Celebrating 10 Years of Webisodes: Q & A with Paulette



It’s our birthday! To celebrate 10 amazing years of Paper Wishes Webisodes, we’ve created an extra special webisode this week, giving you a snapshot of all the wonderful ideas, techniques and laughs to come out of an incredible 710 webisodes (that’s over 500 hours!) Over the years, Paulette Jarvey has had several co-hosts, including Sara Naumann, Ann Barba, and current co-host Gail Booth. But Paulette has been there throughout, and last week I sat down with her to ask some of the questions I’ve had about our webisodes, and I thought I would share! 🙂


MG: How did the idea come up to create your webisodes? What was your initial goal for webisodes?

PJ: Webisodes came out of all the classes I’ve taught in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Hot Off The Press began as a craft book publisher, so teaching and showing how to make things is in our DNA. With the possibility of the growth via the internet (remember, this was 10 years ago), we thought that doing webisodes would be a natural extension of the teaching. We’re also great believers in sharing how to use products.


MG: On average, how many people currently view your webisodes?

PJ: 7,000-11,000 watch each show—multiply that number by 5 during a Week of Webisodes! What’s amazing is how many people watch previous webisodes—even those beginning ones!


MG: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on camera?

PJ: Probably the time Ann nearly sprayed me with Glimmer Mist sprays.


MG: Do you have a favorite webisode?

PJ: Not a specific webisode, but I am so very proud of Gail. She was happy to do the webisodes when she was hired. She had performed in some local plays, but she has grown and become so wonderful on the shows. Not only is she creative, but she enjoys sharing her creativity and she’s a delight to work with. She makes my job easier. I’m a fortunate woman!


MG: Has anything mildly disastrous ever occurred on a webisode? How did you deal with it?

PJ: The most disastrous thing was the coughing fit that happened to me when we were shooting Paper Wishes Live! I had to quickly exit the studio and wonderful Gail stepped in—flawlessly, I might add. At the time, it seemed not mildly disastrous, but really disastrous!


MG: If you could host a webisode with anyone famous, fictitious or real, who would it be and why?

PJ: I grew up reading Nancy Drew and she was an influence on me. She always knew what to do and most of the time it was a creative solution. So that’s it, Nancy and me!


MG: You’re stranded on an island with Gail, Ann and Sara… who is building the hut, who is decorating the hut, and who is making dinner? Assuming, of course, that you’ll be busy planning future webisodes…

PJ: Gail would engineer a way out off the island, Ann would clean and decorate the hut. Sara would find something creative to do with the items on the island. Yes, I’d be dreaming up new shows and coming up with new product ideas. Time on an island might also be the perfect chance to devote time toward new product development—that’s my full-time job.


MG: What is your webisode “dream location” if you could film anywhere?

PJ: On this rainy day, the tropics sound lovely.


MG: Does Mike (Jarvey) ever watch your webisodes? Does he offer “advice?”

PJ: Now that he is retired I wonder if he will watch. He offers advice on some things, but not the webisodes. Currently, we’re working on his suggestions to better show the holographic papers and our new Foiled Fancies™ (oops, I just gave away a new product line for 2016)!


MG: Are you planning to do anything different for future webisodes?

PJ: I personally read all the comments, so I’m always looking at what people want, and what they like or don’t like. My goal is to show new products and to creatively “marry” them with other things. Like Color Burst. It’s a great, fun product and we’ll be putting it with stamps, paper tole, flowers, templates and more in an upcoming webisode. We’re always on the look out for what’s new, and we’ll bring them to the shows!


MG: What’s the most important thing you have learned after filming over 700 webisodes?

PJ: Planning has become even more important. Sometimes we have filmed a webisode only to learn the manufacturer’s product won’t be here on time, and that’s frustrating for us and the viewers. If we plan far enough in advance, we can more easily make substitutions!




