Paper Wishes® Events: Girlfriends Getaway 2016!


Get out your cutting mats & clear your calendars!

Every year, papercrafters unite in Canby, OR to attend Hot Off The Press & Paper Wishes’ Girlfriends Getaway. It’s an incredible all-day event filled with card making & scrapbooking, free giveaways, lunch and lots of laughs! Girlfriends Getaway 2016 will be held this year on Saturday, September 17th at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds.

Spaces are very limited so be sure to reserve your spot ASAP.



Feel free to post any questions you may have in the comments, and I’ll do my best to answer them! See you in September! 😀



Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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Behind-the-Scenes: Paper Wishes’ Annual Easter Egg Hunt!

It’s official—spring has sprung! Thursday was our annual employee Easter Egg Hunt, and surprisingly we had clear skies (not typical for an Oregon Easter)!



Our tulips came up just in time for some Easter fun!




Paulette and others waiting for the hunt to start!


Still waiting...

Just joking around…


Nathan, our Warehouse Lead, used highly-trained Eva to sniff out hidden eggs!


Our AWESOME Sales Manager, Carol, and myself!

Our AWESOME Sales Manager, Carol, and myself!


Poor Paulette found only TWO eggs—thank goodness there’s a prize for that!


Two of our Graphic Designers, Kristen & Kelcie, getting their prizes from event emcee, Scott!

Two of our graphic designers, Kristen & Kelcie, getting their prizes from Paper Wishes “Fun Committee” Leader, Scott!

Partners in crime! Bethany, our Personal Shopper Kit administrator, and myself.

Partners in crime! Bethany, our Personal Shopper Kit Administrator, and myself.


Bethany hid little “Peter Rabbit” somewhere in the building for employees to find! The winner received a chocolate bunny.


I hope you all have your Easter cards finished because the big day is almost here! Next week I’ll be highlighting some of my favorite new Paper Wishes crafting finds, so stay tuned for that. Have a fabulous Easter weekend everyone!!!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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Celebrating 10 Years of Webisodes: Q & A with Paulette



It’s our birthday! To celebrate 10 amazing years of Paper Wishes Webisodes, we’ve created an extra special webisode this week, giving you a snapshot of all the wonderful ideas, techniques and laughs to come out of an incredible 710 webisodes (that’s over 500 hours!) Over the years, Paulette Jarvey has had several co-hosts, including Sara Naumann, Ann Barba, and current co-host Gail Booth. But Paulette has been there throughout, and last week I sat down with her to ask some of the questions I’ve had about our webisodes, and I thought I would share! 🙂


MG: How did the idea come up to create your webisodes? What was your initial goal for webisodes?

PJ: Webisodes came out of all the classes I’ve taught in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Hot Off The Press began as a craft book publisher, so teaching and showing how to make things is in our DNA. With the possibility of the growth via the internet (remember, this was 10 years ago), we thought that doing webisodes would be a natural extension of the teaching. We’re also great believers in sharing how to use products.


MG: On average, how many people currently view your webisodes?

PJ: 7,000-11,000 watch each show—multiply that number by 5 during a Week of Webisodes! What’s amazing is how many people watch previous webisodes—even those beginning ones!


MG: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on camera?

PJ: Probably the time Ann nearly sprayed me with Glimmer Mist sprays.


MG: Do you have a favorite webisode?

PJ: Not a specific webisode, but I am so very proud of Gail. She was happy to do the webisodes when she was hired. She had performed in some local plays, but she has grown and become so wonderful on the shows. Not only is she creative, but she enjoys sharing her creativity and she’s a delight to work with. She makes my job easier. I’m a fortunate woman!


MG: Has anything mildly disastrous ever occurred on a webisode? How did you deal with it?

PJ: The most disastrous thing was the coughing fit that happened to me when we were shooting Paper Wishes Live! I had to quickly exit the studio and wonderful Gail stepped in—flawlessly, I might add. At the time, it seemed not mildly disastrous, but really disastrous!


MG: If you could host a webisode with anyone famous, fictitious or real, who would it be and why?

PJ: I grew up reading Nancy Drew and she was an influence on me. She always knew what to do and most of the time it was a creative solution. So that’s it, Nancy and me!


MG: You’re stranded on an island with Gail, Ann and Sara… who is building the hut, who is decorating the hut, and who is making dinner? Assuming, of course, that you’ll be busy planning future webisodes…

PJ: Gail would engineer a way out off the island, Ann would clean and decorate the hut. Sara would find something creative to do with the items on the island. Yes, I’d be dreaming up new shows and coming up with new product ideas. Time on an island might also be the perfect chance to devote time toward new product development—that’s my full-time job.


MG: What is your webisode “dream location” if you could film anywhere?

PJ: On this rainy day, the tropics sound lovely.


