Hey California! We’re Coming To You!

Hot Off The Press is hitting the road to join the Paper Crafting & Stamping Expo in Santa Clara, CA on August 7th & 8th! We’ll also be at the Ontario, CA show on October 23rd & 24th.  Come say hello to Paulette’s son, Adam (the one with the long beard)! You’ll see some incredible HOTP products in person plus there will be brilliant new project ideas as always!

2015-06-09 12.36.25 pm

Pre-registration is now open to reserve your spot at Santa Clara show—click here for all the details!


Pre-register for the Ontario show starting August 31st! More information is available here.


Even more exciting? I’ve got tickets to both events that I’ll be giving away! Sign up here to be notified of new blog posts because soon I’ll be announcing how you can win free admission for you and a friend! So stay tuned—don’t miss out on this chance to renew your inspiration, learn new and wonderful techniques, and connect with other papercrafters who share our passion!


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New HOTP Stamp Set Featured In Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine With Projects From Sara Naumann

Flipping through July’s issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts, I came across something wonderful—new cards from Sara Naumann featuring HOTP’s Postcards stamp set! Talk about a win-win! In the article, Sara shares her technique for painting with pigment ink. And it’s not just a good read – the projects are wonderful too! Here’s a peek at two of her cards that were featured:


Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)


Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)

Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)


Gorgeous! I know I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy Sara’s “light & bright” style, and I’m especially in love with the contrast on her second card! Below is a look at the stamp set that was used:




The postcards are so lovely and detailed, and all the little accent stamps are perfect for adding your final touches. Be sure to check out Sara’s article to learn more about painting with pigments, and to see the rest of her cards! And for even more ideas, watch our webisode featuring this stamp set, below. You’ll see a great idea for using them on a scrapbook page as well!



For me, it’s always exciting to see what others are creating! If you’re feeling as inspired as I am, just pick up your Postcards stamps, some Artful Watercolor scrapbooking paper and July’s issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts (on sale now!), and you’ll be ready to go! Take care!


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Vellum Magic Kit Update With Video Link



I know many of you have purchased our incredible Vellum Magic Kit, but didn’t receive the video link! We’re sorry that this happened, but don’t worry! Here’s the video link—just click below!


Click here to view the Vellum Magic DVD.


Feel free to copy the link into you web browser at home—if you bookmark it, you will always be able to come back and watch the Vellum Magic video as many times as you like! This link will also be available on the Vellum Magic product page! And more good news—you will also find new Vellum Magic project ideas there as well!

So take a few minutes to watch the video. You’ll get to learn some of Paulette’s best vellum techniques and tips! Happy Friday! 😀



Michelle Gustafson

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Cardmaking With Vellum!

Today I wanted to show you some projects that might look a little familiar… That’s right! These were shown on Paper Wishes Live! We’ve recently added them to our website so you’ll have full images and instructions, but I thought it would be fun to show them here on the blog too!


embvellcda           vellbordercda


A quick search on Pinterest makes it clear that vellum is experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Now, vellum (and especially pretty vellum) can be a little tough to find, so in response to this need, Hot Off The Press has come out with our wonderful new Vellum Magic Kit! Click the image below to get a good look at all of the colors and patterns!




These are so gorgeous! Your Vellum Magic kit also includes an 8″x9″ sheet of black, coordinating Dazzles™!! These really add a polished look to your projects. And… you get a computer DVD that lets you follow along with Paulette as she shows some incredible cards, and shares her tips and tricks for working with vellum! Here are the matching Dazzles™:


Now I will admit, vellum has always been a little bit of an enigma for me. Well, that is no longer true! After watching Paulette’s Vellum Magic video, I feel empowered with all kinds of new vellum techniques. No longer do I stare at vellum thinking, well, what shall I put under you? Now I’m ready to layer, tear, emboss and chalk! One of my favorite looks is this very cute balloon card that features white heat-embossed stamping.



