5 Exciting Stencil Paste Ideas You’ve Got To Try!

Stenciling is incredibly fun! It might even be one of my favorite things about crafting! Stenciling has all the fun of painting, while also being quick and often foolproof. For many of us, inking our stencils is the go-to. But using a paste with your stencil lends texture and dimension that can really elevate the look of your project!

It’s very easy to use a wide variety of pastes with your stencils. Simply place your stencil where you’d like your design. You can use the whole stencil, or just part of the design (use stencil tape to hide the parts you aren’t using). I also recommend using stencil tape to secure your stencil in place to prevent shifting.

Then, simply spread a thin layer of paste across your stencil (go easy, you can always add more). Remove your stencil and wash it right away. Allow your image to dry completely. Congratulations—you’re going to love experimenting with all the fun looks you can achieve! Here are some of my favorite pastes for stenciling.


Asphalt Paste

Adds a dark, gritty texture that is perfect for urban themes, Halloween and more!

By Debbie Samples

By Debbie Samples

Learn more about Faber-Castell’s Asphalt Texture Paste here.



Glass Bead Glitter Gel

This stuff is truly beautiful and amazing—I just had to show you a couple of examples. Perfect for Christmas card making, you can layer this sparkling gel over an inked design for colors with texture and sparkle!

By Teresa Welch

By Teresa Welch


You can also stencil it directly onto acetate for clear, glittery sparkle! Here, the acetate was placed over a self-adhesive mirror sheet for a double-dose of shine.

By Ann Barba

By Ann Barba

Learn more about Faber-Castell’s Glass Bead Glitter Gel here.



Pearlescent Embossing Paste

This pearly, glistening paste adds a little bit of magic to your projects! One of Teresa’s tips for this product? Tint your Pearlescent Paste with ink refills to customize your look!

By LeNae Gerig

By LeNae Gerig

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Pearlescent Embossing Paste here.



Crackle Embossing Paste

This is a super fun one—a paste that gives this wonderful crackling effect! Gail added Crackle paste over a dried layer of black embossing paste.

By Gail Booth

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Crackle Embossing Paste here.



Glossy Black Embossing Paste

We carry a variety of embossing pastes in black, white, silver, gold, and copper, but for an extra special look try Glossy Black Embossing Paste! It adds gorgeous, patent-leather shine that will definitely enhance your cards, scrapbook pages, art journals and more!

By Gail Booth

By Gail Booth

Learn more about Dreamweaver’s Glossy Black Embossing Paste here.



I hope you enjoyed this peek at just a few of the stenciling options available here at Paper Wishes! You’ll have the best result with these pastes by spreading them with a straight edge of some sort. You could use an old gift card, but here are a couple of other options:


Palette Knives 3-Pack

Paste Spreader (Dreamweavers)

Paste Spreader (Dreamweavers)











Thanks for stopping by our blog! Let me know if you try any of these ideas, and feel free to share your photos below. I hope you make it a point to have some fun playing with stencils soon. 😀


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


PS—Here are some of my favorite new Hot Off The Press stencils:


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Swirly Christmas Tree Card With Inka-Gold

Hello everyone! Today I wanted to show you an easy-yet-awesome Christmas card, just to (gently) get those holiday wheels turning… Because eventually, Christmas WILL be here (sorry for the shocker!) I love most things kraft, but you could just as easily stencil onto different cardstock or patterned paper to get the look you want. This card was created by our wonderful LeNae, who used Hot Off The Press’ brand new Swirly Christmas Tree Stencil. Take a look!



Click for product info!


Merry Christmas Tree Card by LeNae Gerig



Designer’s Tip: Cover card with red Family Ties paper and ink edges of 4¾”x6¼” kraft cardstock black. Secure the Swirly Christmas Tree stencil with stencil tape and apply Mowed Lawn ink using the stylus and pad (or a cosmetic wedge). Apply Gold Inka-Gold randomly over the tree. Place the star/swirl at the top of the tree and apply Inka-Gold. Outline the swirl with gold glitter glue and add dots of glitter glue to the tree. Stencil a portion of the swirl on top corners with ink and Inka-Gold.



  • Family Ties Paper Pack (link)
  • Swirly Christmas Tree Stencil (link)
  • Mowed Lawn Distress Ink Pad (link)
  • Gold Inka-Gold (link)
  • Stickles™ Gold Glitter Glue (link)
  • Kraft Cardstock (link)
  • Black Ink Pad (link)
  • Stylus Handle & Pads (link)
  • Stencil Tape (link)
  • Glue Stick (link)
  • 5”x6 1/2” blank white card (link)


I really, really like this stencil! It’s perfect for your Christmas cards, and stenciling is so darn easy! Just add your ink, embossing paste, Inka-Gold or anything else (I’m sure you have something!) and it’s ready for you to embellish. Or just add a greeting—whatever look you choose, the beautiful, ornate design makes a really special focal!

