8" square. Choose one sheet of each of the following foil textured papers: purple, green, silver, blue. Cut and fold strips from each paper as directed in the book.
  2. 2) Make a copy of the pattern from the book, and secure the copy to your work surface with stencil tape. Turn the card topper over and place the dragonfly opening of the card topper over the pattern, aligning it exactly with the pattern. Tape one edge of the card topper to your work surface, so it can be lifted and replaced over the pattern easily.
  3. 3) Following the numbered pattern, begin with a purple folded foil strip and align the folded edge of the strip against the innermost edge of the #1 section on one of the four dragonfly wing openings. Trim the strip so it extends about ¼" beyond the opening at each end and adhere to the topper. Proceed with the blue for #2, the silver for #3. Continue with the colors in the same order, then use the green for the last section at the center. Repeat for the remaining dragonfly wings. Lift up the card topper to make sure the front looks aligned properly.
  4. 4) Cover the body opening with purple foil. Turn the topper over to the front. Glue the topper to white cardstock, trimming edges evenly with the topper. Mat on blue foil, then glue centered to the purple card front.
  5. 5) Write or computer print "thanks so much" on white cardstock, trim, then mat on purple foil. Glue to the lower card front as shown. Use the black pen to add antennae to the head of the dragonfly. Ink two tiny dragonfly stickers with purple twilight alcohol ink and let dry. Add the inked dragonfly stickers to the upper right corner of the card topper as shown.