Beyond Scrapbooking & Card Making

I love to scrapbook and make cards, but when it comes to birthdays and the holidays I am always looking for fun project ideas that I can make for gifts. Two of my best friends’ birthdays are this month so I have been looking for ideas then low and behold I found some great ideas right under my nose, in the Class in A Box Personal Shopper Kits!

The first project I did was a Felt Dahlia Broach that was shown in the March 2011 kit. This broach is so easy to make and look at the gorgeous results! It’s pretty simple really, it just takes some cutting and a little time. The kit comes with all the patterns you will need for the 3 petal sizes. You will need a hot glue gun to create each petal and then all you have to do is arrange them on the circle base (also a pattern in the kit).

Felt Broach

The next project I did was the Book Journal from the April 2011 kit. This is for my friend who is an avid reader and loves to collect books. I love going to her house because it’s like visiting a library, and I get a book review with each book I borrow! This book journal is round but the idea can be easily adapted to create a square or rectangular journal too. In the kit you’ll get all the art and papers you see here, which makes this so easy to put together!

Cover of Book Journal

Inside Pages of Book Journal

Inside Pages of Book Journal

Inside Pages of Book Journal

And guess what? You can order these past kits to make your own projects! Check out the Class In A Box site to see what else our wonderful designers have created.

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Sneak Peek on New Punches

We’ve been super busy putting together the Summer Paper Wishes Wrap, and I’m so excited because it’s packed full of 77 brand new tools and products for cardmakers and scrapbookers! And, although this won’t be in the mail until the first week in June, I just have to show you some of my favorite new goodies!

New Punch It Punches from Purple Cows
These versatile punches let you create intricate designs on paper, photos, plastic and even craft foam, perfect for cardmaking and scrapbooking! Punch and emboss borders and patterns easily with the clearly marked guides on every punch.

Spring Punch It

Summer Punch It

Autumn Punch It

Solstice Punch It

Winter Punch It

Check out Susan’s beautiful design, using the Summer Punch It! Doesn’t it look like a lot of detailed work? I talked with Susan and it’s super easy with the Punch It. All you do is cut a square of the adhesive sheet, punch the four corners (aligning the sheet each time) and then punch the four sides¬. She then peeled off the backing from one side of the adhesive, covered in glitter and then pulled the other side of the adhesive off and attached to the card front–how easy and beautiful!

click for instructions

Susan used the double-sided adhesive sheets to add glitter but you could punch the edges of your background paper or the edge of your card front to create a border on your card and scrapbook pages. Or, back with a contrasting paper and create a custom card focal or scrapbook page embellishment.

I am so excited about these punches! They are available at today, so come check them out!

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Color Me™ Techniques

I love the Color Me™ papers! Have you played with them yet? Here are a few basic techniques that work well for scrapbooking and cardmaking projects.

Here is an example of using inkpads straight on a scrapbooking project for all over color. Simply rub the inkpad onto the paper, and then use a paper towel to wipe the ink off the white areas. Using this method with the Distress Inks will leave you with a nice shadow effect near the raised areas, which really adds to the dimension on this scrapbook page! I love the shadow effect, but if you want to get even coverage with the distress inks LeNae recommends using a cosmetic sponge. And, don’t be afraid to mix and mediums! LeNae used markers to color in the border here and even some Stickles to create a glittery effect on the flowers.

Direct to paper inking

On this card Ann used the Brilliance ink pads which have a nice point so she could get color into each Color Me™ flower and leaf. This gives the design a dramatic effect against the white background, for a totally different look.

Detailed inking

Blending colors is super easy and look at the result! Ann used a cosmetic sponge with the Chalk Inks (link) to create a beautiful continuity here. She simply dabbed the sponge onto the ink pad and applied to the paper in a circular motion to blend each color seamlessly on the scrapbook page. I’ve been told that you don’t need a sponge with the Chalk inks, but Ann used it here to blend the colors with more precision. Watch the webisode to see Ann demonstrate this exact technique!

Using a sponge

We are coming up with new scrapbooking and cardmaking techniques with the Color Me™ all the time! There is just so much to do with these versatile papers! Leave me a comment and let me know what you have done with the Color Me™ papers!

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I am so excited to announce the launch of our newest sister site! This site is a great resource for people who are new to cardmaking and even those who are experienced and looking for some great cardmaking inspiration.