MG: Does Mike (Jarvey) ever watch your webisodes? Does he offer “advice?”

PJ: Now that he is retired I wonder if he will watch. He offers advice on some things, but not the webisodes. Currently, we’re working on his suggestions to better show the holographic papers and our new Foiled Fancies™ (oops, I just gave away a new product line for 2016)!


MG: Are you planning to do anything different for future webisodes?

PJ: I personally read all the comments, so I’m always looking at what people want, and what they like or don’t like. My goal is to show new products and to creatively “marry” them with other things. Like Color Burst. It’s a great, fun product and we’ll be putting it with stamps, paper tole, flowers, templates and more in an upcoming webisode. We’re always on the look out for what’s new, and we’ll bring them to the shows!


MG: What’s the most important thing you have learned after filming over 700 webisodes?

PJ: Planning has become even more important. Sometimes we have filmed a webisode only to learn the manufacturer’s product won’t be here on time, and that’s frustrating for us and the viewers. If we plan far enough in advance, we can more easily make substitutions!




I just want to say congratulations to Paulette and her team on 10 years of webisode success! It entails a lot of work, not just from Paulette and her co-hosts, but also from our cameraman John (who has absorbed an amazing amount of crafting knowledge), and our web team, who edit and maintain all the webisodes! It’s a big job, but underlying it all is a whole lot of continuing passion and creativity! Keep it up guys!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper  Wishes Blog


PS—Don’t miss the extra special webisode here! Notice anything different…? 😉

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Girlfriends Getaway Wrap Up + Photos!



Well friends, I’m happy to report that this year’s Girlfriends Getaway was a fabulous success! We had 167 attendees joining us from near and far for a full day of creating with Paulette. Many participants chose to extend their card making and scrapbooking into Sunday as well, making for a very memorable weekend!




Our girlfriends created a total of 6 projects led by Paulette, with Gail stepping in to share some of the fun!





It was a wild and fun day filled with lots of freebies and giveaways! A delicious lunch was provided by Ebner’s Custom Meats, a family-owned, local establishment, and our girlfriends also enjoyed a build-your-own cheesecake station — a new addition at this year’s event!




Hot Off The Press brings all their latest products to Girlfriends so participants can get “extras” of anything they love—without having to pay for shipping! There are also lots of bargains to be found, with tables for “Dollar & Under Items,” “Gently Used Stamps,” and even Dollar Dazzles™!




Another highlight was the attendance of several Paper Wishes Message Board members. These women (wearing the pink shirts) create and communicate through our message boards, often daily, and finally were able to meet Paulette and each other in person! Very cool.


In addition to all the creativity, Girlfriends Getaway is also a family affair. Paulette’s husband, Mike, and son, Adam, were both there for Friday’s setup and to lend a hand on Saturday. This year Adam brought his massage chair, offering professional neck and arm massages.


Even little Penelope stopped by to help draw winners! Paulette shared with me that Penelope wanted to stay, even when presented with a “toy store” option—such star potential!




If you couldn’t attend Girlfriends this year, you can still be a part of the fun with your very own Girlfriends Getaway 2015 Kit! As I mentioned before, Paulette really does spend all year scouting out the best new products specifically with Girlfriends Getaway in mind. She also discovers new ways to use some of our favorites, and she shares all of this in her Girlfriends Getaway Kit which also includes Paulette’s DVD with step by step video instructions!


Supplies are limited—get yours now!



Overall, I’d like to say a big THANK YOU to everyone who attended (and helped with) this year’s event! It was such an amazing group of wonderfully creative people, and I’m already looking forward to next year!






Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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The Girlfriends Are Here!

Yesterday Hot Off The Press & Paper Wishes welcomed sisters Karen Lacina and Jo-Anne Brintrup, who traveled all the way from Florida and New York to join us for our 2015 Girlfriends Getaway!

These fabulous ladies wanted to come here and meet Paulette, and the rest of the Paper Wishes family, so Paulette gave them the grand tour. They met Gail and the rest of our in-house designers, cameraman John, myself and I’m sure a host of others!

I just wanted to quickly share this great photo that Karen was kind enough to share with me. It was taken out in the studio where we film our webisodes, and it’s absolutely adorable!! <3




These ladies are loyal Paper Wishes VIPs with so much enthusiasm, both for creating and for all things Paper Wishes! Their excitement for Hot Off The Press & Paper Wishes was very touching to me, because we do work hard here to bring inspiring products and ideas to all our Paper Wishers! Thanks again ladies, you really made my day!

Now off to help set up for the big day! Happy Friday!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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Spoiler Alert! Get Ready for Girlfriends Getaway & See The Kits (Photo)!


***Spoiler Alert: If you are attending this year’s Girlfriends Getaway, and want to be surprised by the goodies in your kit DO NOT READ THIS POST! We photographed the kits today, and I just had to show you!


