Adorable Mini Gatefold Card Ideas!


Happy Wednesday to all our Paper Wishers!

Today I wanted to show you two incredible cards made with Hot Off The Press’ new Mini Gate Fold Cards Template! I’ve really enjoyed this particular template because the cards are pretty quick to make, so you can get right to all the creative fun of decorating and embellishing! The cards are 4″ square when closed for a super cute “mini” card. I love them! (I realize I say this about nearly everything, but it’s the truth—a girl could have a hundred “favorites” around here!)

This versatile template allows you to create 5 different gatefold focals—butterfly, label, heart, dragonfly and flower. There’s also a Christmas version with snowflake, ornament, gingerbread man, candy cane and Christmas tree options, as well as a Mini Envelope Template that creates coordinating 5″ square envelopes! Click each image for product details.


4107443        4107444          4107445



Dragonfly Gatefold Card by Gail Booth


Designer Tip: Follow the template instructions to trace, cut out and fold the dragonfly panels from cardstock, then swipe the dragonfly wings of the panels with VersaMark™. Dust with silver embossing powder and heat to melt. Cut out wings and mini dragonflies to emboss with silver and green glitter embossing powders as shown. Use Ultra Clear tape to attach the tabs to the back of the card base.


Right away you notice Gail’s luxurious, silver-embossed dragonflies! After embossing her dragonflies silver, she simply repeated the embossing process to add green glitter embossing to the edges and the smaller, center wings. She also added Silver Baby Bling rhinestones for extra sparkle. Because a card can never sparkle too much! 😀



LOVE Card by Susan Cobb


Designer’s Tip: To create the focal, cover the heart halves with ivory/tan swirls paper, trimming the edges even with the heart halves. Ink the edges of the heart halves with brown ink. Press out pieces #2 and #3 of the paper tole rose and layer with foam tape. With the card closed, center the rose on the heart, then glue only the left side of the rose to the left side of the heart. Color Tiny Words & Phrases Dazzles™  “LOVE” with brown ink and let dry. Place the word on the lower left portion of the card as shown.


  • Letterpress Double-Sided Paper Pack (link)
  • Letterpress 3-D Paper Tole (link)
  • Mini Gatefold Template (link)
  • Mini Envelope Template (link)
  • Tiny Words & Phrases, silver (link)
  • Thin Lines Border Dazzles™, gold (link)
  • Dark Brown Cardstock (link)
  • StazOn® Timber Brown ink pad (link)
  • Zots™ Adhesive Dots (link)
  • Foam Tape (link)
  • Fine tip black pen (link) or computer printer
  • Glue stick (link)
  • Font: American Typewriter

This version uses the heart focal shape, and coordinating Letterpress Paper Tole, which is a wonderful way to get a really extravagant look. Simply layer the numbered, die cut pieces with foam tape, and you’ll have a gorgeous, dimensional focal in just a couple minutes! It’s a really sweet card, and I could see creating some of these in advance so they’re ready to decorate as needed!


Click on the video to see Gail’s step-by-step instructions for creating Mini Gatefold cards!



I hope you’re having a great week, and be sure to come back soon for more inspiring cardmaking ideas and behind-the-scenes news!


Michelle Gustafson

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Cardmaking With Vellum!

Today I wanted to show you some projects that might look a little familiar… That’s right! These were shown on Paper Wishes Live! We’ve recently added them to our website so you’ll have full images and instructions, but I thought it would be fun to show them here on the blog too!


embvellcda           vellbordercda


A quick search on Pinterest makes it clear that vellum is experiencing a surge in popularity right now. Now, vellum (and especially pretty vellum) can be a little tough to find, so in response to this need, Hot Off The Press has come out with our wonderful new Vellum Magic Kit! Click the image below to get a good look at all of the colors and patterns!




These are so gorgeous! Your Vellum Magic kit also includes an 8″x9″ sheet of black, coordinating Dazzles™!! These really add a polished look to your projects. And… you get a computer DVD that lets you follow along with Paulette as she shows some incredible cards, and shares her tips and tricks for working with vellum! Here are the matching Dazzles™:


Now I will admit, vellum has always been a little bit of an enigma for me. Well, that is no longer true! After watching Paulette’s Vellum Magic video, I feel empowered with all kinds of new vellum techniques. No longer do I stare at vellum thinking, well, what shall I put under you? Now I’m ready to layer, tear, emboss and chalk! One of my favorite looks is this very cute balloon card that features white heat-embossed stamping.



