Beads, Glitter, Sparkle, Shine, Tinsel = Little Bottles!

Little bottles, is what I’ve named these little treasures! Oh the fun you are going to have using all these wonderful little packages! These little bottles, from Act-C™ come in a couple of sets. A glitter set and a Bead set each include 8 different colors. But here’s the beauty of them – each color comes in 3 little bottles, and NO set is EXACTLY the same …

(Glitter Set)

(Bead Set)

Ranging in colors from gold, pink, purple, black, white, blue…and on and on. I happened to pick up the yellow bead set to find that it contains little stars



Blue bead set, comes with 3 different sizes and shapes of beautiful blue beads…LOVE THEM!

Not only will you be able to add Sparkle and Tinsel to your projects, but you’ll also have added inspiration with the beads! Giving all your projects shimmering finishes!











NO these weren’t my favorite ones, because picking one color just isn’t an easy task! Believe me I tried, seem like as soon as I put one down…there was another color in a completely different size or shape and color of bead or glitter.

We found so many unique ways of using these little bottles however, I think we found one of the best ways to use them! Hot off the Press, Double Stick Dazzles™. A perfect combination – and so easy to use. I’ve listed some of the Double Stick Dazzles™., along with a couple of projects to give you some added inspiration!



You’ll have a total of 24 bottles in each collection! However each set can be purchased separately.  What do you think? Do you believe in love at first site? How will you use these little bottles?


Just remember…. Precious moments are like jewels, they add “glitter” to our lives!  Thank you for taking the time to read our little blog ~ Cristina





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Mini Books!!

Make it your own! Think outside of the box…Create a baby book, a custom journal, an array of wedding pictures or of a special event! Come on, you can do it!! Mini books are another way of creating something based on your personal choices of a special moment…or just for the fun of it.

The hardest part of creating a mini book is all the choices you have, choices are really unlimited…Color of paper, choice of embellishments, how many pages, your subject, the way you want to put it all together. First step…first start by picking your subject. Mine would be every easy, Emerson

In some of our newsletters, I’ve asked our designers to create a couple of mini books using items you normally would think to use. And of course, Ann & Susan being as creative as they are, came up with some pretty cool books!  It’s amazing what you can do with stencils, when you think outside of the box!



Click on the pictures to take to you to supply list and instructions



Click on the pictures to take to you to supply list and instructions


This mini book used – Build a Banner Template to create the shape….VERY CUTE!! Love the colors of the paper 🙂


We also carry a Mixed media kit, from our friends at Prima.  It’s another fun way of creating your own little book!(see what Susan came up with)


The album includes 6 double-sided printed cardstock sheets, 4 plain cardstock sheets, 4 plastic sleeves, 4 plain canvas sheets, 4 sheets of resist canvas, and 2 cardstock tags. You’ll also get kraft paper clocks and tickets, pretty brads, and chipboard elements to use to decorate the pages of your album. The cover and rings complete the album. Spritz the resist canvas for shimmery pages. You can stamp on the plain canvas sheets – the possibilities are unlimited! Use it for a special photo album that chronicles an event.

Some other little embellishments that might help you get started…

Words of Life Passwords – You’ll get 150 lightweight cardstock pieces that can be distressed, antiqued, colored, stamped over—your choice! Or simply glue them in place as is. The sentiments are perfect for many different events and occasions.

Pretty Canvas Brads!! 28 brads will add style to any project! You’ll love the pretty colors and clever design, one of my favorites!

Bright Monograms – Here are 259 oversized letters, numbers and thinga-ma-jigs, perfect for stylish scrapbook pages to start your journaling or anything to add fun to your projects!  Mix and match your fonts and letter sizes for maximum impact!

If you really put some thought into it…just about anything can be a fun embellishment. You can even use the embellishment as your focal point, such as a pair of tickets to an concert, Graduation tickets, a wedding invite, a napkin from your first date, a pressed rose…the list goes on and on…

Or on the flip side – just wing it! Because after all it can’t be wrong…when it’s yours.


Just remember –  “It is better to have enough ideas for some of them to be wrong, than to be always right by having no ideas at all.” — Edward de Bono



On Another Note – I want to wish Ann Bernklau and her hubby to be, Felix best wishes on their wedding day. June 9th, 2012

In the next few weeks, I’ll be posting some of the fun projects that Ann created for her special day! I’m sure she will be beautiful, just like all her projects that she creates for Paper Wishes.  I couldn’t resist and gave you a little sneak peak of the invites Ann created…

Thanks for reading my little blog

~ Cristina

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