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The Story of her Marine’s

One of the stories that Paulette shared with me when I first arrived here at Paper Wishes™ was the story of her Marine. I thought it seemed fitting for her to share with all of us on Veteran’s Day.  Written in her own words –

My first Marine was my Dad. He proposed to my mother on their first date and they were married six weeks later. I was born on the Marine Corps base at Camp LeJuene, North Carolina. We only lived there for six months before moving to California when Dad got out of the Marine Corps.

I met my husband, Mike, and two other Marines while they were at California State Collage Fullerton looking for girls. I qualified! I gave them a tour of the campus but it took Mike several weeks to get up the courage to ask me out. We dated for six weeks and then he proposed. I was shocked! I thought it over and accepted (actually I was joking but he took me seriously and I didn’t want to hurt his feelings). But then I realized marrying Mike was the right thing to do. I wanted to get married right away because he was going overseas for a year. He said to talk to my mother. Little did he know about her six-week courtship? Mom said he seemed like a good guy and if he is who I wanted, to go for it. Six weeks later we were married on my parents’ anniversary. Six weeks after that Mike was shipped overseas first to Japan then to Vietnam. Every Saturday he sent me a red rose with a note. The red ribbons on each rose were our first Christmas tree ornaments. While he was gone, we wrote each other everyday and we still have those very tender letters. When he returned from Vietnam we were stationed in North Carolina where Mike completed his military duty. Every year on our anniversary he gives me a red rose for each year and a pink rose to begin the next year. What a guy!

Paulette’s parents on their wedding day with her grandparents

Paulette’s Parents on their wedding day



MIke Jarvey, 1962 (Boot Camp photo)

MIke Jarvey – The only pic Paulette
had while Mike was overseas



Paulette & Mike on their wedding day




I remembering sitting in Paulette’s office on her anniversary day when she received the roses. It was then when she explained the “pink” rose to me and as she told me the story her eyes filled with tears…of course as a women no one can ever be tearful alone in my presence.  🙂 I love hearing the history and the memories that she has created. Thank you for sharing Paulette.


We proudly salute all of our Veterans & active Military men and women. Thank you for your services.


Thanks for reading my little blog –

~ Cristina

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Come Meet Abbie Friesen! HOTP’s Newest Designer!

Abbie taking a break for a quick pic ~ SMILE


I had a moment to sit and chat with Abbie, once she settled into Paper Wishes™ & Hot Off The Press.

Most days you’ll find Abbie with her headphones on and working on her crafting projects, but as many of us at HOTP, we have a couple of roles we get to play. Abbie not only is talented in the “creating” world but her background also comes with talents in the Graphics world. Lucky us!!! From time to time you’ll also find her in the Graphics Department – helping and designing where needed.

Abbie creating in the Graphics Department 🙂

Some of Abbie’s Favorites & Inspirations –


Abbie’s Favorite craft

I enjoy mailing homemade cards to my family and friends who live out-of-state. It is a great way to connect to them, and I enjoy engaging myself in a creative project and to have fun with it.


Gathering her inspiration –

I try to listen to the sounds around me while I work on projects. Lovely and fulfilling images come to mind that I put back into the work. And when I am uninspired, I go straight for my headphones and listen to music. Of course, I also go to the computer and search online when there is time. Pinterest is great!


A history lesson by Abbie –

My first crafting project was also a small business endeavor I began when I was nine–producing cheap stationary sets for my family to buy. The business didn’t last very long, but my enthusiasm for design and creating did. When I was older my cousin sold scrapbook supplies and introduced me to a serious side of crafting. And graduating with art degree in college was great preparation for the crafting and creating I do today. 🙂

I was last employed for a small private school in Salem. I began designing materials for their admissions department, and the position eventually expanded to also include communications and marketing. It’s a switch for me to have coordinated school publicity and now be given creative projects to work on at HOTP, and I think focusing on my roots in art is good for me. I sure enjoy it, even on my bad days. 🙂


First day’s are always fun….

My first day at HOTP was somewhat of a blur. Coworkers shared about the different kinds of projects and product techniques, initially flying over my head by the end of the day. But everyone encouraged me to jump into a project and begin experimenting with the materials to help their insight begin to marinate that day. Now I sit in my workstation at HOTP and gather, measure, cut, glue, Zot™, and share in feedback sessions with other designers. On any given day, I can be found also helping in graphics and prepress using my computer skills.


Something exciting you are working on or about to work on…

  • There are many projects I have not worked through yet, but I will say Girlfriend’s Getaway was fun! 🙂
  • I get excited about the new products I get a preview of at HOTP, helpful for a heads-up planning of future projects. And getting a jump on the creative possibilities for them is exciting for sure.


On a personal note –


Abbie with friends & family 🙂

I grew up in the Midwest where my family still lives today. And while I am the independent girl living a flight away from them all, I am okay with the travel. I quite enjoy living in the Pacific Northwest and being near great friends who have become like family to me over the years. A bonus is living among the wooded landscapes, ocean beaches, and snow-capped mountains!


My interests help describe me best, not only because I use them frequently at HOTP, because my interests are varied.

–  Vocal and Instrumental Music

–  Biology

–  Fine and Computer Arts

–  Athletics

–  Creative and journal writing

–  Playing with technology


High School Girls Softball coaching – Leading her girls to State Finals




Thanks Abbie for taking some time and letting us into your world 🙂 Welcome to Paper Wishes & HOTP – we are sure glad you are here!


And don’t forget to SMILE, it’s the best thing you can wear!

Thanks for reading my little blog

~ Cristina 🙂



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