Card Front


Card Inside


Designer Tip: It’s easier to heat emboss onto the balloons if you trace them onto a larger piece of vellum, then emboss, then cut them out individually. I love that you can emboss on the back of the printed greetings and still see the words easily. The Perfect Printing Pouch is essential for embossing on vellum as it keeps the static at bay.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left. Cover with Unforgettable teal tile paper and ink the edges with Black Cherry. Ink the edges of 4 ½”x6 ½” pink tile paper and glue centered on your card.
  2. Use the Design Tool Kit to trace and cut out a Delightful Label from ivory/green texture paper, ink the edges, mat on teal floral paper with a 1/16” border, ink the edges and glue centered your card.
  3. Swipe 5 ½”x1 ¾” pink vellum with the printing pouch and stamp small swirls onto the bottom edges and sides with VersaMark™. Dust with embossing powder and set with the heat gun. Place on the bottom of your card with EZ Dots.
  4. Trace eleven balloons onto different colors of plain vellum, stamp and emboss small swirls onto the bases of each, then cut out each balloon along the traced lines. Save one balloon for the inside. Place in a cluster at the top of the label with EZ Dots and foam squares. Zot™ on a cluster of pink/white twine below the balloons and a double bow of twine at the balloon base.
  5. Cut the “Celebrate” greeting vellum to 3 ½”x5/8” with a “v” at the right end. Stamp and emboss swirls on the back, ink the edges, mat on plain vellum with a 1/16” border and foam tape on the left of the pink vellum, as shown. Place Jewel Dazzles™ around the balloon cluster as shown.
  6. Card inside: Foam tape the saved balloon at the upper right corner. Zot™ on a twine tail and bow, as shown.
  7. Cut the “Happy Birthday” greeting vellum to 3 ½”x5/8” with a “v” at the left end. Stamp and emboss swirls on the back, ink the edges, mat on plain vellum with a 1/16” border and foam tape on the right side at an angle, as shown. Trim even with the card edge. Place Jewel Dazzles™ around the balloon, as shown.


It’s so easy to get a wide variety of looks from vellum! I hope you will pick some up, and give it a whirl, because it’s really a lot of fun! Vellum will give you a whole new set of creative options for your scrapbooking, cardmaking and more! Let me know what you think!


Michelle Gustafson

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Meet Paper Wishes’ Surprising Summer Interns!

The dog days of summer are nearly upon us, and summer can be a busy time here at Paper Wishes! With new catalogs coming out, new webisodes being filmed and preparations starting for Girlfriends Getaway, it seems like we can always use a little extra help around here!

Thankfully, today we had some extra support from some wonderful individuals. These individuals are not afraid of hard work, but they also love to play hard. We might find them occasionally napping around the office, but they are just too darn sweet to get in trouble for it! So we’d like all of our Paper Wishers to meet these “helpers” :).

Name: Eva
Job Title: Warehouse Leadperson’s Assistant
Special Skills: Supervising and barking out orders.



Name: Wiley
Job Title: Art Director’s Assistant
Special Skills: Seeks out sources of fun. Likes to meet and greet!



Name: Gus
Job Title: Accounting Assistant
Special Skills: Guarding important files. Crunching numbers. And doggie treats.



Name: Princess
Job Title: Customer Service Assistant
Special Skills: Keeping a cool head. Being a friend.



So as you can see, we should have plenty of support from our new interns. It’s going to be a great summer!!! I just need to stock up on more doggie treats ;-).

empty treats

Oh no—the treats are almost gone!

Have a great day!


Michelle Gustafson
Paper Wishes Blog

PS–Stay tuned for brand new projects coming this week!

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Behind-the-Scenes Look At NEW Colorists Plus A Cardmaking Project Idea!

Hello to you all! It’s Friday, and here in Oregon we are having some amazingly beautiful weather! Today I want to show you a new type of product that will give you a whole new reason to color! Color, you ask? Yep. It’s something we do all the time with stamped images, Color Me™ scrapbooking papers and more, and now those wonderful, creative people at Hot Off The Press (yes, my coworkers) have come up with Colorists.

butterflies awesome garden steampunk

Colorists are coloring books for adults with fourteen pages of images designed to be both beautiful and fun to color! You get two each of six full-page designs plus two sheets of tags and labels, making Colorists super versatile. Versatile is a term that gets tossed around a whole lot, but what does it mean in this case? Colorists are a natural choice for card making, but they’re great for scrappers to use as frames, focals, borders and journaling blocks!

The cardstock pages are sturdy enough for “dry” coloring, as well as coloring techniques involving water —think Spectrum AQUA™, watercolors, waterbrushes, spritzes and sprays. (And if you do get a little crazy with the water, just place your sheet between two books to flatten it out again!)

As Ann showed us during this Week of Webisodes (scroll down to watch!), Colorists are also well-suited to image transfers. Ann uses translucent embossing paste to transfer Colorist images to some of her projects, and below is one of her stunners:

Designed by Ann Barba

Designed by Ann Barba

Now, it’s hard to tell from the photo, but this card is super sparkly! I took a quick close-up so you can (hopefully) see the glitteryness of it!


Isn’t it awesome!? Ann used Clear Self-Adhesive Glitter Sheets to add an amazing level of sparkle to her colored-in, transferred image. I swear, that woman! Here are Ann’s instructions to make this card, and if you scroll to the bottom, you can watch the whole webisode.

