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Cupcake Birthday Card

Designer: Ann Bernklau

Ann's Designer Tip: Shading the white background with chalk adds a nice touch of color and shadow.



  1. With the fold on the left, cover the card front with blue/green floral paper. Cut a 4 1/4x5 3/4 piece of white cardstock (or you can use the reverse side of your patterned paper). Round the corners, shade along the edges with pink chalk, and glue centered on the card.
  2. Place the cupcake template on the back of the blue/green stripe paper. Trace and cut out the cupcake with holder. Trace just the cupcake shape onto the back of the pink dot paper and cut out. Glue the pink cupcake inside the striped cupcake holder, then fold and assemble the cupcake holder. Cut out the scalloped edge of the cupcake holder from white paper, glue to the holder, and add crystals along the scallops.
  3. Trace the base of the candle shape onto the back of the blue/green stripe and cut out. Glue on top of the cupcake. Cut out the wick and flame portion of the candle from white cardstock. Use colored markers to color the flame orange and yellow, add a crystal to the center, and glue above the candle base.
  4. Trace and cut out the tag shape from white paper. Glue onto blue/green stripe paper and trim around, creating a 1/8 mat. Write or print greeting on the tag, add 3 crystals to the top, and tuck it into the cupcake pocket.
  5. For the inside: Glue a 5x3 strip of pink dot to the card, 1 1/4 from the top. Cut out a 2 1/4x4 1/4 piece of white cardstock and round the corners. Write or print a greeting on the white piece, shade the edges with green chalk, and glue centered to the pink dot piece.