Card Front


Card Inside


Designer Tip: It’s easier to heat emboss onto the balloons if you trace them onto a larger piece of vellum, then emboss, then cut them out individually. I love that you can emboss on the back of the printed greetings and still see the words easily. The Perfect Printing Pouch is essential for embossing on vellum as it keeps the static at bay.



  1. Card front: Place a blank card with the fold on your left. Cover with Unforgettable teal tile paper and ink the edges with Black Cherry. Ink the edges of 4 ½”x6 ½” pink tile paper and glue centered on your card.
  2. Use the Design Tool Kit to trace and cut out a Delightful Label from ivory/green texture paper, ink the edges, mat on teal floral paper with a 1/16” border, ink the edges and glue centered your card.
  3. Swipe 5 ½”x1 ¾” pink vellum with the printing pouch and stamp small swirls onto the bottom edges and sides with VersaMark™. Dust with embossing powder and set with the heat gun. Place on the bottom of your card with EZ Dots.
  4. Trace eleven balloons onto different colors of plain vellum, stamp and emboss small swirls onto the bases of each, then cut out each balloon along the traced lines. Save one balloon for the inside. Place in a cluster at the top of the label with EZ Dots and foam squares. Zot™ on a cluster of pink/white twine below the balloons and a double bow of twine at the balloon base.
  5. Cut the “Celebrate” greeting vellum to 3 ½”x5/8” with a “v” at the right end. Stamp and emboss swirls on the back, ink the edges, mat on plain vellum with a 1/16” border and foam tape on the left of the pink vellum, as shown. Place Jewel Dazzles™ around the balloon cluster as shown.
  6. Card inside: Foam tape the saved balloon at the upper right corner. Zot™ on a twine tail and bow, as shown.
  7. Cut the “Happy Birthday” greeting vellum to 3 ½”x5/8” with a “v” at the left end. Stamp and emboss swirls on the back, ink the edges, mat on plain vellum with a 1/16” border and foam tape on the right side at an angle, as shown. Trim even with the card edge. Place Jewel Dazzles™ around the balloon, as shown.


It’s so easy to get a wide variety of looks from vellum! I hope you will pick some up, and give it a whirl, because it’s really a lot of fun! Vellum will give you a whole new set of creative options for your scrapbooking, cardmaking and more! Let me know what you think!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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Artful Watercolor Card Making Project Using Triple Label Easel Template

Hello everyone! After all of the National Scrapbooking Day excitement, I feel that a great card making project is definitely in order! Our last Week of Webisodes was full of Ann Barba’s stunning projects, and here’s one of my favorites! This card was featured on Day 1: New HOTP Templates. Ann used a couple of brand new products from Hot Off The Press including the new Label Triple Easel Card template, along with our so, so pretty Artful Watercolor scrapbooking papers – take a look!

Happy Birthday To You Label Triple Easel Card by Ann Barba

Happy Birthday To You Label Triple Easel Card by Ann Barba (Flat Card Showing Large Label)


Side View


Front View of Medium Label

Front View of Small Label

Front View of Small Label

Designer’s Tip: On easel cards, it’s fun to have things going above the easels (or labels in this case) so that you can easily see them once the card is fully set up. And the little bird on the smallest label is actually part of the background paper!


