Polar Friends Ornament

By Debbie Samples


  • Polar Friends Ornaments Chipboard (link)
  • Joyful Christmas 6”x6” Patterned Cardstock (link)
  • Christmas Greetings Dazzles™ (link)
  • 24 Count Tri Blend Markers (link)
  • Tue Blue Tri Blend Markers (link)
  • Dark Red Blend Markers (link)
  • Ice Gray Tri Blend Markers (link)
  • Light Green Tri Blend Markers (link)
  • Classique Black Marker (link)
  • Fluffy Stuff (link)
  • Charleston Ribbon Set (link)
  • Heat Gun (link)
  • Cosmic Shimmer Specialist Acrylic Glue (link)
  • Zots (link)

Ornament is 3”x3”

Debbie made a single-sided ornament but she could have glued made it double sided or added it to a card or tag. She colored the chipboard with Tri Blend Markers as shown then glued a single bird on top of the original bird. She spread Fluffy Stuff for snow and puffed it with a heat gun then added True Blue Tri Blend Marker ink on top. She glued Joyful Christmas 6”x6” Patterned Cardstock to the back with Christmas Greetings Dazzles™ stickers as shown. The hanger is from the Blue Ribbons Set.