September is whizzing by, and it’s hard to believe that Girlfriends Getaway is this Saturday! That means we are wrapping up all the final touches to make this the best Girlfriends ever! This year we’re expecting a record 167 creative folks to join us at the Clackamas County Fairgrounds here in our wonderful hometown of Canby, Oregon for a full day of laughing, eating and most importantly, creating!


Click here to view a google map!


If you haven’t attended in the past, put this one on your bucket list! Attendees bring only a small cutting mat and a paper trimmer! We provide all the rest—all supplies, drinks, lunch, snacks, coffee, dessert and of course, Paulette.

Girlfriends Getaway is one of the few opportunities to meet Paulette and learn all of her tips and tricks in person. And if you watch the webisodes, you know that when it comes to paper crafting, she’s an expert! In addition to this, there are massive amounts of door prizes, freebies and giveaways.


One of last year’s winners trying to fit her very big prize in her very small car! 🙂


And the projects…. Each year Paulette chooses her favorite project ideas and craft products. She then incorporates the “best of the best” into your Girlfriends Getaway projects! It’s unbelievable fun and participants get to try all kinds of new techniques! We’re sold out for this year, but as I said before, put it on your list for next year!



A stunning project from last year!


Now—are you ready for a sneak peek at this year’s Girlfriends Getaway 2015 Fabulous Kit?? Just take look below!




In addition to the more obvious items (paper packs, dazzles, stencils, etc), included in the kit are three colors of mica powders, two shades of Color Burst powders, ribbons, gilding flakes and lots, lots more! If you couldn’t make it to Girlfriends this year, here is some good news. You can order your very own Girlfriends Getaway 2015 Kit! It comes with a link to a video featuring Paulette leading you through all the projects—it’s the next best thing to actually attending! The kits will ship out in October, but you can sign up now to be notified when the kits are here (supplies are limited to 100 kits).


Girlfriends Getaway will be held at the Canby Fairgrounds on Saturday, September 19th, 2015 from 9am to 5pm. Doors open for registration at 8:30am and there is parking across the street. Please bring a paper trimmer—we will provide the all rest! Feel free to post any questions you may have, and I will get them answered.  And yes, there will be coffee. 🙂


See you soon!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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Happy Anniversary, Mike and Paulette!


This last week, Paulette and her hubby Mike celebrated their anniversary. Most anniversaries are special, but theirs is just a little bit extra special.

Mike and Paulette met during Paulette’s first year of college. Mike, a young Marine, was out with two fellow Marines, all trying to meet girls (of course)! The three men serendipitously arrived at the dorm where Paulette was visiting with friends, and destiny took over. Paulette spent most of that evening talking with… not Mike. But by the end of the evening, Mike persevered, asking for (and receiving) Paulette’s phone number. It would only take him several weeks to muster the courage to actually call her!

But then destiny really did take over. After dating for six weeks, Mike (who would soon be deployed overseas) asked Paulette to marry him. To which she replied, “I’ll have to think about it!” And indeed, Paulette, 19 years old at the time, would marry Mike 6 weeks later.



In Paulette’s office, a photo from the early days.


They would only be married for 6 weeks when Mike would be deployed overseas. Just before he left, Mike brought Paulette a vase and told her that she would be receiving something special. That next Saturday, and every Saturday that followed, Paulette received a single rose for her vase, a token of love from her husband nearly half a world away. Mike was first deployed in Japan, and would also be sent with the first wave of troops to arrive in Vietnam. They wrote back and forth daily, sent recorded tapes to each other, and no doubt missed each other dearly.

Mike returned to the US, and the first Christmas tree they shared as a married couple was decorated with the bows that had come from each of the roses. Paulette had saved them.

It was a chance encounter that easily could not have happened, but it did. Now each year on their anniversary, Mike sends Paulette a red rose for every year they’ve been married with one pink rose to begin the next year. What a guy!!




Happy Anniversary, you two! It’s clear you share a love that is very, very special!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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Paulette’s Birthday Surprise!



 Happy Birthday, Paulette!!!




Monday was Paulette’s birthday and Sandy, our VP of Operations who you can see standing behind Paulette, organized a surprise celebration! Hot Off The Press employees hid in the lunchroom, ready to shout out a big, “SURPRISE!!!!” to a completely unsuspecting, wonderfully shocked Paulette.


Yep, the web team is ready to party!

Yep, the web team is ready to party!




Of course—a handmade card, signed by all!



Chocolate for all!


Sharing moments like these makes it feel like a true “Paper Wishes family.” Everyone enjoyed the large assortment of treats (thank you, Sandy)!  Happy Birthday, Paulette! Here’s to a fantastic year filled with new adventures and amazing memories!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog



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