Happy Halloween!

Are you ready for Halloween? I don’t like that it’s on a Monday, this year. Makes for a late night for our little people, plus us “big” people as well.  Here in Oregon, I’m sure we have rain in the forecast for tomorrow night. But, oh well it’s a fun night for the kids…and the parents. For those of us taking our kids Trick-or-Treating or to carnivals, and for those parents who have to get up 1000 times to see all the great costumes!

Halloween for my household is a fun time. We didn’t make it to the Pumpkin patch this year, but we will still have some cute photos for some upcoming Scrapbook pages!  I’ve also included some of our designer’s scrapbook pages from our Project Gallery. Please make sure that if ever you are in need of some ideas…you will go there for TONS of inspiration.



Paperwishes has tons of inspiration for Halloween. I know that you may have already purchased your supplies for Halloween, but there might be something you missed! Here are a few items that are some of my favorites from our catalog.



There are so many more projects, ideas and other inspirations to help you finish all those Halloween projects!

Thanks for reading our little blog! Have a wonderful Sunday.

~ Cristina

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Holidays are coming!

It’s hard to believe in 62 days, Christmas will be here! Are you feeling a bit panic? Or are you more like me and think I have plenty of time. Then here comes Dec 20th, and I have still a ton to do! LOL Well it’s a good thing I have Paperwishes.com to help me out this year!

I come from a huge family and we always come together for the holidays…mostly to share our time with each other. We’ve made a decision years ago that Christmas would be more about kids, rather than try to do each over with gifts. However, with a family of crafters we still always find a way to sneak a few gifts here and there. Once we get closer to the holidays, I want to see all of those Holiday Cards that everyone is creating, along with other projects you have created for the Holidays!

The couple of months or so we have been featuring all types of Holiday Fun! From our catalog, to the wrap, to our Week of Webisodes, giving you tons of inspirations for you to gather from and be able to create fabulous projects. Not just Christmas card or scrapbook pages! We have other items, that will help decorate your house, add new décor to your house, help you finish those baking projects, jewelry items…. the list goes on and on! Let’s get started!


Christmas Pail – Looking for cute way to wrap a present? Or just a cute pail to add to your Christmas Décor.


Christmas Tags – so many possibilities with these cute little tags! If you saw Teresa’s Christmas Card Week of Webisodes, you might have noticed these great little guys.  These aren’t just for cards, you can use them to embellish just about anything.


Christmas Ornaments – Did you happen to catch the webisode on Flower Soft? Inside this little Snow globe is the White Flower Soft. Click here to see the webisode featuring Flower Soft. May sure you check out the project gallery to gather more inspiration from all those wonderful projects.


More Ornament Ideas – Susan created this gorgeous etched ornament. You’ll have fun using all these wonderful supplies to make your own glass ornaments for your Christmas tree or to give as gifts. When you’re finished, you’ll have enough materials for additional ornaments, or to use in other projects. And you’ll save money, too!


Papier Tole – Cute & easy Christmas Papier Tole! Create fabulous embellishments for your scrapbook pages and cards with these easy to use papier tole die-cuts. All you do is punch out the images and layer them on your card or other paper crafts using small foam tabs (link) between the layers. This sheet contains 4 different designs with additional accents for inside your cards. No cutting or shaping—just punch and attach! How easy—and delightful. Also, we also featured a webisode on paper tole? Did you catch this one? Click here to watch it now!

Just a few projects to get you started! I also want to remind you that we just finished up with our Holiday Goodies Week of Webisodes! If you missed it, you’ll want to make sure you take the time to watch them, five days of Holiday Goodies! Paulette and Ann each day featured a different project, great for giving them away or (hee-hee) keeping them for yourself! I know I find myself creating things like that all the time, and by the time I’m done I don’t want to give them away! LOL

One last thing I want to mention, if ever you need some inspiration, you’ll always find tons at Paperwishes.com. Some of places you might want to become familiar with (if you haven’t already) is our project gallery, webisode gallery and the project gallery in there, our virtual catalog featuring new projects with every season and last but not least out newsletters – The Scoop and Creative Sparks! Having all of these resources at your fingertips should provide you with fabulous new ideas!

Well, wishing you a great week! Thanks for reading!




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WOW…another Great Week of Webisodes!

WOW! What a great week we’ve had here at Paper Wishes and HOTP! Holiday Goodies Week of Webisodes brought us soooo much inspiration! From holiday gift ideas, home décor items, new cards, jewelry, bags, tags…the list goes on and on. Each day, Paulette and Ann brought us something totally new. Let’s take a look!

