Behind-the-Scenes: Paper Wishes LIVE Test Run!

Testing! Testing! Paper Wishes will be going LIVE in less than two weeks! Holy moly! Everyone here has been busy getting ready for the big day and there’s so much to get done! Our camera man, John, has his hands full getting the Paper Wishes studio ready, from painting to installing new microphones to raising the cameras—whew!


Today we held our first test run to make sure that everything happens as it should, and I thought I’d share a quick picture that our Marketing Manager Cristina took as she tuned in to our practice session!

Live test

While it looks like Paulette is just playing around, she was actually testing the white table background, while Gail carefully supervises. Doing this practice run has me even more excited than I was before! Be sure to mark your calendars for Tuesday, May 26th (the day after Memorial Day) and we’ll see you there at 9am PST—LIVE! You won’t want to miss the techniques, the projects or the fun times! We can’t wait!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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14 Responses to “Behind-the-Scenes: Paper Wishes LIVE Test Run!”

  1. Michelle Orsborn says:

    I am so anxious to see what all of this is about, the webisodes are done in such a friendly way, that it almost seems live to me, so I am REALLY anxious to see what this will be like!! It is going to be the day BEFORE my birthday, so what a great birthday present for me!! I am anxious to see Sara Naumann back, I watched when she was here, I have been around a long time!! I could NOT be a bigger fan of Paper Wishes!! Thank you for sharing!!

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      So glad you are a such a big fan of Paper Wishes :)! Thank you for your kind words, and we are certainly excited to see Sara again as well!

  2. Jessica Germain says:

    Whooo Hoooo! Can’t wait. I hope I can see it on my kindle!
    Break a leg y’all!

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Jessica, thanks for commenting! If you are able to watch our webisodes on your Kindle, then you should be able to see Paper Wishes Live on it as well!!!

  3. Valerie Breingan says:

    Picture perfect . I’m Sooo Excited . I simply can’t wait

  4. Lennie says:

    Can’t wait. I love seeing techniques live and can’t wait to see everyone. What a fabulous idea.

  5. Valerie Breingan says:

    I’m so excited I can’t sit still.It would sure be nice to see Michelle in that extra seat…..hint,hint,

  6. Sheryl in sunny, HOT Florida! says:

    This sounds so exciting! Is this going to be taking the place of the webisodes? Also, how long is the live presentation going to be? Will we be able to participate thru something like a comment center or whatever it may be? If we can’t be at our computers when it is live, will it be recorded for us to watch later? Thanks for any info you may be able to give us! Hope you have a very blessed craftin’ day! Sheryl

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Sheryl! Thanks for your great questions! On Tuesday there will also be a regular webisode airing so lots of creative stuff going on that day! There will be 3 hours of live demos starting at 9 am PST and I’ll be posting a schedule here on the blog shortly! Yes, Paulette and the others will be answering questions posted on Paper Wishes’ blog, Facebook and Twitter accounts so that should be fun and keep them on their toes! Afterward, Paper Wishes LIVE will be made available to replay, similar to a webisode! I hope this answers your questions and stay tuned for an update post!

  7. Micheline says:

    Will this be taped so those of us who cannot watch it live will be able to watch it later?

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Micheline! Yes, Paper Wishes LIVE will be taped and you’ll be able to re-watch it just like a webisode. 🙂

  8. Diane Lynne C. says:

    Wow, I’m so looking forward to the LIVE broadcast. It will be great to see Sara again and hear what she has been up to. I always wondered where the webisodes were filmed. I do love the book shelves and the little do dads on the shelves. See ya’ at 9 am PST or here on the East Coast at 12 noon EST May 26th.

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      I’m so glad you”ll be joining us!! We can’t wait either!!! And you make a great point—for all you East Coasters, see you May 26th at noon! 😀

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