Paper Wishes Celebrates “Live Creative” Day!

September 14th is National Live Creative Day and we all know that creativity comes in many, many forms! The people who work at Paper Wishes are certainly a creative bunch, and their creativity is manifested in lots of ways beyond card making and papercrafting (although there’s lots of that too). I’d like to share with you some of the people I work with here at Paper Wishes, and the creative endeavors that they pursue!

LeNae is a member of our Design Team, and as of this September, she’s been at Paper Wishes for 22 years! She is all kinds of creative, and environmentally conscious as well. She felted an old wool sweater in hot water and sewed it into a very pretty tote bag!




Meet Melissa from Customer Service! Her customer service skills are surpassed only by her fabulous sense of humor and possibly her horsemanship! Here she is riding while wearing what’s been dubbed as the “Hel-hat!” Melissa created this striking helmet/hat combo to protect herself from falls as well as sunburn! Very creative!





Kelly is one of our wonderful, irreplaceable Warehouse Assistants, and she’s also an incredibly gifted quilter! Here are two of her latest projects—a couple of fall-themed mini quilts!




Brittany is our new Editor/Proofer and she probably has one of the most decorated offices here! She has created lots of rustic-yet-glittery art for her walls—here she is with one of her favorite, colorful accents!




You all know Gail from our webisodes, and she’s a true artist! Here are just two of the many drawings and illustrations she’s created.




The Christmas Tree is from a series of drawings she created for her family, and “Disconnected” is an illustration that was published in Perceptions, a local art & poetry publication. Here’s a closeup!




Next up is Cristina from Marketing! She uses her Silhouette Cameo to create amazing invitations, signs & more! Here’s one of her recent projects…



















Victoria, another longtime member of the Paper Wishes team, creates our Paper Wishes catalogs, Personal Shopper newsletters and lots more! An avid spinner and knitter, she hand knitted this shawl from silk & wool yarn she spun herself—wow!!




And finally, here’s me! After photographing everybody else, I figured I’d better pony up with something too! Here are a couple of the cards I’ve had fun making recently!




AND I plan on making even more cards at Girlfriends Getaway on Sept. 17th! This year I’ll get to be there, along with my mom, to get in on the fun and hopefully provide a little behind-the-scenes coverage!

This is a sold-out event, but you can still craft along with us by ordering the 2016 Girlfriends Getaway Kit! The kit comes with everything you need to create the same projects we will make at Girlfriends Getaway PLUS you get Paulette’s DVD that guides you through step by step! There is a limited number of kits and soon you’ll be able to sign up to be notified when the kit becomes available so stay tuned! 😀

What will we be making at Girlfriends Getaway this year? I’m glad you asked because I have one more creative item to share with you! Susan from our Design Team came up with this fabulous clock (yes, a real clock!) that everyone who attends Girlfriends Getaway (or orders the kit) will have a chance to make—take a look!

















I love this, and I can’t wait to create one at Girlfriends Getaway! I hope you enjoyed getting to meet some of the Paper Wishes team, and we hope that you will find a special way to celebrate National Live Creative Day! Let us know what you’ll be creating in the comments below—share a photo if you have one! We’d love to see!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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23 Responses to “Paper Wishes Celebrates “Live Creative” Day!”

  1. Jessica says:

    Love all the lovely creations! My faves are the helmet/hat, the hand made shall, and Gales artistry (who knew)! But all the ladies artwork is wonderful.

  2. Pat Smith says:

    Congrats to LeNae, and I hope that everyone has a really great time at the Girlfriends’ Getaway.

  3. Diane Lynne C. says:

    It was great to meet some of Paper Wishes team. I love the tote bag that LeNae created and this has given me some inspiration for an old monogrammed sweater I have been saving for years. Just could not part with it. I’d send pictures of what I’m working on but right now I’m at a pause period as I clean and reorganized my craft room. It’s a total mess!

  4. Cynthia S says:

    This just confirms that Paperwishes is the best for papercrafters and hobbyists! It is wonderful to put faces with names, and meet the talent behind the scenes!

  5. sheron egolf says:

    Oh my word, I can’t believe the hel-hat! My sister has a horse and I think I’ve just figured out what to do for her for Christmas. I have to make her one! I wonder,does Melissa make a slit in the hat for the straps that are on the helmet? I hope she doesn’t mind if I make one. I love all the other crafts and artwork too. Very creative bunch.

  6. Debbie V says:

    I was so inspired by all of these talented ladies. My favorite and most remarkably unique project is the helmet made into a pretty piece of protective headwear. I noticed one familiar face missing…..Paulette?

  7. Janet Turner says:

    Love the helmet/hat, fun, colorful and functional. It made me smile. All the other ladies did a tremendous job as well. Keep the ideas flowing ladies. Paulette you are absolutely right–HOTP is the best creation I can think of also! 🙂

  8. Diane says:

    It was so nice of you to do this post. I enjoyed meeting the Paper Wishes Team members and seeing all the lovely creations they did. You sure do have a talented bunch. I Love Paper Wishes and Hot off the Press. It is so much fun watching the Webisodes and playing with all the fabulous products. Keep doing what you love.
    Diane Shull

  9. Terri B. says:

    Love this! It is nice to meet some of the PW team! I would love to see the statement on the info on Cristina on a stamp~what an awesome statement!

  10. Tanya says:

    It’s so fun to see how these lovely ladies from your team Live Creative! Thanks so much for sharing!

  11. Stephanie K says:

    The Paper Wishes crew are all wonderful. Paulette is right! Her contribution is truly a work of art.

  12. dizzy says:

    No wonder your products are so popular with all the talent that you have working for you. I loved all the ideas. As for the sweater, you can cut off the sleeves from the elbow on out and hem where you cut it off . Put decorations on it and ribbon at the top and use for gift bags for any holiday. I have also used the front and back for pillow covers for the couch. Now that my kids have taken them I need to start again. I learn from you all everyday.

  13. Natalie W says:

    All great creations! Love the red bag! I can’t wait to make that clock on Saturday!!! I’m so excited for Girlfriends getaway! Last year was my first time and came by myself and had a blast!!! This year I’m bringing 3 girlfriends with me!!! So incredibly excited!!

    • Lori says:

      I am so happy to see someone has gone by themselves and had fun! I will be at GG this weekend on my own and I am a little nervous about it!

  14. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Really glad to finally meet some of these ladies of PW team and how creative they all are. So happy that I found this site cause I have learned so much over the years and card making sure became my hobby that I love so much. Congrats to all the wonderful people that works at PW cause you are all very talented, always a pleasure in meeting some of staff.. Thanks for sharing ! I also love the helmet!

  15. Barbara Merdian says:

    Loved the Shaw. I need to show it to my daughter as she has done “Sheep to Shaw” events at our state farm show and I think she would love this. Thanks for sharing it and all the other items they are all inspiring. And Paulette’s is the best!

  16. Sue says:

    It’s great to put faces with names. Your whole teams are outstanding and it shows with everything they do.
    I’ve started making my christmas cards and working on other peoples cards also.
    I love the products you carry and the worderful ideas you share.
    Keep up the great work and you all will be in my thoughts and pray

  17. Glo says:

    Thank you for sharing these things. All of you are so talented.

  18. Rhonda Swetlishoff says:

    Love, love, love the clock that you’ll be making at the Girlfriends’ Getaway. I attended last year and I hope to attend again in the future! I loved seeing all the artsy projects from the Paper Wishes team, WTG!

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