Getting to know Teresa Welch

Greetings Everyone! This week – I’ve asked Teresa Welch to  Guest blog for us. Teresa Welch is the designer of some of our Week of Webisode Projects! She just finished up the Christmas Card Collection! Enjoy!

I began working with Paulette Jarvey and Hot Off The Press 30-some years ago (gasp!). And as it turns out, I’ve come full circle—I began as a designer, then progressed through various positions to Vice President. A move to Arizona ended that career track. And here I am, back designing for HOTP!

We all love seeing the newest items and techniques, and I’m no different. I’m always excited to see all the new products in the Paper Wishes catalog. Even better, I get a sneak peek because I design the three weeks of webisodes around the three main catalog release dates. I get to play with many of the new items for those cards. Fun!

I appreciate the comments people leave on those webisodes and on the site. They’re so wonderful to read and help keep me on-track with card ideas and techniques.

I have to admit, my addiction is patterned paper. (And dark chocolate, of course.) Having been with HOTP for so long means I literally have shelves of paper on hand. And I’ve proven my ability to purge isn’t a highly honed skill—my craft room is bulging with pretty papers.

This last year, a new wrinkle (read: challenge) was added to my card making. We adopted Hannah, our Aussie pup. Turns out, she eats anything that hits the floor. Papers, embellishments, finished cards…anything. It’s a new take on “the dog ate my homework!” More than once, I’ve pried open her jaws to retrieve half-made cards which accidentally fluttered to the floor (she’s very fast!). And keeping track of tiny components such as brads, ribbons, and buttons is becoming second-nature. Who knew she’d be instrumental in keeping me organized!

Here are a few things that help my card making process:

• Keep ideas handy—I keep a notebook of ideas as well as bookmark files of favorite websites on my computer.

• Keep sentiments on hand—I jot down sentiments I like and put them in my notebook so I don’t spend much time figuring out what to say in a card.

• Make the process easier by keeping templates, punches, and other helpful tools or products on hand for making focals, borders, and more.

Look through current shelter or home magazines for ideas—trendy color combinations, unusual shapes to use, elements used in unexpected ways, etc.

Stay organized—nothing eats up precious time worse than needing to clear space every time I’m ready to create or hunting for items. It’s a constant battle, but staying organized is essential for me.

About that first item on the list: My notebook of ideas is divided into sections for brainstorming, card layouts, techniques, and focal ideas. It’s crammed with examples, either torn from the source or redrawn on post-its and attached to the pages. Whenever I need inspiration, I comb through the pages until something sparks an idea. It’s a great tool!

I love making cards; there’s something about creating on a small “canvas”—probably the fact that I can finish it quickly. Using all the wonderful supplies and products is great fun and doing it for Hot Off The Press DVDs and webisodes feels exactly right.

I’ve included some of Teresa’s Cards, Tags and other projects, from the Christmas Card Collection – Week of Webisodes:


Thanks again Teresa for letting us all into your world! Make sure you keep your little pup away from those embellishments! LOL I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m quickly becoming one of your biggest fans!

See you all Sunday! ~ Cristina

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Saying Good-Bye to Summer

As we say Good-Bye to summer, we still have alot to look forward to here at HOTP!! As settle into my new position,  I’m learn something new and exciting everyday. Last week, I learned all about Personal Shoppers Monthly Club & Week of Webisodes, and this week I want to recap on one goody as well as share some new goodies with you!

Goodie #1 – Let’s start with the Week of Webisodes!  WOW is all I can say. Teresa’s sure out did herself this time or should I say again! I’ve been watching them along with you each day. As you all know, each day we have a featured theme, yesterday was Glitzy, which is I think is my favorite so far, but I have yet to preview today’s and Friday!

Two Cards from Glizty WOW!


Vintage Christmas (today’s) and Inspired Words (Friday)! Don’t forget to check out our Money Savers  and SUPER Savers! Two bundles that will not only bring you inspiration, but will save you Money!

Goodie #2 – The Creative Spark!

It’s a newsletter that is published every other Tuesday. Each Tuesday I feature a fabulous project that our designers put together.  Inside each issue, you’ll get step-by-step instructions, savings on supplies used in the issue. Plus all the tips and tricks from the designer. Why is it important, well because it’s a great way to keep your “Creative Spark” going? If you’d like to sign up for it, you can click here  and it will take you right to the page. Don’t worry, you can always opt out at anytime!

Goodie #3  The Scoop!

