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Tis the Season Easel Card

LeNae Gerig

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'Tis the Season Easel Card
By LeNae Gerig

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Designer’s Tip: To display an Easel Card, prop the bottom of the card front behind the holly. Lay flat to close and mail.



  1. Ink edges of 4 3/4” square of Christmas Sweets red dot paper. Use the template to trace and cut 7 individual rays of brown dots paper and cut one ray to 5 3/4” long with a “v” shape end and glue diagonally to the paper as shown. Cut six more, staggering lengths from 4”-5 1/4” long. Glue, evenly spaced to each side of the first ray. Mat paper square with brown cardstock, leaving 1/8” border.
  2. Place Christmas Greetings Dazzles™ Gold “”Tis the Season” to the top right. Layer and glue small Candy Cane Die-Cuts to extend from bottom left corner to the top right, following sunrays. Tie green baker’s twine around one candy cane die-cut and foam tape as shown. Foam tape holly die-cut to the bottom left corner. Place Christmas Greetings Dazzles™ stars and Candy Strippers green stripe dots.
  3. Easel Fold: Cut brown cardstock to 4 7/8”x10” and fold in half, short sides together. Place the fold at the top and open the card. Fold the top of the card to the center fold and crease. Open the card. You now have a fold 1/4 from the top and 1/2 from the top.
  4. Inside: Ink edges of Christmas Sweets 4 1/2” square green tile paper and glue to the card inside back. Glue 4 7/8”x3/4” Christmas Sweets brown dot paper across card, 3/4” from the bottom. Place Candy Stripers Green Stripe dots on each end of border as shown. Place 2 layers of foam taper under Candy Cane Die-Cuts holly and place on the right side of border. Place Christmas Greetings Dazzles™ “Cheer” on the left. Glue a Candy Cane Die-Cuts oval at the top.
  5. Close the card and glue the bottom of the square card topper to the lower portion only of the card front.