Celebrating 10 Years of Webisodes: Q & A with Paulette



It’s our birthday! To celebrate 10 amazing years of Paper Wishes Webisodes, we’ve created an extra special webisode this week, giving you a snapshot of all the wonderful ideas, techniques and laughs to come out of an incredible 710 webisodes (that’s over 500 hours!) Over the years, Paulette Jarvey has had several co-hosts, including Sara Naumann, Ann Barba, and current co-host Gail Booth. But Paulette has been there throughout, and last week I sat down with her to ask some of the questions I’ve had about our webisodes, and I thought I would share! 🙂


MG: How did the idea come up to create your webisodes? What was your initial goal for webisodes?

PJ: Webisodes came out of all the classes I’ve taught in the US, Canada, England and Australia. Hot Off The Press began as a craft book publisher, so teaching and showing how to make things is in our DNA. With the possibility of the growth via the internet (remember, this was 10 years ago), we thought that doing webisodes would be a natural extension of the teaching. We’re also great believers in sharing how to use products.


MG: On average, how many people currently view your webisodes?

PJ: 7,000-11,000 watch each show—multiply that number by 5 during a Week of Webisodes! What’s amazing is how many people watch previous webisodes—even those beginning ones!


MG: What is the funniest thing that has ever happened to you on camera?

PJ: Probably the time Ann nearly sprayed me with Glimmer Mist sprays.


MG: Do you have a favorite webisode?

PJ: Not a specific webisode, but I am so very proud of Gail. She was happy to do the webisodes when she was hired. She had performed in some local plays, but she has grown and become so wonderful on the shows. Not only is she creative, but she enjoys sharing her creativity and she’s a delight to work with. She makes my job easier. I’m a fortunate woman!


MG: Has anything mildly disastrous ever occurred on a webisode? How did you deal with it?

PJ: The most disastrous thing was the coughing fit that happened to me when we were shooting Paper Wishes Live! I had to quickly exit the studio and wonderful Gail stepped in—flawlessly, I might add. At the time, it seemed not mildly disastrous, but really disastrous!


MG: If you could host a webisode with anyone famous, fictitious or real, who would it be and why?

PJ: I grew up reading Nancy Drew and she was an influence on me. She always knew what to do and most of the time it was a creative solution. So that’s it, Nancy and me!


MG: You’re stranded on an island with Gail, Ann and Sara… who is building the hut, who is decorating the hut, and who is making dinner? Assuming, of course, that you’ll be busy planning future webisodes…

PJ: Gail would engineer a way out off the island, Ann would clean and decorate the hut. Sara would find something creative to do with the items on the island. Yes, I’d be dreaming up new shows and coming up with new product ideas. Time on an island might also be the perfect chance to devote time toward new product development—that’s my full-time job.


MG: What is your webisode “dream location” if you could film anywhere?

PJ: On this rainy day, the tropics sound lovely.


MG: Does Mike (Jarvey) ever watch your webisodes? Does he offer “advice?”

PJ: Now that he is retired I wonder if he will watch. He offers advice on some things, but not the webisodes. Currently, we’re working on his suggestions to better show the holographic papers and our new Foiled Fancies™ (oops, I just gave away a new product line for 2016)!


MG: Are you planning to do anything different for future webisodes?

PJ: I personally read all the comments, so I’m always looking at what people want, and what they like or don’t like. My goal is to show new products and to creatively “marry” them with other things. Like Color Burst. It’s a great, fun product and we’ll be putting it with stamps, paper tole, flowers, templates and more in an upcoming webisode. We’re always on the look out for what’s new, and we’ll bring them to the shows!


MG: What’s the most important thing you have learned after filming over 700 webisodes?

PJ: Planning has become even more important. Sometimes we have filmed a webisode only to learn the manufacturer’s product won’t be here on time, and that’s frustrating for us and the viewers. If we plan far enough in advance, we can more easily make substitutions!




I just want to say congratulations to Paulette and her team on 10 years of webisode success! It entails a lot of work, not just from Paulette and her co-hosts, but also from our cameraman John (who has absorbed an amazing amount of crafting knowledge), and our web team, who edit and maintain all the webisodes! It’s a big job, but underlying it all is a whole lot of continuing passion and creativity! Keep it up guys!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper  Wishes Blog


PS—Don’t miss the extra special webisode here! Notice anything different…? 😉

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EASY Resist Colorist Card From Sara Naumann!


I know many of you here in the US were not able to catch Sara’s appearance on the UK’s Create & Craft channel. I wasn’t either 🙁 .

