Back to school and today we remember…

We will never forget….Paper Wishes would like to take a moment in honor of today, marking the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  Garrett Hauck, 5, from Ballwin, looks up at some of the of 2,996 flags planted on Art Hill in St. Louis on Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011 after a memorial service to mark the 10th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks. “People will ask him if he wants to be a baseball player when he grows up and he says no I want to be a firefighter” said his mother Carrie Hauck, not pictured, “He practically sleeps in this outfit.” (AP Photo/St. Louis Post-Dispatch, David Carson)






The First Day of School by Aileen Fisher

I wonder if my drawing will be as good as theirs

I wonder if they’ll like me, or just be full of stares

I wonder if my teacher will look like mom or gram

And I wonder if my puppy will wonder where I am.


Happy Sunday to you all! Hope everyone is doing well and relaxing!  For myself, its getting ready for the week and my kids back to school. Yes, back to school is in full-force! By now, all the kids should be back in school and back into the “school” routine.

I can remember just yesterday, my oldest son just starting kindergarten…this year he will be graduating from High School! Ugh, how time flies! And soon my middle son; will be finishing up elementary school then off he goes to Middle school!

Most of you have gotten our New Fall Catalog…inside you’ll find tons of inspiration on building your “Back to School” scrapbook pages. Being new to the company, I have a new fresh prospective on the catalog, so to me EVERYTHING is new! Down below I’ve posted some projects that feature a lot of our “back to school” supplies. However, I also wanted to share some other products that will help you make some projects for teachers or others that help educate our kids.


I’d like for you to share some of your back to school projects…You can post them on our Facebook Page, simply leave your comments or things that you’d done for fun projects for back to school! Here are some of the projects from our Fab designers: (remember to click on the projects to take you to each project page)


As always, I hope you have a great Sunday. Be good to yourself today, we all deserve it!

~ Cristina

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One response to “Back to school and today we remember…”

  1. JoAnn says:

    Has anyone tried to use a Hot Off the Press 3-D Template in a die cut machine?

    I haven’t tried it, but thought that it would either eliminate the cutting or at least emboss the cut and fold lines.

    The Hot Off the Press template would have to be cut to fit in the Cuttlebug.

    Any help is appreciated.

    Thank you

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