Day 1 – Elegant Christmas Notes Book

These lovely little notes can be turned into little books. Perfect for capturing those holiday photos or creating a wonderful gift for someone special! Whoever receives this gift will surely love it! To watch the full webisode with even more ideas, please click on the link. Don’t forget that we’ve put together a Money Saver and Super Saver for each day!




Day 2 – Joy Banner & Tags

We saw how to make a fun, festive JOY banner. Giving us  new inspiration to decorate our home, office or to give as a gift. Paulette and Ann also featured some tags that were created by our designers, using the 259 die cut monograms! With this webisode, we brought you a Money & Two Super Savers, giving more savings at your fingertips!


Day 3 Bangle Bracelets

Bangle bracelets are so popular. Something a little different to create for yourself or to give away as a gift! The design team created 6 samples with new techniques and wonderful ideas! Be sure you to catch this webisodes—it’s so much fun! Don’t forget to check out the Money & Super Savers! That Super Saver will give you a fast start to make an 8”x8” calendar for 2012!




Day 4 – Steampunk Journals


This day has to be one of my favorites. I love all the Steampunk papers but then Susan used a simple composition book as the base to create the journal. I use these books all the time! You have to check out how Susan creates this stunning gift…something you might just want to keep for yourself 🙂



Friday we will wrap up our Holiday Goodies, with our Kanban Wobblers! Be sure to check out the last day…sure to bring a smile to your face plus give you lots of inspiration, as always! Let me know what was your favorite day and why. Also, if you purchased one of the Money or Super Savers, don’t forget to post your creations to our Facebook page. I always love to see what you’re making!

Thanks for joining me today. Hope you have a fabulous weekend. See you on Sunday!

~ Cristina


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What is coming to HOTP?

Greeting everyone! Hope you’re all is having a fabulous week! Here in Oregon the weather is gloomy, but nothing seems to get us down! We take the good weather with the bad…Spoken like a true Oregonian. LOL

We have a lot going on here at HOTP. So where do I began….

Let’s start with Refer a Friend! If you’ve been on the Paperwishes.com site, you might have noticed a new button!

Refer a friend, is a new promotion we just started.  We know that you love Paperwishes, but we want you to share why you love us soooo much! The bonus is that you get to save, with every new friend that shops with us! Let me explain a bit more…

You will get 10% OFF your entire order with every new friend you refer to Paper Wishes once they purchase. Sharing the wealth never felt better, start sharing with all your friends today! It’s so simple, all you do is enter in your friends email address, and if they purchase….you get 10% off your entire order!

Send it to one, two or ten of your friends!  Once they purchase we will email you a 10% OFF your entire order promo code to use on your next order. Click here for complete information and start saving!



I’ve saved the best for last! WOW is coming! Week of Webisodes starts October 17th!

Our theme for WOW is Holiday Goodies…and I’m excited too for you to see what is coming! We are featuring 5 days of new products, new projects, new techniques, new ideas…WOW!!! Are you getting excited! Coming just in time to give you new options for the holiday season. Gift ideas, Holiday décor ideas, Christmas Card ideas…the list goes on and on! Be sure to sign up to receive the daily email (click here to sign up)

Don’t forget to check out our weekly newsletters, Scoop and Creative Spark! We give you tons of ideas and projects for free each week!  And of course To Inspire your Creative Spirit™! Thanks for reading my blog…stay tune next week! We’ll be showing you some of the items from WOW week!

Have a great weekend!

~ Cristina

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Girlfriends Getaway

Our 11th annual Girlfriends Getaway took place last Saturday. It is the result of months of planning and preparation. All year long, I look for ideas and techniques I think the girlfriends will love. Susan Cobb designs the projects and I teach them. This year 95 people attended here at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds in Canby, Oregon. It was a lovely, sunny day. I always hold my breath because you never know here in Oregon. Here are some photos:

Debbie and Sharon are checking in the girlfriends. But wait, is that a man? Yes, Mike attends nearly every year along with his two adult daughters. Other girlfriends check out the finished samples that are for sale.

Everyone is peeking through the absolutely stuffed pizza box of supplies they will use all day long. Those pink and green bags on the right hold the 62 prizes and 2 grand prizes that will be given during the day. The gray panels along the left and back of the building hold samples of projects made with new HOTP goodies. Of course, photos were encouraged! A 4’x8′ foam board is suspended from the ceiling to show all the steps.

