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Greetings Everyone! This week – I’ve asked Teresa Welch to  Guest blog for us. Teresa Welch is the designer of some of our Week of Webisode Projects! She just finished up the Christmas Card Collection! Enjoy!

I began working with Paulette Jarvey and Hot Off The Press 30-some years ago (gasp!). And as it turns out, I’ve come full circle—I began as a designer, then progressed through various positions to Vice President. A move to Arizona ended that career track. And here I am, back designing for HOTP!

We all love seeing the newest items and techniques, and I’m no different. I’m always excited to see all the new products in the Paper Wishes catalog. Even better, I get a sneak peek because I design the three weeks of webisodes around the three main catalog release dates. I get to play with many of the new items for those cards. Fun!

I appreciate the comments people leave on those webisodes and on the site. They’re so wonderful to read and help keep me on-track with card ideas and techniques.

I have to admit, my addiction is patterned paper. (And dark chocolate, of course.) Having been with HOTP for so long means I literally have shelves of paper on hand. And I’ve proven my ability to purge isn’t a highly honed skill—my craft room is bulging with pretty papers.

This last year, a new wrinkle (read: challenge) was added to my card making. We adopted Hannah, our Aussie pup. Turns out, she eats anything that hits the floor. Papers, embellishments, finished cards…anything. It’s a new take on “the dog ate my homework!” More than once, I’ve pried open her jaws to retrieve half-made cards which accidentally fluttered to the floor (she’s very fast!). And keeping track of tiny components such as brads, ribbons, and buttons is becoming second-nature. Who knew she’d be instrumental in keeping me organized!

Here are a few things that help my card making process:

• Keep ideas handy—I keep a notebook of ideas as well as bookmark files of favorite websites on my computer.

• Keep sentiments on hand—I jot down sentiments I like and put them in my notebook so I don’t spend much time figuring out what to say in a card.

• Make the process easier by keeping templates, punches, and other helpful tools or products on hand for making focals, borders, and more.

Look through current shelter or home magazines for ideas—trendy color combinations, unusual shapes to use, elements used in unexpected ways, etc.

Stay organized—nothing eats up precious time worse than needing to clear space every time I’m ready to create or hunting for items. It’s a constant battle, but staying organized is essential for me.

About that first item on the list: My notebook of ideas is divided into sections for brainstorming, card layouts, techniques, and focal ideas. It’s crammed with examples, either torn from the source or redrawn on post-its and attached to the pages. Whenever I need inspiration, I comb through the pages until something sparks an idea. It’s a great tool!

I love making cards; there’s something about creating on a small “canvas”—probably the fact that I can finish it quickly. Using all the wonderful supplies and products is great fun and doing it for Hot Off The Press DVDs and webisodes feels exactly right.

I’ve included some of Teresa’s Cards, Tags and other projects, from the Christmas Card Collection – Week of Webisodes:


Thanks again Teresa for letting us all into your world! Make sure you keep your little pup away from those embellishments! LOL I’m sure I’m not the only one, but I’m quickly becoming one of your biggest fans!

See you all Sunday! ~ Cristina

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7 Responses to “Getting to know Teresa Welch”

  1. Cheryl Johnson says:

    Theresa, I love your enthusiasm and your ability to make such wonderful pieces of art, because that is what they are. The best part of the week is a Webisode and browsing my catalog constantly, looking for ways to spend my allowance. Clothes? Forget it…I’ll wear them until they fall off, but paper, ribbons, embellishments, inks…those things are more important to me!

  2. Becky Jo says:

    Thanks Teresa and Cristina for the fun read on today’s post! I enjoy everything HOTP and I, too, have tons of papers from you! I had been saving them just because I enjoy looking at them, but have now started to use them on my cards. I have two of Teresa’s CD’s on my wish list and will be purchasing them soon. I love all of Teresa’s designs! Thanks again and big hugs to you all who work so hard to give us great ideas and projects to inspire us!

  3. Rosie G says:

    Ilove the websode and seeing how the products work.I came across some foil papers in book form a while back at a Ollies store and still have some of them so finally i have some HOTP papers,lol. I enjoy doing teabag stuff an want to save and get the cd of it someday! Thanks for all your inspiration

  4. kathyc/northcarolina says:

    Teresa: I knew we were kindred spirits! If I had a dollar for every time I’ve said to myself, “And that’s the LAST paper I can buy until I clear out some closet space…” Well, let’s just say I could go ahead and buy everything on my Paper Wishes Wish List! I always look forward to your work with great anticipation, and I love getting to know a little more about your creative process. I’ve recently started keeping a sketch book for cards when I’m particularly pleased with a layout or design. You always think you’ll remember…..but you don’t! The notebook helps me to hold on to those good ideas. Thanks so much for the inspiration you provide for all of us!

  5. This was a great post! I like the steps you outlined and I feel your pain with your pup, my 16 year old Lab doesn’t eat the stuff that falls, but she lays on it and rumples it all up – good thing distressed is so “in” these days. LOL I adore your designs and bought quite a bit from the Christmas WOW, I don’t have a notebook like yours, I keep on thinking about it, but I often just go back to the galleries from your WOWs and there is my inspiration!

  6. Diana F says:

    Teresa, you have not created a card that I didn’t like. I love your twist on the use of an embellishment and that the inside of your cards are just as inviting and eye capturing as the outside. I also share your love for patterned paper. I used to sew and loved all kinds of fabric, then I started decorating my home and love wall paper, now addiction for pretty patterns has turned to paper. I probably have way more paper than I’ll ever use. I really appreciate the 6×6 paper pads because I stand a better chance of using up those papers than I would using 12 x 12 papers. Thanks so much for sharing your wonderful talent. Every one of your Week of Webisodes is the highlight of that month for me. Hope you keep up your association with HOTP.

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