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Wish Bracelet

Susan Cobb

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Wish Bracelet
By Susan Cobb

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Designer Tip: Add two colors of crystal lacquer to a circle in the bracelet, then swirl them together to create a pretty 3-color design-the two colors of lacquer will mix together in some areas to create a third color.



  1. Cut out three ¾" paper circles and transparency circles from the Pretty & Playful Easy Peasy book and glue into the circles of the bracelet, evenly spaced. Use the small paint brush to add a thin layer of Aleene's glue over the top of the transparencies to seal them. Let dry.
  2. Squeeze a swirl of lilac pearl crystal lacquer on the center of each remaining blank circle on the bracelet. Then, fill in the area around the pink swirl with blue pearl crystal lacquer. Use the toothpick and swirl the two colors of lacquer together in a "figure 8" fashion, top to bottom, then at sides of each circle. This will result in some blue, pink, and purple colors in the lacquer. Let dry overnight.
  3. Apply Diamond Glaze over the top of each circle and lay flat to dry.