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I started at Hot Off The Press in March 2010—it was a unique and interesting hiring process! I responded to an online job posting with my resume, then was called for an interview. At the interview I showed some samples of my work and was given a scrapbooking kit, which I now know as a Personal Shopper. My assignment was to create a two-page spread with the materials provided to show my creative skills. I think I spent over 4 hours on that assignment! After the second interview and meeting with Paulette, I was hired as a Designer and Product Demonstrator (filming the “Product Demo” videos)… and in October 2010, I started doing Webisodes!

Most people may be familiar with me as the co-host of the Weekly Webisodes, but that is only a part of all the great things I get to be involved in here at HOTP. First and foremost, I am a designer (part of our 4-person team), making cards, pages, and other projects that are shown on Paper Wishes, Personal Shoppers, HOTP product packaging, and even TV segments on Home Shopping Network and Ideal World (in the UK). Secondly, as new and exciting products get introduced in the Paper Wishes catalog, it is my job to create the demo videos for them, to let everyone get a closer look at the product and how it is used. Finally, as you know, I’m the co-host of the Webisodes with the fabulous Paulette Jarvey! I love that there are so many facets to my job here, and I never get bored!


What goes into making a Webisode…

First, Cristina and Paulette decide which products should be featured in the Webisode and how many projects should be shown. Then, the design team makes these projects and writes instructions—we usually work on 2 or 3 Webisodes at a time, which can mean more than 20 projects! With some of the Weeks of Webisodes (WOW), we’ll receive the projects in the mail from designer/former VP Teresa in Arizona (sometimes we’ll get 40 cards at a time! And they are always gorgeous). The projects then get approved and photographed by John for the Webisode gallery. Then, Cristina, Paulette, and I meet to look at all the projects and discuss how the Webisode will be organized, which techniques to emphasize, and which to demonstrate. I prepare the demonstrations and Cristina gathers all the new products and gives us an outline. During filming, sometimes we have to do a second or third take, or an add-on at the end (when you hear us say “But wait! There’s more!”) J John is our cameraman and Huston in IT edits the footage to its final version. Then it gets posted to the website for your enjoyment!


I hope you enjoyed hearing a little more about what goes on behind the scenes!


Happy crafting!



Ann Bernklau


P.S. Thanks for inviting me to be a PW guest blogger, Cristina! Congratulations on your new baby boy!!!

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4 Responses to “Getting to know Ann Bernklau”

  1. Becky Jo says:

    Hello, Ann! This has been an interesting blog post read. Love the webisodes you, Paulette, Cristina, and John make! It’s nice to know what all goes into the making of the videos. Sounds like you have an interesting job that you love. TFS your story. Hugs!!

  2. Yes, congratulations to Cristina, but how about your engagement? Very much enjoyed your description of your hiring, and especially the description of how the Wonderful Webisodes (WW) are done. Thanks, Ann.

  3. Ellen Schlagel says:

    It’s so nice to hear about your experience and background with PaperWishes! Although I miss Sara, you’ve done a wonderful job with the webisodes and I look forward to watching the latest webisode each Wednesday morning. You always seem so at ease demo-ing products and techniques! I love your designs too!

  4. Genevieve says:

    Hi Ann… I’m not strictly speaking a paper crafter (I’m a Zentangle artist and Certified Teacher), but I always enjoy all the creativity displayed on the website and in webisodes. I love your work, thank you for sharing!

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