Looking To The New Year!

Hello everyone, Christmas is over, but let’s keep celebrating to the New Year! I just love a new start, don’t you? On New Year’s Day I pack up all of the Christmas decorations and get my house back in order. I do this because I like to start the year at least attempting to be organized and because my teenager daughter is a New Year’s Baby (by a few days) and we like to celebrate her without a Christmas tree in the background.

One of my New Year’s traditions is to get a jump on making some handmade cards for upcoming celebrations, or just keeping in touch. The week between Christmas and New Years proves to be pretty quiet for our family so it’s a perfect time to get in a little crafting. Recently I discovered that if I cut one of our large Giant 8″x9″ Dazzles™ stickers into quarters that I can make a set of 4 cards! This also gave me the opportunity to use Earth Spectrum Noir™ Illustrator Set, which I love, and because they are Spectrum Noir™ pens they blend beautifully. I filmed a speedy little video demonstrating how to cut, place and color these versatile Dazzles™ stickers.

I added Card Greeting Dazzles ™ Stickers to each card to create a nice variety.



Another New Year’s tradition for me is to buy a new calendar and family planner. Have you noticed how popular planners have become again? I like to think it’s because people are tired of scheduling events into their electronic devices. We want something tactile that the whole family can see at a glance. I also really like the planners that let me be creative by personalizing it with color and fun design. That’s why I’m so excited about the Be Happy Coloring Planner! Not only did I get to color the front and back covers, but each month I can color a new cover page. There are so many cute features to this planner too: Monthly and weekly calendar views with blank dates squares so you can start any time of the year. Also weekly sheets for those all important “to-do” lists and side bar areas for notes. I found the Brights Spectrum Noir ™ Pens worked well for coloring the Kraft paper cover and this set of 24 pens has such a wonderful array of colors! I like to add a little sparkle (who doesn’t) to my projects and the Crystal Clear Spectrum Noir Sparkle Pens were just the thing! The Sparkle pens are water based and will not blend or smudge your colored designs, they just add some WOW to your projects.

You can use colored pencils or even watercolors to color your planner!

Spectrum Noir™ Bright Set created a really vibrant cover!






After coloring with Spectrum Noir™ alcohol pens, I added clear glitter to the title and flowers using the Crystal Clear Sparkle pen.

Don’t for get to check out What’s New Wednesday and keep your eyes peeled for the New Winter 2017 Paper Wishes catalog arriving the first week in January (or if you are up late celebrating the New Year why not check it out online on December 31!). Next week I’ll have another new project for you, featuring Distress Crayon techniques. Thanks for stopping by and Happy Crafting!















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12 responses to “Looking To The New Year!”

  1. Sharon Perehudoff says:

    Thanks so much for sharing, giving me some ideals next time I make some cards. Will have to get some of those Spectrum Noir pens later on. Will be checking in on Wednesday to see what is knew, so glad to be apart of the PaperWishes Family enjoy every thing I receive. All the best in the New Year 2017 can’t wait to see what you have in stored for us.

    Happy Holidays !

  2. Faye Thompson says:

    Loving your news letter and your suggestions and lessons. Thank you.

  3. Valerie Breingan says:

    The illustration markers seem really nice.I love the creation.BEAUTIFUL.

  4. Di Brown says:

    Love the way you cut this dazzle and coloured, fantastic idea.

  5. Alyson Alcalay says:

    What is the difference, if any, between the set of 168 spectrum noir alcohol markers and the new illustator markers? Both are double ended, and alcohol based. I’m just wondering if I have the complete set, is this duplicating colors I already have? I love the product and have all the pencil sets and the aqua markers, so is there a need for these new ones? Thank you.

    • LeNae Gerig says:

      HI Alyson, I have been giving your question some thought. First, as a designer at Paper Wishes I have access to every type of marker and pencil on the market and yet I keep coming back to the illustrator pens, but why is that really? Well, the primary reason is that I love the new fine point and brush nibs. I like to color fine detail images and these new nibs make getting into those little spaces so much easier. The brush nib also eliminates the streaking that the chisel tip could produce. As for the colors, if you have the entire collection of Spectrum Noir pens you could get close to the new color collections, but they are updated colors and they feel a little different somehow. Another thing that is different and this might be a CON, but the new collections don’t focus so much on the blending aspect as the old sets. For example in the Earth Collection there are 2 blues, 2 browns and 2 greens so the blending is somewhat limited. However, the coloring experience is so much improved that it just doesn’t bother me. I used the Earth Collection to color the Dazzles 4 card set in this weeks blog if you want to check it out.
      Thanks for the question and I hope this helps,

  6. Diane Lynne C. says:

    I don’t have any New Year’s traditions but I am resolved to loose the weight this year. My niece’s wedding is in July and I have got to look great. Wish me success.

  7. Debbie V says:

    Will you be on HSN for their 24 hour craft event on January 10?

  8. Linda Holt says:

    I loved your post about cutting the large dazzle to make 4notecards. Such a useful tip! Thank you.
    We leave our house decorated thru Epiphany each year. Usually it is cold, snowy and frozen when everything comes down, but that is just part of living on the East coast.
    My annual tradition for the last 15 years has been not to fight the long, dark, cold, winter month of January, but instead to embrace it . January is the gift I give myself- permission to “hunker down” in my home, and for this one month I limit my outreach. Instead I craft, organize, journal, do things that rejuvenate me and my spirit. I used to feel anxious, trapped and frustrated during the long cold month…31 days of isolation from sick people etc until I changed my focus and saw it as a gift. When February arrives, my Valentines are done, and my heart is full and ready for the next 11 months of giving, going, and doing.

    • LeNae Gerig says:

      Hi Linda, I LOVE that idea…embrace the cold dark days of January and do something for yourself. Wonderful! Thanks for sharing this positive life tip.

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