Wood Sticker Titling

by Sara Naumann

Class Description: Wood stickers add a whole new dimension to scrapbook page titles. Even better, our new wood stickers have been clear-coated so theyre acid-free! Join us for a fabulous class on combining wood stickers with color-blocked background papers to create a fun school-themed layout. Perfect for beginners and busy scrappers!

Class Intro: Titles set the tone and the theme of our layout, so theyre pretty important. Dont feel as though every page title has to be cleverly writteninstead, they can be cleverly designed. In this class, were going to use new wood stickers to create a title that reads both across and down one border of our page.

About Wood Alphabet Stickers: Just pop the letters out of the wood frame and stick them to your pageno messing around with adhesive! Even better, these tiles are clear-coated so theyre acid-free. There are three styles available, each one on a 7x10 sheet. Retail $3.79 each.

2nd Grade Fun
Designer: Susan Cobb for Hot Off The Press

Page intro: Notice how weve taken advantage of the color-blocked design on the background paper to place the page elementsits a great time-saver for busy scrappers or for those times when you just dont know where to put your photos and journaling. The wood alphabet stickers spell the page title and the word fun down the right side of the page. The photo hangs from one of the letters, and shiny gold brads finish the look. And look at the journaling: instead of the same old who, what, when, this page has fun stats about Natalie while in second grade.



  1. Mat photo on lime canvas paper, leaving a 1/8 border. Cut out the yellow ribbon and layered squares with clip paper art pieces. Cut a 5/8 piece of the paper ribbon and set the small piece aside. Cut the remaining length in half and ink the edges. Hang the matted photo from the paper ribbon pieces and glue to the background paper as shown.
  2. Arrange the wood stickers along the top and sides of the page and adhere in place, covering the top of the photo hanger with a letter. Add a brad just above the top of the letter.
  3. Write nd on the small piece of yellow paper ribbon and ink the edges. Glue next to the number 2. Write name and date on the remaining art and glue to the upper right corner of the page.
  4. Journal on the yellow lines paper. Trim to rectangles and mat on red sponged paper. Arrange beneath the photo and glue as shown. Finish by adding brads.

Class prep tips: Teachers, we recommend building the $14.99 retail value of the Busy Scrappers book and the $3.79 retail of the Wood Sticker sheet into the cost of your class. When you buy any three items from Hot Off The Press, you pay wholesale of 50% off retail. When using tools like inkpads, place the items at each seat or have students share.

Class sales tips: As a teacher, your job is to instructand to sell students on additional materials. Be sure to point out the different themes available in the Wood Stickers line, and remind students that they are acid-free. And when giving each student a Busy Scrapper collection, we recommend you spend a few minutes at the beginning of class to flip through the book together so students see the wealth of materials inside. Make sure the Wood Stickers and Busy Scrapper collections are merchandised together (all Wood Stickers together, all Busy Scrapper collections together), at least for that evening. It makes shopping easier for the student and guarantees theyll buy more.

Working with the retailer: Of course, youll want to make sure the retailer has plenty of Wood Stickers in stock because students will want to buy additional themes. Show different themes in class while students are cutting and assembling. And be sure the retailer has additional Busy Scrapper collections in the store as well.

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