Spring Has Sprung at Paper Wishes!

Even though it’s only the beginning of March, it is apparent that spring has already descended upon Paper Wishes! Just take a look (click the picture to view in it’s full glory)…

USpring HOTP

What a great place to work! I’ll be honest, I was actually searching for a fern fiddlehead because I thought there could be a nice tie-in with our brand new Hello Fern cutting dies that I showed you last week! But our landscapers seem to be incredibly efficient at removing any sort of “pesky new growth” so instead, we all win with a shot of these pretty flowers! You could almost say it’s a “Floral Frenzy” out there… Ha!

The Creative Keepsake Scrapbook Convention last weekend was a huge success, and we really loved getting to meet and exchange ideas with so many people! The booth nearly sold out a couple times, but was quickly restocked so everyone could go home with the crafting goodies they needed (or wanted, but you know how that goes…)!

What’s going on here at Paper Wishes? Well, I’m ready to declare that March Madness has arrived on Spring’s coattails because, personally, I’ve never been busier, and we’re getting ready to send out your new Spring 2015 Paper Wishes mini catalog next week – woohoo!

Paper Wishes Highlights:

  • Sale! It’s down to the final two days of our Black & White Sale! Select black and white items are 20% off – click here to shop now!
  • Webisode! This coming Tuesday, our webisode will feature Premium Metal Sheets. These add a really impressive touch to your projects! Click here to see the metal sheets and a project sneak preview! Also… the following week will be a WOW (Week of Webisodes) week, so stay tuned for a possible sneak preview sometime in the next week.
  • Monday Madness! This coming Monday will feature another Monday Madness flash sale. Our Madness Manager, as I will henceforth affectionately refer to her, wouldn’t reveal the sale items to me, so I’m sure it’s going to be something good!

And don’t forget Sunday begins Daylight Savings Time! I hope you’re blessed with a little bit of spring wherever you are, and if not, well just take in the above photo one more time (sorry, New York)! I also hope that you take a little time to get crafty!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Editor/Proofer

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