Words to Describe Our Family

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Thank you for your purchase, we want to give you a little treat to say thanks for being a part of the Paper Wishes family. Please enjoy this free project idea, created by our very own Susan Cobb. This original card design is available to Paper Wishes customers like youits our way of thanking you for being with us!


Paulette Jarvey
Owner, Paper Wishes

Words to Describe Our Family
By Susan Cobb

Susan Cobb

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  1. Turn the yellow dotted background paper so the floral corner is at the bottom right. Ink the outside edges brown. Mat the 7”x5” photo on aqua patterned paper leaving a 1/8” border. Mat again on orange textured paper, leaving a 1/16” border. Ink the edges. Cut a ½”x5” orange textured strip and mat on brown textured paper, leaving a 1/16” border. Glue vertically to the photo, ½” from the left edge. Glue the matted photo to the page, 1 ¼” from the left edge and bottom.
  2. Mat the 6”x4” horizontal photo on iridescent paper, leaving a 1/8” border. Mat again on aqua patterned paper, leaving a 1/8” border. Ink the edges. Glue only the corners to the page, 3” from the left edge and ½” from the top.
  3. Write or computer print journaling on orange textured paper, trim to a 3 ¼”x2” and ink the edges. Mat on aqua patterned paper leaving a 1/8” border and ink the edges. Glue to the page, overlapping the 6”x4” photo, 3” from the top and 3/8” from the left side.
  4. Cut the blue die-cut label in half and glue one piece on each side of the 6”x4” photo, with one near top and one near bottom as shown. Write or computer print 4 separate words plus the year, on orange textured paper, leaving enough space to cover chipboard pieces or frames as needed. Attach the striped oval frame over one word centered inside the frame. Cover the oval chipboard (center from the frame) with a word centered on it, trim the edges, then ink them. Repeat for the scalloped circle, then glue an aqua patterned paper strip across it, trimming edges evenly.
  5. Mat the oval chipboard on iridescent, then trim to a 1/16” border. Glue yellow ribbon to the end of one piece of the blue die-cut label, then glue the striped chipboard oval frame overlapping the die-cut and the photo. Glue the matted oval chipboard to the second blue die-cut label half. Layer the orange covered scalloped circle centered on the pink/ivory chipboard oval. Set aside to attach later. Punch the last word from orange textured paper and ink the edges. Ink the edges of the chipboard award ribbon. Use the chipboard piece as a template to trace the round shape from aqua patterned paper and cut it out. Ink the edges, then glue to the top of the chipboard. Glue the punched circle word centered on the aqua circle. Attach the award ribbon overlapping the 7”x5” photo as shown. Trim year and ink edges. Mat on aqua patterned paper, trim and ink edges. Glue to upper right portion of the page.
  6. Cut a 5” length of yellow ribbon and glue centered to the orange paper strip on the 7”x5” photo. Attach the layered pink/ivory chipboard oval/orange scalloped circle overlapping the ribbon. Zot knotted ribbon near lower right side of 6”x4” photo. Attach self-adhesive flower to photo to decorate the girl’s hair.
  7. Embellish the swirls on the blue die-cut label pieces with small gold Jewel Dazzles™. Add small blue Dazzles™ to dot an “I” in words. Create a small flower below the word inside the striped oval frame by placing small blue Dazzles™ in a circle, then adding a small gold Dazzle™ for a center. Draw a small leaf at the side with the black pen.
  8. Add small Dazzles™ to the side of the journaling block, and embellish the layered pink/ivory oval and orange scalloped circle. Add blue Dazzles™ along the yellow ribbon on the photo, evenly spaced. Add small gold Dazzles™ evenly spaced around the outside edge of the aqua circle on the award ribbon. Embellish the floral corner with both colors of stickers and a blue brad. Cut a strip of blue Dazzles™ material with small holes and add it across the yellow ribbon over the blue die-cut label.