The Scoop is published every other Tuesday. Each Tuesday this newsletter is packed with the latest on product information, upcoming events, webisodes, free project giveaways and project ideas! It will give you an extra “Spark” to your creativity. These newsletters are a great way to keep in the know, about Paper Wishes and HOTP. Best of all, they are easy to subscribe to and even to opt out if ever you want to.  But chances are, I don’t think you will! 😉

Here at HOTP, we are always striving to bring you the best of everything. And if you have any suggestions or projects you’d like to see, please don’t hesitate to let me know! I love all the comments, from the blog and Facebook, I think we have the best customers 🙂

Have a Great Thursday! Time for me to get back to work! See you all on Sunday!!




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Blog Winner, Super Savers and Personal Shoppers…

Happy Sunday Everyone! Hope everyone had a great weekend. I know if you’re here in Oregon…you wanted to run and find shade! We have so much to cover in this Sunday’s Blog! So let’s get started…

First, I wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS to Debbie Pinson from Texas…She is the winner of our Blog Contest! Debbie, congrats and I do hope you enjoy that DVD! Also want to thank all those who became a fan on our Facebook page and those who posted all those wonderful comments. Being the new gal, I’m still so impressed by all the wonderful welcomes, comments and customers HOTP has! Sure am lucky to be apart of such a great company!

Tomorrow starts for a big day here at HOTP. Week of Webisodes is here!!! Just in case…you don’t know, Week of Webisodes is featuring Teresa Welch’s Christmas Card Collection! To kick off WOW, we want bring you some SUPER SAVERS!! Each day along with Webisodes and Money Savers, there will also be another way to save with our Super Savers. Make sure to tune in everyday to take advantage!

Now that I have your full attention! I want to share another fabulous part of Hot Off The Press! Have you heard of Personal Shopper? Some of you already know all about our Personal Shopper monthly kits. But for those of you who don’t, lets get started!  I don’t know about you, but I love being apart of a club. Whether its Mom’s club, book club; I love to be apart of something that others share the same passion that I do.  That’s what Personal Shoppers is all about….

Personal Shopper’s is monthly club for Scrapbooking, card making, jewelry making, stamping, paper crafters…plus more! You’ll find the perfect club with Paper Wishes Personal Shopper.  Each month, I think you’ll find yourself waiting by the mailbox to get your kit! You get a carefully coordinated kit that is mailed to your door. You’ll also receive the very latest supplies—and a great how-to-do newsletter, it’s like having someone to teach you techniques to go along. Oh! But the best part is that you get all of this and for a GREAT price!

On the website for Personal Shoppers is the note shown down below, that I wanted to share with you.  It’s the type of service that you except from Paper Wishes everytime…why, because we do LOVE our customers!

Whichever kit you choose, here’s our promise to you: You’ll have top-quality supplies, easy-to-follow instructions, prompt delivery service and superior customer service. You’ll even have a Personal Shopper Assistant, Debbie, standing by to answer your questions and help you with your membership. Got a question? Just email Debbie and she’ll take care of you right away. Your membership is important to us!

If you want to learn more about Personal Shopper kits, click on the link and it will take you right to the page. You can click around in there and find out all the information you seek!

Well, I still have plenty to do around here! But I’d love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts, comments about the upcoming week of webisode and Personal Shopper club! Have a great rest of your weekend!


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Getting familiar with Week of Webisodes…..

Happy Wednesday to everyone! Hope you are having a great day. Since, I’m the new girl on the block there’s been a lot of “new” terms that I’m not familiar with here at HOTP. One of the biggest ones was the term “WOW”. I quickly learned how important this term means around here. Not only to all of us who worked here at Hot Off The Press, but also all the our customers!.

By viewing the webisodes, they seem so seamless and Paulette and Ann make things look sooooo easy. Well, there’s a lot more to them then you might think! The process starts with Paulette and her creative juices, she then figures out what we will be featuring for the week. Then she works with our talented team of designers!

For this upcoming WOW, she worked with Teresa Welch. I’m sure most of you know who Teresa is, however being the new kid on the block; I needed some “insider information” on her! Teresa Welch is one of our fabulous designers! She used to be the VP here at Hot Off The Press and has since moved away, but she still works closely with us. She has created some of our most popular templates, like 15 Lovely Labels (4007374), 25 Hearts (4007365) and Super Stars (4007375). We will also be featuring her project DVD that you’ll be able to order!

Once the projects arrive, it’s like Christmas morning around here. We are all anxious to see all the projects and what materials she has featured. There’s a lot of new product from our Fall Catalog that will be featured, so I hope you’re ready! See down below, as promised here are a couple of samples….











We like to save the best for last…(wink) Do you want to win Teresa’s Christmas Class Card DVD????  Simply go to our Paper Wishes Facebook page and “Like us” and post a simple comment about the BLOG, you’ll be entered to win the DVD. Drawing will end on Friday, August 19th and the winner will be announced on Sunday, August 21st!  Don’t delay…..make sure to get to our Facebook page no later than Friday!

