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'Tis The Season Card

LeNae Gerig

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'Tis The Season Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: Extend both the tag and the ribbon off the edge of the card and trim even with the edges.



  1. Place the card fold on the side. Ink the edges of 4 1/2” x 6” green striped paper and glue to the card center. Ink the long edges of 10”x1 3/4” holly paper and mat with burgundy dot, leaving a 3/8” border. Glue across the card, 3/4” from the bottom and trim the excess even with the card edge. (You will use the remaining border on the inside of the card)
  2. Use the pen knife to make a small slit in the fold at the center of the border. Thread 18” of 3/4” wide burgundy ribbon through the slit and tie a bow on the right side of the border.
  3. Assemble the Santa Papier Tole with foam tape and glue to the left side of the border. Glue the green/burgundy tag at the top of the card, extending off the right card edge. Thread the top of the tag with 5” of 1/8” wide burgundy grosgrain ribbon. Glue ribbon to the left side of the card and trim ends even with card edge. Place Dazzles greeting on the tag.
  4. Inside: Cut a “v” at one end of the remaining 5”x 1 3/4” border from the card front. Glue the short straight end at the card center top. Glue a green foil label to the center. Place “Merry Christmas” Dazzles and Papier Tole gift “extra art” at the right.