Designer’s Tip: This card uses an image transfer technique with the Translucent Embossing Paste to transfer the Colorist image to acetate. After the transfer, color with Spectrum pens, then apply glitter adhesive sheet to the back to make a lovely translucent, glittery image. As the embossing paste dries, the acetate will curl. To help flatten it, heat with a heat gun, then gently bend it by pressing part of it onto the table and lifting another part. It will flatten more when the paper is rubbed off.

Supplies: (Find these supplies and more at www.paperwishes.com)

  • Butterflies for Colorists (link)
  • Tiny Tags, Little Labels & Greetings Stamp Set (link)
  • Roses & Lace Scrapbooking Papers (link)
  • Heat-Resistant Acetate (link)
  • Glitter Clear Adhesive Sheets (link)
  • Purples Spectrum Noir™ Pen Set (link)
  • Pinks Spectrum Noir™ Pen Set (link)
  • Yellows Spectrum Noir™ Pen Set (link)
  • White Jewel Border Dazzles™ (link)
  • Translucent Embossing Paste (link)
  • Mini Squeegee (link)
  • Jet Black StazOn® ink pad (link)
  • Square acrylic block (link)
  • Medium Zots™ adhesive dots (link)
  • foam tape (link)
  • glue stick (link)
  • white & black cardstock (link)
  • craft knife (link)
  • cutting mat (link)
  • craft sheet (link)
  • pencil


  1. For the front: Place your card with the fold on the left. Take the butterflies Colorist image and place it on top of the front of the card, centered. Tack down lightly with tape. Open the card and place over a light source for tracing. With a pencil, trace the shape around the image onto the inside of the front flap. Remove the Colorist image. Close the card. Cut a piece of black cardstock to fit the front of the card and tack down to the card temporarily with light glue stick or tape. Open the card and place over a cutting mat. Use a craft knife to cut around the drawn pencil line to create your window, cutting through both the flap of the card and the black cardstock. Remove the black cardstock and set aside.
  2. Take a sheet of acetate and spread a thin layer of translucent embossing paste onto it (use the mini squeegee), covering about a 5 1/2″x6″ area. Spread the embossing paste as smoothly as possible in a thin, even layer. Carefully place the butterfly image face down onto the embossing paste and gently rub over it to adhere the entire surface. Let dry overnight. Once dry, run the piece under water to saturate the paper with water. Start peeling off the paper in large pieces as much as you can, then start rubbing the surface with your fingers to rub off the paper fibers. Add more water if necessary. Once the paper is all rubbed off, let dry. The surface will be matte, not shiny. Color this surface with Spectrum Noir™ pens (BP6, BP2, PL1, GB5, CT4, CT2, LV3 & LV2). Cut a piece of clear glitter adhesive sheet to fit over the image. Peel off the backing and apply to the image on the surface you just colored. Rub down to adhere evenly. Position the piece in the center of the window on the front of your card, with the acetate on the front and the glitter sheet on the back. Trim off any excess going past the card edges. Use Zips™ to Glue down to the card surface. Take the black cardstock window piece and glue over the image. Decorate the black cardstock with White Jewel Border Dazzles™ as shown, trimming to fit. Stamp a small label and “Hello” on pink lace paper. Mat on white cardstock with a 1/16″ border. Foam tape to the card 1/4″ from the right and 1″ from the top.
  3. For the inside: Cover the inside with black cardstock. Cut 4 1/2″x6″ of pink lace paper. Place White Jewel Border Dazzles™ on the corners as shown. Glue centered to the card.



Thanks for visiting, and have a lovely weekend!


Michelle Gustafson

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Event: Girlfriends Getaway 2015—You’re Invited!!!



Yes! It’s time to reserve your spot at this year’s annual Girlfriends Getaway (brought to you by Hot Off The Press)! Girlfriends Getaway is an all-day crafting event lead by Hot Off The Press and Paper Wishes owner and president Paulette Jarvey. Paulette will guide you as your create incredible projects—all materials supplied—with options provided for both cardmakers and scrapbookers! You’ll have a great time doing it, with food, drinks and treats all provided, plus LOTS of giveaways and freebies!

Here’s a look at just some of last year’s projects—click them to see last years’ kit!





I can’t wait to see what the projects are this year! Returning girlfriends who attended in the past have already been notified, and we are about 40% full! There is still plenty of space, but do make your reservation because this crafting event will sell out!

To reserve your seat for this exciting crafting event held in beautiful Canby, Oregon, email Lori at girlfriends@hotp.com or call 503-266-9102 ext. 1016 during business hours. It’s one of the biggest highlights of our year here at Paper Wishes—you won’t want to miss out! Feel free (as always) to post any questions or comments!


Michelle Gustafson

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