The site is full of cardmaking tips and techniques like how to create a focal, different card folds and window cards. There are also videos demonstrating cardmaking techniques like:

Covering The Card Front Video

Ideas for the Card Inside Video

The best thing about this new site is that it’s a great tool you can always fall back on, especially if you’re stuck on a card and need a little boost of creativity. There are great ideas for using templates on your cards, some that even the most experienced cardmaker may not know. Also, tips for greeting and sentiments and even good ideas for Christmas cardmaking!

We’re even covering the basics like:

Adhesives Video

Inks Video

Chalking Video

There will be a new card project every month, so check back regularly to see what we’re doing! And, please let me know what you think.

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Sneak Peek of Super Cool Technique

Teresa did something amazing! You may know her from this week’s Cardmaking Week of Webisodes. She has created a shadow effect by using Dazzles™ as a mask. How beautiful!

Card Front

Card Inside

Teresa used the Nature’s Watercolors Paper Pack, Enchanted Moments Scrapbooking Dazzles™ and the Smooch Spritz in Limolicious and Splash.

Nature's Watercolors Paper Pack

Enchanted Moments Scrapbooking Dazzles™

Limolicious Smooch Spritz

Splash Smooch Spritz


So, it’s actually pretty easy! Simply, place your Dazzles™ on a piece of cardstock and spritz with your choice of color. Make sure you have good coverage around the Dazzles™. Then peel the Dazzles™ off the cardstock and place on your Craft Sheet so you can wipe off the ink from the Dazzles™. Let your inked cardstock dry completely. Then, replace the Dazzles™ slightly offset from the masked image to create the shadow effect. Teresa then used the gold Jewel Dazzles™ to accent the Enchanted Dazzles™. Super easy and what an elegant look!

This technique would look beautiful with any of the silver or gold Dazzles™, too! Check out some of these examples that Ann has put together.

Silver Sympathy Dazzles™

Gold Fern Dazzles™

Although the black Dazzles™ have the most dramatic effect, these are simply gorgeous! (Oh, and here’s a sneak peek at 2 new Dazzles™ designs that will be available in September, silver Sympathy Dazzles™ and gold Ferns Dazzles™).

We are always looking for new techniques with our Dazzles™! Let us know if you have come up with something, because we’d love to share it with all our readers!

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Cardmaking Week of Webisodes!

The Cardmaking Week of Webisodes is here! Well, actually it doesn’t start until Monday but I thought you’d a sneak peek into our first day. I am so excited to have the wonderfully talented Teresa Welch back to design the cards. And for those who have seen her designs in the past, you know what I mean!

The first day is Amazing Folded Cardmaking and these cards are AMAZING! The folds are based on Teresa’s best selling DVD Amazing Folded Cards. For this day Teresa gives us brand new designs featuring some of our brand new specialty papers! We even include the folding patterns for the cards in the webisode, so look for the download in the project gallery.

My favorite card is the neverending card. This card is so simple to make, and the results are gorgeous! The pictures don’t really do it justice; you need to see the webisode to get the full effect.

Neverending Card Front

Neverending Card Fold 1

Neverending Card Fold 2

Neverending Card Fold 3

Neverending Card Fold 4

These papers are great for cardmaking and because they’re 12”x12” they’re great for scrapbooking too! You must watch the webisode to see how Teresa has used the specialty papers to accent her cards–they’re beautiful!

Gold Stars Holographic Paper

Silver Lined Specialty paper

Gold Sparkles Holographic Paper

Silver Sparkles Holographic Paper


The Money Saver for this webisode is a great deal! You save over $10 on the DVD, Earth’s Palette papers and sheer ribbon. The Super Saver has all the specialty papers and the 2 butterfly embossing punches and you’ll save $10 over buying them separately. Super!

Amazing Folded Cardmaking Bundle

Super Saver

Let me know what you think about the webisode. Have you tried any of Teresa’s amazing folds?


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New Tools & Embellies!

The Summer Paper Wishes has been out only a few weeks now and I have to let you know of my favorite supplies for scrapbooking and cardmaking! The Smooch Spritz Inks I can’t resist the Smooch Spritz inks! The sprays offer great coverage, and they each have a glimmer that really adds to my scrapbook pages and cards! Use them with the Floral Circle Mask for scrapbook pages and the Fancy Border Masks for cards, like Susan did here.

Floral Circle Mask & Smooch Spritz

Fancy Borders Mask & Smooch Spritz

Chalk Pencils I love love love these new chalk pencils! You get the soft touch of chalk with the precision details of a pencil! They are perfect for page titles and journaling on scrapbook pages, then sentiments and pen details on cards. They also look great when used with the Butterfly Meadow template from Crafter’s Workshop (another one of my favs!) Simply color in the designs with your array of chalk colors! Check out the other 6”x6” templates for cardmaking and scrapbooking too!