Watch the webisode and join Paulette and Gail as they show exactly how to create this beautiful look!



Thank you for stopping by! Be sure to check in later this week for an inside look at one of my favorite, favorite employee events—Hot Off The Press’ Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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Serenity Scrapbooking Collection + Project Ideas for Fall Crafting!


Autumn is quickly approaching, and I can almost smell those pumpkin lattes!

With fall practically here, Hot Off The Press’ release of the Serenity Scrapbooking Collection is perfectly timed. The rich colors are perfect for autumn, and the motif works beautifully for feminine and masculine cards! The level of detail in the artwork gives this set an elegant, natural look.

Serenity also features some gorgeous, bird-themed items. I’ve loved birds since my college Ornithology class, so I’m definitely excited to bring a few feathered friends into my crafting! Just take a look…



Serenity Collection: Double-Sided Scrapbooking Papers





Serenity Dazzles™ Stickers


Serenity Paper Tole


Pretty Bird Small Stamps


Birds On A Branch Embossing Folder


Birds on a Branch Stencil



Now onto the best part—project ideas!


“Love” Center Step Card by LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip: The green leaves paper from the Serenity Paper Pack is among my favorites. Bright and cheery, it mixes well with any theme.





Blessings Card by LeNae Gerig

Designer’s Tip: Place your card with the fold on the left and cover the front with Serenity green leaves paper. Tear the top and bottom edges of 3″ wide blue/green leaves paper and ink edges. Glue across the card center and ink your card edges. Assemble the Serenity Paper Tole label with bird using foam tape and glue to the card front. Zot™ leaves and flowers around the Paper Tole bird, as shown. Place Serenity Scrapbooking Dazzles™ leaves among the flowers, the greeting and border as shown. Embellish border with Copper Jewel Dazzles™.






Thank you for visiting our blog—I hope you enjoyed these projects, and are feeling inspired to go forth and craft! Have a wonderful weekend. 🙂


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


By the way—if you want matching die-cuts, snag a Nature’s Walk Artful Card Kit! It includes these 49 stunning die-cuts along with seven 8.5″x11″ papers and 25 cut-outs that perfectly coordinate with Serenity!

07280.4-Bird 07280.3-Flower 07280.2-Nature

To see the rest of Nature’s Walk, check out this previous post: Up Close Look: Nature’s Walk Artful Card Kit!





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Using Amazing Sticky Stencils with Gelatos!

Earlier this summer, I asked our in-house designers what were some of their favorite new craft products, and LeNae immediately declared, “Sticky Stencils!” So naturally I had to try them out for myself! I was so impressed that I just had to show you too, along with a technique that utilizes the wonderful “sticky” properties of these stencils!

Sticky stencils, as you might expect, are sticky on one side. Simply peel them off their backing sheet, and press onto your project (I like to press the center down first, and work outward). Once it’s in place, you’re ready to go, and because the entire stencil is sticky, you use a more watery medium for your stenciling without having to worry about it bleeding underneath. No taping down required! The “Beautiful” stencil is from the Beautiful Words Sticky Stencil Set (which I LOVE).



For my stenciling, I just scribbled a bit of green Gelatos® onto my “craft sheet” (below). Then swirl in your Water Brush (or wet paintbrush) to make a paint!






Just fill in your stencil and fear not!—your sticky stencil will keep your Gelatos paint from bleeding. Peel your stencil up to see the magic! Sticky stencils peel up perfectly, without harming your project. Then just wash them (I let mine air dry) and place them back onto the backing sheet—they’re still sticky!

You can see in my top picture, the wording it is still a little wet on the edges, but it dries quickly for that great watercolor look! Another neat thing about this technique is that once you’ve done your stenciling, you’ll probably have a little Gelatos® paint left over, and you can use it with your brush to carefully “connect” your lines where the stencil breaks up the image, allowing for a more continuous look! So fun, and especially great for word stencils like these!


Click here to view the product page

I’ve been having a blast playing with these sticky stencils—they make it easier than ever before to stencil a “beautiful” image! I truly consider them a miracle product and can’t wait to try them with other colorants. Paper Wishes® has lots of sticky stencils—click here to see them all. We even have sticky stencil sheets, so you can design your very own custom sticky stencils using your cutting dies, a craft knife or your Silhouette machine! Now I better quit “playing” and get back to work! Thanks for stopping by!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

PS — For even more Sticky Stencil fun & project ideas, watch the webisode here!

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Project Ideas Using Happy Days Scrapbooking Papers and Paper Dolls Stamp Set

It’s always exciting to see what others are creating with Hot Off The Press products! Today I came across the February/March 2015 issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts, and was thrilled to see a great article featuring mixed-media collage artist Sara Naumann showing how she uses the Perfect Airbrush spritzer for backgrounds, stenciling and more! For those of you don’t know, Sara was also our previous marketing manager and webisode presenter!


