5 Exciting Stencil Paste Ideas You’ve Got To Try!

Stenciling is incredibly fun! It might even be one of my favorite things about crafting! Stenciling has all the fun of painting, while also being quick and often foolproof. For many of us, inking our stencils is the go-to. But using a paste with your stencil lends texture and dimension that can really elevate the look of your project!

It’s very easy to use a wide variety of pastes with your stencils. Simply place your stencil where you’d like your design. You can use the whole stencil, or just part of the design (use stencil tape to hide the parts you aren’t using). I also recommend using stencil tape to secure your stencil in place to prevent shifting.

Then, simply spread a thin layer of paste across your stencil (go easy, you can always add more). Remove your stencil and wash it right away. Allow your image to dry completely. Congratulations—you’re going to love experimenting with all the fun looks you can achieve! Here are some of my favorite pastes for stenciling.


Asphalt Paste

Adds a dark, gritty texture that is perfect for urban themes, Halloween and more!

By Debbie Samples

By Debbie Samples

Learn more about Faber-Castell’s Asphalt Texture Paste here.



Glass Bead Glitter Gel

This stuff is truly beautiful and amazing—I just had to show you a couple of examples. Perfect for Christmas card making, you can layer this sparkling gel over an inked design for colors with texture and sparkle!

By Teresa Welch

By Teresa Welch


You can also stencil it directly onto acetate for clear, glittery sparkle! Here, the acetate was placed over a self-adhesive mirror sheet for a double-dose of shine.

By Ann Barba

By Ann Barba

Learn more about Faber-Castell’s Glass Bead Glitter Gel here.



Pearlescent Embossing Paste

This pearly, glistening paste adds a little bit of magic to your projects! One of Teresa’s tips for this product? Tint your Pearlescent Paste with ink refills to customize your look!

By LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Pearlescent Embossing Paste here.



Crackle Embossing Paste

This is a super fun one—a paste that gives this wonderful crackling effect! Gail added Crackle paste over a dried layer of black embossing paste.

By Gail Booth

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Crackle Embossing Paste here.



Glossy Black Embossing Paste

We carry a variety of embossing pastes in black, white, silver, gold, and copper, but for an extra special look try Glossy Black Embossing Paste! It adds gorgeous, patent-leather shine that will definitely enhance your cards, scrapbook pages, art journals and more!

By Gail Booth

By Gail Booth

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Glossy Black Embossing Paste here.



I hope you enjoyed this peek at just a few of the stenciling options available here at Paper Wishes! You’ll have the best result with these pastes by spreading them with a straight edge of some sort. You could use an old gift card, but here are a couple of other options:


Palette Knives 3-Pack

Paste Spreader (Dreamweavers)

Paste Spreader (Dreamweavers)











Thanks for stopping by our blog! Let me know if you try any of these ideas, and feel free to share your photos below. I hope you make it a point to have some fun playing with stencils soon. 😀


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


PS—Here are some of my favorite new Hot Off The Press stencils:


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11 responses to “5 Exciting Stencil Paste Ideas You’ve Got To Try!”

  1. Laurie says:

    Ooh! I love the crackle paste! Nice affect!

  2. Deborah says:

    Great ideas! I can’t wait to try them all.

  3. deborah j.t.m. says:

    Love the black glitter background for Halloween/Spooky cards and really love the poinsettia beads for Xmas!!!
    Hadn’t realized we now have glitter gel paste, will definitely have to try this!!!
    Thanks for sharing your designs/examples.

  4. Jo-Anne says:

    Thanks Michelle! Beautiful! I do like working with paste and stencils! I am interested in that Paste Spreader. I’ll have to order that. I have a question for you or one of the Design Team. Recently I used Flitter Glue and Mega Flakes with a stencil and found it very hard to clean the stencil. Any suggestions?? Thanks, Jo-Anne

    • Michelle Gustafson says:

      Hi Jo-Anne! I went back and asked our Design Team. They said you really want to clean the FlitterGlu off your stencil right away — within a minute or two! Susan said if you can lay it flat in a tub with soapy water, and gently scrub the top with a small brush/toothbrush, it should come off fairly easily. Sounds like you’ve been having fun experimenting! 😀

      • Jo-Anne says:

        Thank you so much for asking the Design Team! I remember Gail mentioning one time in a webisode to soak the stencils right away but wasn’t sure it if was in a FlitterGlu! Thanks again, Michelle!

  5. Jane Palmer says:

    Great ideas! I have that birch tree stencil and used it for Christmas cards with white paint on black cardstock. Added one bright red bird punch-out. Now I think I’ll try using the stencil with some paste!

  6. Diane Lynne C. says:

    Love the birch trees stencil For some reason it reminds me of the movie “The Sound of Music”. Go figure.

  7. Becc says:

    Fantastic examples for each of these! Really interesting textures and appearances to make the cards super special!!!

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