Pearlescent Earthtone Chalk Pencils

Pearlescent Bright Chalk Pencils

Pearlescent Bright Chalk Pencils

Classic Bright Chalk Pencils

6"x6" butterfly Meadow Template

Glitter Ribbon
So, I absolutely cannot live without glitter ribbon! I use them as borders on scrapbook pages and cut them apart for focals on cards and albums. They are the perfect accent for all your papercrafts! I have a wide variety of all types of adhesive ribbon, but these glitter ones really give a nice sparkle to my scrapbooking and cardmaking projects!

What are your new favorite Paper Wishes items? I would love to hear, and pass it along to our other readers.

Cupcake Glitter Ribbon

Brocade Glitter Ribbon


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Cardmaking WOW is coming up!

The Cardmaking Week of Webisodes (WOW) is right around the corner! It doesn’t actually start until Monday May, 16 but I couldn’t wait to get my hands on the goodies Teresa used to create the cards. And I wanted to share with you too!

We’ve decided to try something new for this Cardmaking Week of Webisodes, we’re pre-selling the bundles of cardmaking supplies Teresa has used to create her cards. This way you can play along with Paulette and Ann as they show all of Teresa’s wonderful creations!

Click on each of the images below to order the kit!

Monday: Amazing Folded Cardmaking

Tuesday: Artsy Collage for Cardmaking

Wednesday: Batik & Nature's Watercolors Cardmaking

Thursday: Jewel Cardmaking & 3-D Flowers

Friday: Enchanted & Serendipity Cardmaking

For those of you who don’t know, Teresa Welch is one of our fabulous designers! She used to be the VP here at Hot Off The Press and has since moved away, but she still works closely with us. She has created some of our most popular templates, like 15 Lovely Labels, 25 Hearts and Super Stars.

15 Lovely Labels Template

25 Hearts Template

Super Stars Template


She has also created some of our best selling CD’s and DVD’s. Her newest Teresa’s Amazing Folded Cards is featured in the upcoming Week of Webisodes, but it already has rave reviews! Some of my other favorites of Teresa’s are the Card Greetings & Sentiments CD and Teresa’s Card Sketches CD.

Amazing Folded Cards DVD

Card Sketches CD

Card Greetngs & Sentiments CD

Teresa is also responsible for the Cardmaking Week of Webisodes, Christmas Cardmaking Week of Webisodes (in August) and the First Look Week of Webisodes (in January). I know you’ll love her original designs and great techniques! So come play along!


Let us know what you think of Teresa’s products and webisodes! Leave us a comment!

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National Scrapbook Day!

National Scrapbook Day is this Saturday, May 7! We published our first scrapbooking book, back in 1996. (We didn’t even call them scrapbooks then, we called them memory albums).

Snip Your Snapshots Book

I went into the archives and pulled it out and there’s some great stuff in those first how-to books, like the journaling techniques and some paper piecing ideas. But, one thing I’m glad we don’t do anymore is cutting up our photos! The styles have definitely changed, but all styles have changes in the last 15 years!

Paper Pizazz® was the first line of scrapbooking paper books. Here are some of our first paper books, see what I mean about the styles changing? Our first paper books were all 8 ½”x11” books, we didn’t even come out with 12”x12” until 1998.


Baby Scrapbooking Papers

Christmas Scrapbooking Papers

Wedding Scrapbooking Papers

School Scrapbooing Papers

To celebrate National Scrapbook Day here’s a coupon for 15% off the highest priced item in your cart. Simply use coupon code NSD11 at checkout.


National Scrapbook Day Coupon

Ann, one of our in-house designers and Paulette’s co-host on the webisodes, also put together this fun scrapbook page. Click on the page to below to get the full supply list and complete instructions.


Free Scrapbook Page Design

My favorite thing about this page, besides the new Batik papers and Batik ribbons, is the quote.

A birth certificate shows you were born, a death certificate shows that you died,

a scrapbook shows that you lived.

This fabulous quote Paulette received from one of our customers. Everyone here at the office loved it once they saw it! So much so that we put together a FREE download with the quote and some extra art–just for you! Just click on the link below to download it!

Scrapbook Quote

I would love to know what you are doing for National Scrapbook Day. Just leave me a note in the comments!

Happy National Scrapbook Day! Now, let’s get busy Scrapbooking!

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