I Heart Buttons!!!

Some of my fondest memories are with my grandmother; she was a very talented crafter. She made her own quilt patterns and hand stitched them. She was very much ahead of her time using color combinations and other materials rather than just fabric. One thing she loved to give us grandchildren were handmade quilts for “special” occasions such as graduation, weddings, or with the birth of our children. I do still have all the quilts she made for my kids and me.

There’s one quilt she made for my oldest son, it was all lions and for the eyes she used buttons. I remember sitting by her and going through her button basket and touching all the different buttons. It was like a treasure hunt that I loved just running my fingers through all the colors.

My sister, who is a crafter, uses buttons as well. The other day as her daughter and I sat on her bed, we just had to pull out her button box and it took us back to my grandma. My grandma would always tell us there are so many reasons to have sooo many buttons. You can use them on just about anything. And especially when grandpa loses one on his shirts!

I love how our designers are often using buttons on their projects. Buttons are soo much fun! Who would have thought they would go so well with most of the projects that we create. In fact, with most of our paper packs you’ll usually find a button collection that goes very well with it. I’ve pointed out a couple down below.

Another fun thing about buttons is that you can also use them in stand-alone projects such as wall hangings or ornaments. As you scroll down and see all the fun things with buttons, just keep in mind these are just a few ideas that I found on our Paper Wishes.com site! You might have noticed, WE LOVE BUTTONS TOO!!!



Making Cards with Stamps, Ribbons & Buttons



Spring Button Mix

Celebrate Cake pocket card


Day dream Buttons



Father’s Day Card


Argyle Button Mix


Sew Sweet Card


Buttons Embossing Punch


8×8 Our Story Album


Buttons Chipboard Mini Set

Heart Buttons


Blue Candy Dots Buttons


Black Vintage Buttons


Love Binder



Here are some other ideas you can use to create just using buttons.


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4 responses to “I Heart Buttons!!!”

  1. Rikki says:

    Love that you have a blog now :0)


  2. kathyc says:

    I confess a deep love for buttons. My mom inherited my Grandmother’s button box, and now it sits on a shelf in my crafting room. I used to love to sort through those buttons when I was sick in bed, or during the bleak New England winters when it was too cold to play outside. I’ve added new buttons to the old, and I use buttons all the time in my crafting. By the way, the Jenni Bowlin Vintage buttons are really, really cute!

    • Cristina says:

      Kathy! I feel the same way. Buttons are the best little treasure! Thanks for the wonderful comments and yes those Jenni Bowlin buttons are very cute. And to think I just posted a few options that we carry…don’t be afraid to type in Buttons in your search button when you are on the paperwishes.com site. Thanks again! Have a wonderful day ~ Cristina

  3. Kendra says:

    I also have fond memories of buttons. My mom was a great seamstress – making many dresses for me and my sister. I remember she had a large round tin filled with buttons. The tin itself was special too as it had at one time been filled with home baked cookies and sent toy dad while he was in the service. Wonder whatever happened to all of those buttons? ~Kendra

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