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Greetings! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week.

November, really? Are you already here? Where did the year go? I’m sure you have all asked yourself those questions, plenty of times! Well as the holidays approach, here at Paper Wishes/HOTP, we’d like to make things easier for you! There are plenty of tips, ideas, new products, inspirations, free classes for you to inspire you! But I’m all about making sure you have all the information that our PaperWishes.com site offers! The site has soooo many wonderful things that you may just have missed something.

If you scroll down to the bottom – you’ll find links to several sites. Some of you might already know about these; however I’d like to show you our 101 sites and why they are important to you!  So let’s get started…

Some of you might enjoy doing Scrapbooking but haven’t entered into the world of card making or stamping. Or vice versa, maybe you’re a card maker but not a scrapbooker! That describes me perfectly. Though I know how to stamp and make cards, I’ve never done a complete page. When I get to the Scrapbook 101 site, it gives me all the tips, tricks and basic instructions that I need. Starting with What is Scrapbooking, projects of the month, articles and free video instructions! I don’t know about you, but sometimes it’s easier to see how things are done rather than reading about them.

Of course there is more! Basic Techniques using Chalks, inks, cutting, patterned papers and specialty papers.  Also gives you general information about photos, scrapbook supplies, how to build a page. Don’t forget there are two other 101 sites that have all the information for those crafts as well.

These sites are hidden treasures. I do encourage you to visit each site and poke around and see if there is something for you.  Also, leave us your thoughts and comments, or what you’d like to see on those sites! We are always striving to bring you the greatest in all that we do!

Have a wonderful week!

~ Cristina




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