In the article, Sara shares ideas using Hot Off The Press’ Happy Days Scrapbooking Papers and Paper Dolls stamp set, as well as tips for using the Perfect Airbrush (aka the Distress Marker Spritzer Tool) and her techniques for achieving different looks with it. Here are just a couple of the projects that were featured:


Choose to Shine by Sara Naumann



Collect Moments by Sara Naumann

Below, you will find links for the stamps, scrapbooking papers, and the Perfect Airbrush if you’d like to take a closer look!


Paper Dolls Stamp Set from Hot Off The Press


Happy Days Scrapbooking Papers from Hot Off The Press


Perfect Airbrush Color Spritzer


I just love Sara’s cards – so light and cheerful! Nicely done!

If you’d like to see more of Sara’s projects, be sure to check out her Mixed Media Made Easy DVD featuring 100 projects, each with a unique mixed media technique! Click the image below for more info and a sneak peek at some of the amazing projects!


I hope you’re all feeling as inspired as I am! Come back and visit our blog this Friday for a big surprise! I’ll see you then!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog




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Using New Inka-Gold Wax Paste With Stencils


stencil, wax paste, embossing paste, card making, cardmaking

Created by Susan Cobb

Happy Friday everyone and thanks for stopping by! Today marks the first day of spring and I am soooo ready for it! For me, spring is generally that time of year when I like to incorporate a bit of new-ness into my own life. Maybe we’re supposed to do that in January, but nope, not me. In January I’m still hibernating.

But then spring arrives, and I start feeling ready for something new. And preferably colorful. Something like these new Inka-Gold Wax Pastes!

Inka-Gold (Rose Quartz)

Inka-Gold (Rose Quartz)

PW_15WIN.fillip-4008523.inka gold.green yellow.pg6

Inka-Gold (Green Yellow)

PW_15WIN.fillip-4008522.inka gold.blue.pg6

Inka-Gold (Steel Blue









PW_15WIN.fillip-4008525.inka gold.gold.pg6

Inka-Gold (Gold)

Inka-Gold (Brown Gold)

Inka-Gold (Brown Gold)

Inka-Gold (Silver)

Inka-Gold (Silver)








Now, there is a little need-to-know background info I’d like to share about myself before we go on… Yes, I make cards. Yes, I can cobble together a scrapbook page. But my day job? I write, I edit, I proofread. I love to find errors. But a professional crafter I am not. So if I can be successful with this fun, colored paste, then you can too!

First off, I was quite impressed by the amount of paste you get! The jar is much bigger than I’d expected.


I decided to test the product with our new Woven Lattice stencil. A normal human would probably want to use a mini squeegee or an old gift card to swipe this stuff across your stencil, but I’m a hands-on, don’t-make-me-wait sort of person. So I just used my fingers! The wax paste is a firmer paste, yet it applies over the stencil easily.

Disclaimer: As I said before – I’m not a professional at this. On my first attempt, I just went for it! I smeared a nice, big pearly glob of paste right across my stencil, and ended up with a pretty rough-looking design.

FullSizeRender(19) copy

Lesson learned. For my second try, I held my stencil in place just a bit more firmly (as my rebellious nature still wouldn’t allow me to just go get a piece of stencil tape). I also used a bit less paste than before, and the results were fantastic!

FullSizeRender(19) copy 2

One of the cool properties of this paste is that once it dries (and bonus – it’s a relatively quick-drying product!), you can use a paper towel or soft cloth to buff the surface for additional shine! Buffing seems to ever so slightly bring out the silvery pearl finish, and will also neaten any rough edges. Personally, I think it looks great either way. It just depends on the look you prefer.


I buffed just the top of the stenciled image (above) to give you an idea. I’d also advise you to buff carefully so your project doesn’t pick up the color from the paper towel you buff with.

And for our grand finale, take a look below. This is the kind of incredible card you can create using Inka-Gold Wax Paste! Just click on the image for project supply list and instructions!

stencil, wax paste, embossing paste, card making, cardmaking

Created by Susan Cobb

Paper Wishes Highlights:

  • Everyone (and especially Jenni Bowlin fans) will want to check out our Monday Madness Flash Sale on Monday, March 23rd! I just got a sneak peek at the items, and you’ll definitely want to “catch this bundle of crafting supplies before it flies away!”
  • Free class! Our webisode on Tuesday will show you a new way to create your own stamps at home! Yes, you read that right! Watch our webisode Tuesday to learn how! 

This weekend we’ll be taking our three girls (all under age three!) on the 3-hour drive to Grandma’s house, so cross your fingers for a calm and uneventful trip! Enjoy your spring weekend, and I hope you take the time to create something you love. Or at least like (because sometimes that’s just how it works out)! 😉

Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Editor/Proofer

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