Backstage Pass to HOTP Designers Studio!

Have you ever wondered what the studio space for Hot Off The Press in house Designers looks like?  Well here’s your chance to take a peek! I took a few behind the scenes photo’s so you can see where our designer’s come up with their fabulous ideas.   You get a  glimpse of the products we love to use carried by Paper Wishes!

20140324_130222 (2)

Let’s jump into our design studio, where our designers create fabulous samples to

kick start our Crafty Customers Creativity! (Wow, say that 5 times fast!)

20140317_093138 (2)

This is the shelving unit that holds all of our crafting goodies! We have everything you can think of at our disposal to spark our creativity!

20140317_093208 (2)

We have an ink pad tower that our wonderful Gail Booth put together for us. It’s filled with all the Chalk Inks and Distress Inks that we carry at Paper Wishes.

20140317_093228 (2)

 Of course we must have Encrusted Jewels in case we need to add bling and texture to our projects.

20140317_093240 (2)

We have all the delicious colors of the Spectrum Noir pen sets!

20140317_093248 (2)

If the power goes out and we are stuck during a storm….it’s okay….we have plenty of Stickles to keep us occupied.

20140317_093309 (2)

Would anyone like a Smooch?

20140317_093327 (2)

Yes, your eyes are not deceiving you that is an entire shelf of ribbon. It’s filled with ribbon sets that perfectly coordinate with all of our paper packs!

20140317_093409 (2)

Can you ever really have to many Dazzles™ . . . I think NOT!

Last but not least I have to share one of my favorite things about Hot Off The Press offices. We are a dog friendly office,

so at any given time during the day while working we get a little personal drop in at our desks from our adorable pooches!

20140324_124536 (2)

Lu loves to chew all things because he’s still going through a puppy phase. He really needs to learn how to let that go.

001 (2)

Princess is the resident mellow dog. She floats from room to room saying “Hi”.

Of course while she’s there she’ll take a sneak peak in your garbage can just in case you threw away something of value . . . like a hot dog maybe!

20140324_124756 (2)

Beautiful Belle sticks closely by her owner Mike and never leaves his side. This is where she waits when Mike has to run out of the office. Bing an Australian Sheep dog and all, she feels it’s her duty to herd people out of the conference room after meetings conclude.

Please stay tuned to more behind the scenes postings because we have so much more to share! Have a happy Friday and get crafting!

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2 Responses to “Backstage Pass to HOTP Designers Studio!”

  1. Lynn G. says:

    Thanks for the sneak peek of where creativity begins . Fun to see the pet pooches too . Lu certainly does look like he is full of mischief .

  2. michelle o says:

    It looks like a wonderful place to work full of fun people and fun products, plus our furry friends. Thanks for sharing.

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