I just want to say congratulations to Paulette and her team on 10 years of webisode success! It entails a lot of work, not just from Paulette and her co-hosts, but also from our cameraman John (who has absorbed an amazing amount of crafting knowledge), and our web team, who edit and maintain all the webisodes! It’s a big job, but underlying it all is a whole lot of continuing passion and creativity! Keep it up guys!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper  Wishes Blog


PS—Don’t miss the extra special webisode here! Notice anything different…? 😉

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26 Responses to “Celebrating 10 Years of Webisodes: Q & A with Paulette”

  1. Carol Lee Cherry says:

    Thanks for asking questions I have thought about. I also liked the idea of showing the door with the camellia bush saying this was the way to the studio and warehouse. What about a look around the warehouse and seeing what the studio really looks like. What about the employees? Do they are do scrapbooking and making cards? What about John?? Thanks for 10 great years and yes, I am one of those that has gone back to watch early episodes (were they filmed in someone’s home?). I always start my Weds with you while I eat breakfast and get ready for the day. Thanks again.

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Carol, thank you so much for being a regular webisode watcher!! To answer your questions, many of the employees here ARE crafters who regularly make cards and scrapbook pages! We also have spinners & knitters, quilters & sewers, avid home decor DIYers… it’s definitely a creative group! John will occasionally use his skills to make a card for his wife—I know this because I’ve heard him back in our design studio asking the ladies for Stickles™ :). The earliest webisodes were actually filmed in Paulette’s office—I can’t believe they would haul all of the lights and cameras in there! I also have plans to bring our Paper Wishers a closer look at the filming studio and warehouse so stay tuned!! 😀

  2. Debbie Vasel says:

    Happy 10th Birthday! I love your webisodes and your products.
    You have introduced me to so many different techniques and I have so much fun watching you each week. Thank you for all the hard work you put into each webisodes, Paulette and Gail, and of course the cameraman John.
    Thank you also Paulette for being so kind to my daughter. She and I had originally registered for the class recently held in Canby. My daughter lives in Tigard and I was going to fly there for the class, but my health got in the way big time. My daughter said you have arranged to set the class material aside for her to purchase and she is going to fly here to Nebraska in January so we can do the classes together. What fun and what kindness! Keep up the fantastic work!

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Debbie! Thank you for your comment, and I hope you and your daughter have a wonderful time creating the Girlfriends Getaway projects in January! Take care! 🙂

  3. Nona says:

    I have had enormous pleasure watching the Webisodes! I started watching when Gail was co-hostess and am now going back and watching earlier ones with Sara and Ann. There is always something to look forward to mid-week and I plan my vacation around the weeks of Webisodes. Many thanks to everyone at Paper Wishes!

  4. Lennie says:

    I am an avid fan of Paper Wishes products and webisodes. I am glad you were inspired to start all this 10 years ago. I have made many many cards using your products and ideas. I have put things together that I normally would not have had I not seen them in your inspirational shows. I love your guests and your bloopers. Makes me not feel so bad when I create a card with the fold on the wrong side! Thank you so much for all you do for us out here in the crafting world. Another ten years to look forward to.

  5. Cecilia Gyory says:

    My favorite webisode is July 12, 2010. I still have my original collection of smooch inks. This episode convinced me that you gals would never steer me wrong. I have learned so much from you over the years. I look forward to each new installment. Thank you for aiding me in taking my paper crafting to a whole new level.

  6. Faye Thompson says:

    Thank you, Paulette, for your wonderful lessons. I am one of those that has gone back and watched all from the beginning.
    Congratulations on 10 wonderful years. Looking forward to at least 50 more.

  7. Kathy Serrahn says:

    thank you for all the webisodes, they have been a wealth of information to do various crafting.

  8. Linda says:

    I’ve been a fan for all ten years, haven’t missed a webisode. Have enjoyed all Paulette’s co-hostess. I still go back for hints and tips. Thanks for all the great ideas and wonderful products. No other store offers the quality and service of yours. Keep up the good work. You ladies light up my Wednesdays. Love you!!

  9. Rosie says:

    I really enjoy the fun they have when making and using the products. I like that they make mistakes so we can learn from them.I have gotten some of the day specials and just love the value of them. Was able to get one that had a lot of things i wanted to try but was afraid of trying, now i can, and i can got back to a webisode to see just how it was used. Still haven’t used them(the card stock that is white and black but you can color over it with anything,blank on name,lol. But will try them soon.
    Happy Anniversary to all of you. Keep up the fun and creativity!!!

