Storage Extravaganza!

Hey there Crafters! If your anything like me, your always looking for creative and functional ways to store your crafts! A well organized space helps you to have crafting items right at your fingertips…and besides it FEELS SO GOOD! I’m here to tell you that Paper Wishes has got it covered!!! We have so many storage items it’s going to make you want to reorganize your whole space!

Let’s get started by talking about the small stuff, and work our way up to the big stuff!

Let’s look at 2 different ways to store paper. With the vertical paper holders you can organize papers, and keep them on top of your work surface at arms reach. Each one holds 200 sheets of paper!


Or you can use the Rolling Rack paper organizer that holds 1000 sheets of paper under the table to save work surface space!

paper 2

My current obsession, like most of you, is collecting Cutting Dies! I love them because they are fabulous! But what’s the best way to store them you ask? My favorite way to store my dies is using the Die Case & 6 Magnetic Sheets. You can keep your cutting dies organized and safe in this handy storage case, and your cutting dies stick to magnetic sheets to keep them in place. As your die collection increases, simply add more sheets—the case holds up to 21 filled sheets.


If your a pen junkie like myself then your going to love this next item!!! We’ve got a couple of options for your pen collection! There is the on the go Spectrum Noir Pen Case that holds 36 pens,


the 60-Count Marker Case,


or the Ultimate Pen Storage—14 Racks that holds 168 pens! WOW!


From Scrap-Ma-Bob’s Mini drink holder and trash bag, to the Small Stickles Holders, and Ultra Pro Pocket Storage Pages to hold all your tiny Embellishments we’ve got storage for everything!

imgN6G30FW5 stickles 1 embellishments

Card makers will love this handy Plastic Card Storage Case that has 6 dividers for completed projects or projects that your still working on!

card case

Need something for crafting on the go? Why not try this WeR Memories 360 Crafter’s Bag and Crafter’s Shoulder Bag are designed to work together. Just slip the Shoulder Bag over the handle of the 360 Bag and you’re good!


This Smart Cart  is just the ticket to get you and your supplies safely mobile. It rolls easily and has a sturdy ergonomic handle which pulls heavy loads with less force.  It also features a cover and is waterproof, so your papers will stay safe and dry inside it. And when you’re not using this handy cart, it folds down to just 3″ thick!


okay, are you ready for the BIG STUFF? Well hold on to your seat because this is going to blow you away! (Okay maybe that’s my excitement over organizing getting a little out of hand : )

Wait till you see this ADORABLE All-Purpose Fold-Down Table by We R Memory Keepers!!! It opens up, folding down so the chalkboard becomes the “leg” of the table. You can use thte workspace for smaller crafting projects or as a desk to pay bills. When open, a storage area is revealed where you can store crafts, papers, or office supplies. SO ADORABLE, right?

fold down table

Are you wanting something even bigger?

Okay. . . Check out the White EZ View Table or the Black EZ View Table! This craft table features drawers, nooks and spaces for all your ‘stuff.’ Interchangeable modular design allows many different configurations. The top section has 4 drawers and a clear glass-like top so you can see your supplies! When I hear that I just think of arranging all my supplies in rainbow order under that glass top, so every time I sit down I’m inspired by all those colors!


Are you ready to go big or go home? Let’s take a look at the biggest, baddest, most glorious organizer EVER!

The Workspace!

This amazing workspace and storage solution is UNBELIEVABLE!  There are drawers, nooks and spaces for all of your stuff! On wheels, The Work Box is fully transportable, folding up into gorgeous cabinet (and hiding all your supplies from sight!) You’ll have a collapsible work table and adjustable shelves, plus 85 removable canvas totes with label inserts that fold up for easy storage. There are also 20 removable clear zipper pouches in 3 sizes. And when your done crafting you can close it up, and it looks like a beautiful high-end piece of furniture!


I hope I’ve inspired you to get organized, and to create the ultimate crafting space just for you!

Happy Crafting!

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