Welcome Allie Eyerly!!!

Like to introduce our newest member to our family, Allie Eyerly as our Project Specialist.  I recently sat down with Allie and got to know her a little better, and I do think she is going to fit right into our little family here at HOTP. We are all excited to have her here, Welcome Allie!!

About Allie

When I was seventeen, I was hired as a sales associate at my local Paper Zone. It only took minutes for me to fall head over heels in love with scrapbooking. In the three years I worked there, I never saved a penny because I spent it all on crafting supplies. I’ve been scrapbooking ever since. I was unable to craft during most of my time at college (tiny dorm room), but recently, after a year in my new apartment, I removed my kitchen table to make room for a crafting station. Who needs a kitchen table anyways? My other big hobby is reading—in December I graduated from Multnomah University with a Bachelor of Science in English and Biblical Studies. I come to Paper Wishes from Pamplin Media Group, where I worked as a Sales Assistant. My life has been a whirlwind lately—a new job, AND the most exciting event of my life! On February 4th a wonderful man named Michael Stewart asked me to marry him. We’re getting married on August 31st, and I can’t wait! Fun fact: It’s only been a month and I have the ENTIRE wedding planned! I think I might have set a world record!!



Tell us about your job details –

I’m still learning about my job details. So far I seem to be primarily working on bits of the catalog and editing newsletters. My office is located between Sandy (VP of Operations) and Paulette, so I prefer to think that my job is to function as Sandy’s right hand and Paulette’s left.

What are you most excited about working on?

I’m most excited to learn about the happenings of this company and the products we make and sell. So far my favorite time was a meeting I had with Paulette and Stan where I got to see some of the new products manufacturers were sending over. It was just as exciting as Christmas! I can tell you that I am just so excited!

What excites you about the future with HOTP?

I could not be more thrilled to be working here. This is my absolute dream job. True story—I cried when I saw the job posting. Yup, I’m an emotional one (I cry during most movies, even Finding Nemo. Don’t get me started about The Notebook). I’ve been looking for where I belong, and I know without a doubt that it is here. For the first time in my life, I am so excited on my way to work. Instead of speeding just because I’m a bad driver, I’m also speeding because I can’t wait to get here and start. I am so looking forward to learning more about the goings on and to getting to know all of the wonderful people I get to work with. Sandy and Paulette seem like such wonderful ladies and I feel honored to work in such close proximity to them. Every single person I’ve met has been so kind and welcoming towards me and it’s a huge part of why I love my job and am excited to work here.

Making a “First” Impression! awww…

On my third day here, Sandy (Ever so Wonderful VP of Operations) came in my office to sit down and wanted me to come sit next to her. I scooted over in my chair, and it got caught on the chair mat. I fell out sideways and the chair fell on top of me. I make great first impressions.

Allie, thank goodness for First Impressions, we literally had you “falling” out of your chair! But thanks again for sharing Allie! And thanks everyone for taking your time to read all about Hot Off the Press & Paper Wishes!  Enjoy Cristina 🙂


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Taking a second look…

This year in our winter catalog, we started off the year with over 300 products! We gave you lots to look out and hopefully we inspired you with new ideas as well. We are always striving to bring you the best in colors, papers, products and ideas.

I’m a very visual person; I may look at something such as a template or paper pack and not really get inspired by it until I see the project that comes from it. This was true with a couple of items here at HOTP that became some of my favorites.


Kaleidoscope paper pack, was introduced in our Winter 2012 Catalog, in fact it was not only a NEW paper pack, but it is the first double sided 12”x12” paper pack that HOTP has ever done. My office sits right outside of the Designers work area. I often go into their area and just peak at what they are doing. At first glance, Kaleidoscope wasn’t in my top pick, but once I saw Lodell working on project using the paper pack I was convinced! I realize how versatile the colors in paper pack are. Then there’s the whole double side part of it as well. Lot of fun…




Along with Kaleidoscope, was the Pinwheels template. I don’t use templates when I’m crafting…I honestly don’t have the patience at times to use them. At least that’s my excuse today. But I really see the beautiful projects that have been created with templates makes it hard not to try to use them and create some things myself.



Templates are soooo wonderful!  We have sooo many different templates, and are usually priced under $7.00 each. Instructions are printed on the templates with clear indicators for cutting and folding. Making it VERY simple! With each catalog we introduce at least 2-3 new designs. Ann even makes a video for each one. Here’s some of HOTP’s templates along with projects:

Pretty Little Purses



15 Lovely Labels Template



3-D Ice Cream Sundae Template



You might have noticed our Newest in this week’s Special Edition catalog – Design Tool kits #1 &#2.


Going to a store, you might be able to go in and touch and feel the items. But sometimes it leaves with you wanting to see more, or to open the package and take everything out. Our product videos will give you that explanation and visual you might need. If you click on an item on Paper Wishes.com you should find a product video for most of our products. I encourage you to check them out, by simply typing in “Template” in the search field and just see what you just might find!


On a little personal note –

I’ve had a lot of requests to show recent pictures of Emerson. As he just turned 5 months – I thought it would be a great time to show him off and my other two boys 😉 Antonio, my oldest will be graduating High School in June, Diego turning 10 in April and Emerson, 5 months March 2nd. My best creations ever!



Thanks everyone, have a wonderful week!

~ Cristina




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Lodell Halvorson, Featured Designer!

Designer Featured: Lodell Halvorson,


All the wonderful little things you learn about the people you work with. Lodell, one of fabulous designers here at HOTP, is this week’s Blog guest! Lodell is considered the “Queen of Stamping” and just like many companies, we all wear many hats here at HOTP. Not only is she one of our designers, she also edits most of the material that goes into our Personal Shopper newsletters (there are 10 now).

Lodell is always coming up with “new” ideas and different ways to bring something even more fabulous to her card and scrapbooking projects.

I love when she comes into my office and we come across something on Pinterest or a magazine! I see the spark in her eye, like she has one of those aha moments!  Let’s learn a little more about Lodell….


Q: How long have you been at HOTP, and what’s one of the best parts of your job:

A: I have worked at Hot Off The Press since April 2011, and have loved every minute of it! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed being a part of the “behind the scenes” side of designing and giving input for product development.

Q: What are some of your favorite tools or products and why?

A: My favorite new product would have to be the Epic 6. It’s so versatile in cardmaking, scrapbooking, and for lots of other crafting projects. Besides cutting shapes out of paper, it’ll cut photos and cardstock, and it will emboss pretty designs in cardstock too! It can also be used for letterpress projects. I love it!

I really like that we have unique specialty papers with coordinating Dazzles™ and Papier Tole. This really makes creativity a breeze. I especially like the new double-side papers! They’re fun to use with templates, like the Pint-Sized Holders & Folders and the Pinwheels.

  (From Pint-Sized Holders & Folders)

  (From Playful Pinwheels Template)

Lodell’s Tips, Tricks and Favorite projects:
It can be hard trying to come up with new techniques, but some things I always like to do are layering and trying to use a lot of contrast when possible. I find myself doing a lot of matting. I think it adds definition, so a label or focal doesn’t get lost in the background.

I also like the reflection technique in stamping, where you stamp your image on the paper. Then you ink your stamp again and stamp it on acetate, then press the acetate onto your paper under the first image so it looks like a water reflection.

Another technique I like is where you punch a flower, curve the petals back with your fingernail, and then apply a coat of Crystal Lacquer over the entire surface. Let it dry completely, and it adds shine and thickness to the flower. Very pretty!


Lodell and her family

Thanks Lodell! Sure is fun getting to know our designers even better! I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to see what you come up next!


~ Cristina

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