Joy Banners
Great job as the JOY banners are completed! This is the first of 6 projects.

Throughout the day attendees can have Adam (Paulette’s son) give a shoulder and arm massage. Thank you son but when is my turn?!

After lunch, girlfriends began a Christmas book using brand new journaling notes. This project (and two others) will be part of the Holiday Goodies Week of Webisodes Oct. 17-21.

Girlfriends Getaway is a full day of fun, sharing, learning and laughter. Of course the M&Ms, tasty lunch and, this year, ice cream sundaes were great, too. A giant thank you to all of those at HOTP/PW who helped pack products, set up, tear down, assemble kits, get the food and plan for this once-a-year event. No cooking for me Saturday night, we went out for sushi!

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He Finally Arrived!



After 275 days of being pregnant, I was blessed with a baby boy. Emerson entered into my world on Sunday, Oct 2nd at 9:47pm.

On Sunday, started as a normal day. Stan (our buyer) sent me a message on Facebook, asking ANYTHING YET? I answered, ugh nothing yet! And I explained that my midwife had told me to drink Raspberry tea, brewed from the leaves…and I told him I think I’ve drank my weight in this tea! And now I have to pee, every two seconds!!! LOL   Then my mom called me around 5pm to ask how everything was. I answered her kind of upset cause really nothing was happening.  As I was speaking to her on the phone, just chatting about the day I was sitting on my bed. Once I got off the phone, I decided to get up and go down stairs and it happened….MY WATER BROKE!

I made two calls, one to my midwife and one to my mom. My mom was at my house in seconds (she lives about 15mins from me). We got to the hospital to learn that Emerson was in a breach position. At that point, I knew I was going C-section. But he was worth it! I am soooo in love with my little boy!  He is such a good baby, and he loves to eat…A LOT!

I’m doing great…I’ve had a couple of set backs but for the most part I’m recovering well. I’m blessed with such a wonderful family and all my friends to help me around the house. I am bummed I missed out of Girlfriends Getaway, but I know Paulette will fill us all in soon!  But don’t worry I’m not going anywhere…after all HOTP is my home away from home!


~ Cristina

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Getting to know Ann Bernklau

Paper Wishes Guest Blog

I started at Hot Off The Press in March 2010—it was a unique and interesting hiring process! I responded to an online job posting with my resume, then was called for an interview. At the interview I showed some samples of my work and was given a scrapbooking kit, which I now know as a Personal Shopper. My assignment was to create a two-page spread with the materials provided to show my creative skills. I think I spent over 4 hours on that assignment! After the second interview and meeting with Paulette, I was hired as a Designer and Product Demonstrator (filming the “Product Demo” videos)… and in October 2010, I started doing Webisodes!

Most people may be familiar with me as the co-host of the Weekly Webisodes, but that is only a part of all the great things I get to be involved in here at HOTP. First and foremost, I am a designer (part of our 4-person team), making cards, pages, and other projects that are shown on Paper Wishes, Personal Shoppers, HOTP product packaging, and even TV segments on Home Shopping Network and Ideal World (in the UK). Secondly, as new and exciting products get introduced in the Paper Wishes catalog, it is my job to create the demo videos for them, to let everyone get a closer look at the product and how it is used. Finally, as you know, I’m the co-host of the Webisodes with the fabulous Paulette Jarvey! I love that there are so many facets to my job here, and I never get bored!


What goes into making a Webisode…

First, Cristina and Paulette decide which products should be featured in the Webisode and how many projects should be shown. Then, the design team makes these projects and writes instructions—we usually work on 2 or 3 Webisodes at a time, which can mean more than 20 projects! With some of the Weeks of Webisodes (WOW), we’ll receive the projects in the mail from designer/former VP Teresa in Arizona (sometimes we’ll get 40 cards at a time! And they are always gorgeous). The projects then get approved and photographed by John for the Webisode gallery. Then, Cristina, Paulette, and I meet to look at all the projects and discuss how the Webisode will be organized, which techniques to emphasize, and which to demonstrate. I prepare the demonstrations and Cristina gathers all the new products and gives us an outline. During filming, sometimes we have to do a second or third take, or an add-on at the end (when you hear us say “But wait! There’s more!”) J John is our cameraman and Huston in IT edits the footage to its final version. Then it gets posted to the website for your enjoyment!


I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about what goes on behind the scenes!


Happy crafting!



Ann Bernklau


P.S. Thanks for inviting me to be a PW guest blogger, Cristina! Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!

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