  • Label Triple Easel Card Template (link)
  • Made By Me Stamps (link)
  • Artful Watercolor Paper Pack (link)
  • Artful Watercolor Ribbons (link)
  • 8″x8″ Cardstock (link)
  • Ivory 3mm adhesive pearls (link)
  • Zing! Lavender Opaque Embossing Powder (link)
  • VersaMark™ ink pad (link)
  • Jet Black StazOn® ink pad (link)
  • acrylic block (link)
  • heat gun (link)
  • Perfect Printing Pouch (link)
  • white cardstock (link)
  • Zots™ adhesive dots (link)
  • glue stick (link)
  • foam tape (link)
  • scissors (link)
  • craft knife (link)
  • metal-edged ruler (link)
  • cutting mat (link)
  • fine-tip black pen (link)


  1. Cut all 3 bases out of white cardstock. Score and fold along the fold lines.
  2. Large base: Fold the base closed; place with the fold on the top. Cover the top section (above the middle score line) with dark purple textured paper.
    Medium base: Cover the top section with dark purple watercolor paper.
    Small base: Cover the top section with blue watercolor paper.
  3. Large label: Cut the label from purple floral paper and mat on pink cardstock, leaving a 1/16″ border. Cut a medium label from pink/purple watercolor paper. Swipe the Perfect Printing Pouch over it. Stamp a swirl in the upper right and lower left with VersaMark™ ink. Stamp the greeting in the center. Emboss with lavender embossing powder. Mat onto teal cardstock with a 1/16″ border. Foam tape to the center of the large label. Cut around one of the white flowers on the purple floral paper. Mount it on purple cardstock and trim close around the edges (leave no border). Foam tape the flower to the upper left of the large label, overlapping the medium label (you’ll need 2 layers of foam tape toward the outer edges). Apply 3mm adhesive pearls around the center of the white flower and 1 on each swirl as shown. Tie a bow with the tan and fuchsia twine and Zot™ to the bottom right of the medium label.
  4. Medium label: Cut the medium label from watercolor ephemera paper with a half of a butterfly wing showing on the left side. Mat onto teal cardstock with a 1/16″ border. Stamp “Count your life by smiles, not tears” on blue watercolor paper, and cut out in a rectangle. Mat on purple watercolor paper with a 1/16″ border and foam tape to the right side of the label. Add a small row of adhesive pearls to the top right and bottom left of the sentiment.
  5. Small label: Place the small label shape of the template over the watercolor ephemera paper with the green bird going off the top left of the label. Trace the label with a pencil. Remove the template and cut around the label and around the bird. Erase any pencil lines. Mat the piece on pink cardstock, leaving a 1/16″ border around the label shape but no border around the bird. Stamp “Count your age by friends, not years” on purple watercolor paper, and cut out in a rectangle. Mat on teal cardstock with a 1/16″ border and foam tape to the right side of the label as shown. Add a small row of adhesive pearls above and below the sentiment.
  6. Assembly: Assemble all the pieces (except the stopper) of the Triple Label Easel card according to the template instructions.
  7. Covering the bases: Cut 4″x4 5/8″ horizontal stripe paper. Slice 1 3/8″ off the top and glue it to the space between the large and medium easels, sliding it slightly underneath the fold of the medium easel base. Slice off another 1 1/8″ and glue in between the medium and small easels, sliding it slightly underneath the fold of the small easel base so that no white is showing. Try to match it up perfectly with the previous piece. With the remaining 2 1/8″ of stripe paper, cover the front section under the small easel, aligning it with the previous strip so that no white is showing. Trim any excess.
  8. Stopper: Stamp the “Homemade with love” label on blue watercolor paper, and cut around. Mat on purple watercolor, leaving a rectangle mat. Mount on white cardstock (for sturdiness), leaving no border. Foam tape centered to the card, 1/4″ from the bottom edge. Sign the label before delivering.

I love this card for a lot of reasons, but I really appreciate how many elements actually came from the paper itself. Our art director, Kyla, shared with me that these papers actually feature hundreds of individual layers of artwork, and that’s one of the reasons these papers can truly stand alone. Any embellishing just takes them to the next level, making these papers an awesome choice for easy, gorgeous card making!

This Sunday is Mother’s Day, and I would like to wish all our moms out there a beautiful day! Moms (and Grandmas too!) are so busy these days. Being a mother of three girls under three years old, I get it! So relax and let everything go for just one day and who knows? Maybe you will get to make a big, crafty mess with the perfect excuse to leave those supplies out!

Happy Mother’s Day! And to my own mom who just had to be in Hawaii for Mother’s Day, “Aloha!”


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


PS – Don’t forget to mark your calendars for Paper Wishes Live on May 26th!


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