Writing Class Descriptions

by Sara Naumann

Sample class description:
Have you got a pile of patterned papers in your scrapping stash? Wondering how to put that pile to use? Heres your answer! Let Hot Off The Press President Paulette Jarvey show you how to pick patterned papers to suit your photo, mix them on a layout or double page spread, and combine them with sophisticated scrapbooking techniques like tearing and layering. Youll also explore using vellum and patterned papers together. Take home two projects plus a ton of guidelines you can use right away.

  • Always include the Ws: who, what, when, where, why

  • Focus on the WHO and the WHAT: the teacher and the topic

Two things to remember: WHAT are you saying and WHO are you saying it to?

  • Use catch-words and key phrases:
    Back by popular demand, favorite Adjectives: bonus, easy, guaranteed, exciting, innovative, new, fun Best words: YOU, now Word to watch out for: Free Lead in with a question: Want your Christmas photos to be the best this year? Start with an unfamiliar word: Have you been foofed? Include a call to action: Sign up nowspace is limited! or Call now to reserve your spot

  • Generally about 50-100 words. Find out before you write how long the text should be and any specifications. You dont want someone else edititng your descriptions!
  • Get as specific as you canthen fulfill your promises! Include manufacturer name, number of projects completed and specific techniques.
  • Bond with the readerinclude teacher name and let Mary teach you, join Debbie, etc.
  • Before posting your description, read it aloudyoull notice run-on or awkward sentences quickly. Ask someone else to read it and tell you his or her impression.

Enjoywell see you at the next CKU!