    • Gail says:

      I’ll bet you are talking about the Color Me papers and card toppers, and I really love playing with those. You should find the related webisode and try your hand at it. It’s easy! I love being able to be myself on the webisodes and occasionally show I’m human by making a mistake or two, in front of a forgiving audience! Thanks Rosie! -Gail

  10. Ruth Ann Smith says:

    I have enjoyed the many years that I have purchased, watched and been taught by the webisodes. Just love it when you get to learn how to use a product you already have or a new product coming out. They have been so much fun to watch and I honestly feel like Paulette and her team are like family. Just love HOTP! Hope they keep them coming for many years. Not having anything like a scrapbook store or craft store nearby, this just fills my creative needs. Congratulations and looking forward to another 10 or 20 years.

  11. Marty Fishman says:

    Thanks for sharing the Q&A – very interesting! I enjoy the webisodes but only disovered them a year or so ago. The special webisode was fun with the clips and I did notice there’s new music!

  12. Barb M says:

    I love to learning about new products and other ways they can be used. Using old ideas and products with new ideas and products. Thanks for all you all share.

  13. Wilma Burns says:

    Thanks for all the hard work you put into the webisodes. I, too, have breakfast watching the week of webisodes, Mondays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays with Paulette, Gail, and John, too. I think you 3 make a great team! I love the instructions, and I really enjoy the goofs. They make me realize that if the experts make mistakes, then I know I’m bound to make them also. Keep up the great work, and keep the bargains coming!

  14. Diane Lynne C says:

    Great questions and even better answers; I’m enlightened. I first became aware of Hot off the Press when I purchased their Tea bag folding books from my local Michael’s store. I was hooked on them. (I’m still hooked but now it’s an addiction. I just love folding paper.) Then it was scrapbooks and finally card making. My craft room is 75% HOTP. I’m so glad I found Paper Wishes online. I have learned so much from the webisodes. I frequently go back and watch them for the techniques I need for a project. So thanks for the first 10 years and here’s to the next ten.

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Thank you for your kind words, Diane, and I’m so happy you discovered Hot Off The Press & Paper Wishes! I too love folding paper (started with origami as a child) and here’s a little inside info… Teresa’s next cardmaking DVD (coming in January!) has a chapter on Teabag Folding! Just a heads up! Take care! 🙂

  15. Leslie Wilhelm says:

    I too love HOTP like everyone here. I am an avid scrapper and now cardmaker thanks to the webisodes. I absolutely LOVE the personal shoppers kits. Every single one is fabulous and just love the videos that go with them. I love the beginning of each month when my kit arrives. I will admit too that I take my tablet to bed and watch product videos, personal scrapper videos, and webisodes. Basically anything I can find to learn something new. Boy I sound addicted or lonely or something, but I’m not! I just love your products, how you present information and the projects. I easily hang out at HOTP website every night trolling for new info. Just literally can’t get enough. Thank you for your dedication and creative minds. Keep up the great work!

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Leslie! Thank you so much for your comment and your kind words! Teaching is the heart of what we do here, and I’m glad that people see that reflected throughout our website! 🙂

  16. Suzanne Seabrook says:

    Hard to believe it has been 10 years but I know I have not missed any during the 10 years and some I have watched several times. Webisodes are the greatest and they keep getting better and better. The videos are fantastic but being able to get the written directions as a follow up is the best thing ever plus the fact that you can go back anytime to review the video if needed. I have been a HOTP fan for years and years and still have all the “Making” series books which I still refer to from time to time (it is just fun to go back and look at them to see how scrapbooking has changed). I certainly do not know of another company that offers as many fantastic products with examples of how to use them as you do. I hope you will be around for many many more years to come. The only bad thing I can think of about the webisoles is I always want to buy everything…….

  17. Cindy says:

    I am one of the fans that has watched every single webisode many more times than just once. Webisodes turned me into a VIP customer – once you see how to use the products, you just NEED them to try yourself. I not only make cards and home decor for family and friends but get commissioned to do special items for others. I love Paper Wishes and have never been disappointed in the service or products. Love the new theme song playing when starting the webisode. I started the last one while starting to cook and thought I had clicked the wrong button, but no – just something new and exciting as always! Congrats on 10 years and here is to 10 more and many more crafting adventures. Thanks to all involved for the hours of fun and learning!

  18. Jo-Anne says:

    Hi Michelle, just wanted to tell you that you did a great job today for filling in for John as the camerawoman!!! Job well done!!! You are a Jack of all Trades!!

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