Flying Wish Paper

Flying Wish Paper is only the coolest invention ever! It’s a small piece of paper that you write your wish on, and shape it as instructed in the directions, then light it and watch your wish magically lift & rise. It really does just float and then vanish into thin air! Your probably asking yourself what could I do with this magic little paper? What couldn’t you do! Imagine handing out these little papers at a wedding or baby shower. Guests could write their wishes for bride or mom to be and each person could light their wish and release it into the air. You’ll have everyone ooooing and awwwing and wishing it were their turn!

There are three options for this magical product. In the first we have the Flying Wish Paper small kit includes 15 sheets of Red Wish Papers, 5 Wish Platforms, one pencil plus illustrated! This kit is perfect for small projects, or small gatherings.


In this Flying Wish Paper Large kit you’ll get 50 sheets of Purple Flying Wish Papers®, 25 platform cards, 5 pencils and illustrated instructions! It has a beautiful floral design that I think would be great for birthday parties or ladies luncheon!


Here is Cardmaker’s & Stamper’s Flying Wish Paper Kit. That’s right, this is perfect for card making! Cardmaker’s and Stamper’s Flying Wish Paper kit includes 10 packs, each with 3 wishes and 1 platform. In addition, there are 15 blank platforms so you can stamp & emboss on them. I can see myself becoming highly addicted to this large kit with all the color combinations in it!


Imagine all the ways to use this wonderful product in a card! You can give it in a card as a New Years resolution, or a graduate to send their wish into the future, or even as a way to remember someone special that you’ve lost. This magical activity will bring your friends & family together to share life’s special moments. If you would like to see how this product works (And you should see it, because it’s so stinkin’ cool!) Go to this link and click on the product video. I absolutely love the magical quality this innovative product has! I highly recommend adding a little magic to your life today!

Happy Crafting!

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  1. Carmen Diaz says:

    I wanted to thank all of you for sending me your birthday wishes!! It meant alot to me. May you all have wonderful days on your birthdays as well!!Thanks again,
    Carmen Diaz

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