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The Boy Next Door Page

The Boy Next Door Page
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer Tip: Use a Craft knife to cut around the edges of roses and slip the paper lined gear behind the slit. Glue the paper down over the Dazzles.


  1. Place the rose border at the bottom of the page. Glue a 10x3 strip of striped paper horizontally, flush with the right side of the page and 3 from the top.
  2. Mat the 6x4 photo with black cardstock, leaving a 1/8 wide border and glue 2 from the right and 3 1/2 from the top of the page. Place the Eiffel tower over the left edge.
  3. Line the Memory, frame and birds wing with red cardstock and glue to the page as shown. Line some of the gear Dazzles with white cardstock and glue among the border.
  4. Print on the red tag and glue to the bottom of the photo.