Card Making Idea: Flower Inside/Out Die-Cut Card


Look at this card! Susan designed it using Hot Off The Press’ Inside/Out Flower Die-Cut Cards, and it’s a really wonderful example of just how easy these cards make it to unleash some serious creativity.





Designed by Susan Cobb


Designer’s Tip: Cover the flower die-cuts with contrasting patterned papers, then embellish the flower center with several tiny Dazzles™ flowers. Use the Dazzles™ swirls to decorate the large flower frame.





  1. Front: Fold the Inside/Out Flower Die-Cut card in half on the scored line. Now fold the left side of the front back (to the left), so the large flower shape extends on the right side. Cover the left side of the card front with Artful Watercolor striped paper. Trim the excess from the inside of the flower opening even with the card.
  2. Cover the large flower frame with Artful Watercolor purple/pink textured paper, trimming the edges even. Ink the edges with Plumeria ink as desired. Align the flower frame with the flower shape on the card front, just for placement. Add Artful Affirmations Dazzles™ swirls on the upper left and lower right edges of the flower frame, and trim the swirls even with the edges of the frame as shown. Foam tape the flower frame on the card front. Add Dazzles™ borders on the top and bottom edges of the striped paper. Place the large Dazzles™ butterfly on the teal portion of Artful Watercolor teal/green textured paper and trim evenly around the edges. Foam tape the body of the butterfly on the lower left edge of the frame.
  3. Inside: Cover the inside of the card with Artful Watercolor blue paper and ink the edges with Plumeria ink. Cut a 5” length of 1/8” wide teal grosgrain ribbon and glue it even with the right side of the card. Cover the medium sized solid flower die-cut with Artful Watercolor dark pink textured paper. Ink the edges with Plumeria ink. Place centered on the inside of the card, then close the card and adjust the petals so they are aligned with the flower opening from the front. Glue in place.
  4. Cover the small flower die-cut with the teal portion of the Artful Watercolor teal/green textured paper. Ink the edges with Plumeria ink. Foam tape centered on the dark pink flower. Place Dazzles™ tiny flowers clustered on the center of the small flower. Place “fly” on the bottom of the dark pink flower. Back the two small butterflies with Artful Watercolor purple or blue paper and glue near the dark pink flower as shown, making sure they don’t show from the front when the card is closed. Add “love more” and “worry less” near the lower left corner as shown.


Not only are these blank die-cut cards incredibly fun to work with and decorate, but they also make it easy to showcase some of your favorite papers! Susan used contrasting Artful Watercolor scrapbooking papers, and you can see five different, coordinating papers even with the card closed! It’s kind of amazing when you think about it! I thought this was such a beautiful card that I just had to share. Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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  1. Diane Lynne C says:

    Beautiful card. I love these inside/out cards with Dazzles. Wonderful idea.

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