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Using the Library Card Holders and Mini File Folders Template

Love the office supply trend? Take a look at Susans pretty page, which features customized mini file folders made of vellum and patterned paper.


Technique: Using the Library Card Holders & Mini File Folders template
Style: Shabby chic
Designer: Susan Cobb

Mini file folders, created from patterned paper and vellum, are perfect for holding journaling or definitions. Best of all, Susans shabby chic page is an easy and versatile layout to reproduce! Susans Tips:

Direct to paper inking: Susan used black ink directly on her background paper, slide mount, ephemera and file folders. Direct to paper inking simply means applying ink directly onto the paper, without using a rubber stamp. Susan placed her background paper onto a piece of scrap paper, then held the inkpad upside down and tapped it along the edges of the background paper.

To add color to her definitions, slide mount, file folders and page title, she held the inkpad in one hand and the paper in the other and ran the inkpad along the edge of her paper.

Susan advises: When applying ink on vellum, be sure to allow the ink plenty of time to dry. Vellum isnt porous, so the ink will need time to dry since it cant soak in the way it would with regular paper.

Covering a slide mount: Glue the slide mount to the backside of the paper, placing it in the corner of the paper sheet. Trim around the outside of the slide mount, then use an x-acto knife to cut an x in the window of the slide mount, from corner to corner. Fold back the four corners and glue them to the slide mount. Turn over and add to your page.

How to make this page:

1. Mat your photos on tan vellum, then ink the vellum edges. Let dry, then overlap on the background paper as shown and glue in place. Ink the outer edges of the background paper.

2. Use the template to cut a white vellum library pocket. Ink the edges, let dry, then fold and glue together. Cut a file folder from the additional patterned paper and ink the edges. Write the year on the tab with black pen. Cover the slide mount with paper, then ink the outer edges.

3. Cut out or tear out the definitions and word family. Glue the word family inside the covered slide mount. Ink the edges of the definitions or mat on vellum and ink the edges.

4. Computer journal on vellum for the title and ink the edges. Tie with fiber and glue in place.


Susan Cobb is a paper crafter and the creative force behind the Paper Pizazz line of templates and the author of Susans Paper Engineering Secrets. Shes also the co-author of Making Designer Scrapbook Pages.