Well, still have plenty of things to get ready; so let me get back to work! I’d love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts or comments! Have a great rest of your week!

~ Cristina

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Two weeks, and still EXCITED!

Greetings! I’m so excited to be the newest member of the HOTP family as the new Marketing gal! The last two weeks, have been filled with learning all about HOTP and what goes on behind the scenes. I still have soooo much to learn about all the products and tools that are in the Paper Wishes Catalog, but one thing is for sure…I’m very happy to be a part of it all!

And I have the “insider” information about what is coming…..

Week of Webisodes is coming week of August 22nd! This will be featuring some AMAZING Christmas Cards by Teresa Welch, one of our fabulous designers! Super Excited to be a part of it all. I’ve been very busy gathering all new products, going over notes with Paulette & Ann, and seeing the new techniques they’ll be featuring!

Another project I was excited to be part of was the soft launch of our NEW and IMPROVED online Catalog!  This week, we did a soft launch of our new Virtual Catalog, to a limited audience (wanted to make sure everything worked before showing it to everyone). Our IT guys have been working on bringing you a new and improved online catalog. (click to the virtual)  Check it out! This format is more user friendly but still show you all 1200 items online from the Paper Wishes catalog. They came up with away to enlarge the images and they put them into categories to make things easier for you to see and find! Just keep in mind, it won’t be exactly the same as the printed Paper Wishes catalog, but everything is still there! Please click on the link above to check it out for yourself. Feel free to let me know what you think!

Well, let me get back to work! I’d love to hear from you! Leave me your thoughts, comments about the upcoming week of webisode and the new Virtual catalog! Have a great rest of your weekend!

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Queen for the Day!

Guest Blog by Heidi Havens, Paulette’s Niece
Family vacations are meant to be hectic but fun. We decided ahead of time what are the most important things to do so that everyone returns home feeling fulfilled and exhausted. I am so lucky to have Paulette Jarvey, president of HOTP, as my Aunt! I decided since I am one of her many devoted fans that I would love to come to Hot Off The Press for a day, or as long as they would have me. My mind is still reeling from the day I spent there! I thought you might like to hear about my day at HOTP

I emailed my Aunt Paulette some time ago and asked if it would be alright if I came by and spent some time at HOTP. She thought that would be fun and wanted to know if there was anything in particular I would like to see or do. I suggested that I would love to see her and Ann make a webisode. And that was just the beginning.  My day was truly one of the best days I have ever had in my life, corny but true! I was surrounded by fun and creativity on every wall, table, and desk. You walk in and it’s just hanging in the air all around you, intoxicating for all of us crafters.

Right off, I watched them tape 2 webisodes. How fun is that! Then we went out to lunch with her printer who was just a charming character. I also, sat in on a Personal Shopper meeting. Let me tell you, her employees know how to take care of their customers. They actually sit down and look at all their individual sales and discuss any problems or suggestions we as customers may have. They also have a lot of fun and we laughed a ton! (Hang in there, Stan.) I was even lucky enough to ask Designers, Susan Cobb and Lodell Halvorson some questions about stamping on glass. Thank you for the very helpful tips.  Finally, I got to go shopping!!! I had a crafty glow for days.

I just wanted to tell the world that my Aunt Paulette runs a great company that is creative, very well organized, fun, and filled with talented employees who really spend their days making us happy. Thank you all for having me! I had a ball! And I can’t wait for my goodies to arrive!  ~ Heidi


In the spirit of Heidi’s Vacation, here are a couple of Summer Vacation scrapbook pages to inspire you.


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New Beginnings…

It’s been fun sharing my crafting thoughts with you all these past few week…but I’ve decided to move on from the Paper Wishes family. I am leaving you in very capable hands. I’ve spent the last couple of days showing Cristina – the new Marketing gal around and she’s caught on quick! She is looking forward to blogging about what she’s learned and her creative inspirations. ~ Best Wishes, Erin

I would like to thank Erin for all time and effort she has spent with me during the past 3 days. I’ve learned a lot from her and she will be missed by everyone here at Paper Wishes. I wish her all the best in her new endeavors.

I’m so excited, one of the first things I got to do here was create a coupon for Paulette’s Birthday!

It’s Time to Celebrate! For Paulette’s Birthday we are sending out a 20% Off Coupon! 20% off will be taken off the highest priced item! Limited time offer, once your coupon arrives on Wednesday, August 4th you’ll have til August 10th, 2011 to use it! It’s our way of thanking you for being apart of the Paper Wishes Family! Happy Birthday Paulette. Be sure to check your email, however if you haven’t signed up to received our newsletters click here and you’ll be in the know!

Here are a couple of inspirations for Birthday cards!

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