But look what I found! Or rather, what found me! I bumped into Paulette yesterday, and in her hand was one of Sara’s cards shown on Create & Craft!  So we quickly had it photo-ed just so I could share it with you!




I also got the scoop on how you can create this same look! Are you ready? Okay then, get out your favorite white crayon! That’s right.

Sara scribbled a humble white crayon over the flowers on her Colorist page to create the resist! She then dabbed some Distress Ink onto her craft sheet, spritzed it with a bit of water, and brayered it onto her page—simple as that! She matted her Colorist piece with Iris suede paper. This is a beautiful look that’s easy to replicate, and also easy to “riff on,” using different colors of inks, application methods and so on. Her Colorist sheet is from our Floral Garden for Colorists book.




And while you have your brayer out, check out Sara’s Mixed Media Made Easy Computer DVD! Sara shows how to create endless mixed media effects using tons of different mediums you probably already have—embossing pastes, Gelatos®, Perfect Pearls™, Distress inks, Spectrum Noir™ and lots more! It’s like taking a Mixed Media class with Sara at home, and it’s perfect for anyone ready to dive in and start creating! You can click on Sara’s Mixed Media Made Easy Computer DVD to learn more.




I hope you are all still excited for World Card Making Day which is this Saturday, October 3rd!! We’d like to invite everyone to make a card and post a photo of it in the comments section of our blog here, or on Facebook! We’re giving away two Paper Wishes gift certificates this year because it’s always so hard to choose! Don’t miss out—see our World Card Making Day Sketch Challenge for more info!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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Video Tutorial: Cardmaking Using Wildflowers Cutting Die With Sara Naumann


Hi everyone! It’s Friday and today’s my birthday!!! So to celebrate? I’m proofing the first pages of our upcoming Paper Wishes catalog! I know, I know… going a little wild here!

However, I just had to take a quick moment to share this video from Sara Naumann’s YouTube channel. Yesterday, Sara showed how to create a beautiful, mixed-media card using Hot Off The Press’ Wildflowers cutting die, along with Izinks and one of my favorite new products, Stick It adhesive sheets. Take a minute to watch—I just love how Sara doesn’t hesitate to dive right in and experiment with inks and paints and pigments of all sorts… so fun & inspiring!



You can check out Sara’s blog for Studio SN, here:




I hope that watching this now has you racing for your craft table! Have a great weekend everyone, and I hope you all get the chance to do a little creating of your own! In parting, I’d like to share this quote that reminds me of myself today! 😀





Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog



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New HOTP Stamp Set Featured In Scrap & Stamp Arts Magazine With Projects From Sara Naumann

Flipping through July’s issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts, I came across something wonderful—new cards from Sara Naumann featuring HOTP’s Postcards stamp set! Talk about a win-win! In the article, Sara shares her technique for painting with pigment ink. And it’s not just a good read – the projects are wonderful too! Here’s a peek at two of her cards that were featured:


Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)


Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)

Sara Naumann, Scrap & Stamp Arts (July 2015)


Gorgeous! I know I’ve said it before, but I really enjoy Sara’s “light & bright” style, and I’m especially in love with the contrast on her second card! Below is a look at the stamp set that was used:




The postcards are so lovely and detailed, and all the little accent stamps are perfect for adding your final touches. Be sure to check out Sara’s article to learn more about painting with pigments, and to see the rest of her cards! And for even more ideas, watch our webisode featuring this stamp set, below. You’ll see a great idea for using them on a scrapbook page as well!



For me, it’s always exciting to see what others are creating! If you’re feeling as inspired as I am, just pick up your Postcards stamps, some Artful Watercolor scrapbooking paper and July’s issue of Scrap & Stamp Arts (on sale now!), and you’ll be ready to go! Take care!


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog

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Mixed Media Cardmaking Projects from Sara Naumann Using Megaflakes

Happy Friday! It’s been a while since I’ve shown a project, so to make up for it, here’s two! Both of these cards were designed by Sara Naumann, who joined us in the Paper Wishes studio on Tuesday for Paper Wishes LIVE. I wanted to give you this up close look, along with her instructions. We are working furiously to make all of the Paper Wishes LIVE projects available, so over the next few days, you are going to see a whole new crop of new card making and scrapbooking project ideas showing up!

But enough business—on to the projects!!! Both projects feature detailed botanical images from Hot Off The Press’ Unforgettable stamp set which is one of my favorites (yes, I have a lot of favorites around here). On this first card, Sara shows us how to create a gorgeous gilded background on vellum, and it’s EASY! She also demonstrated this technique on Paper Wishes LIVE, so you can watch it again if you’d like to see exactly what she does. Here’s her card:


And inside:


I snuck into Paulette’s office early this morning, and snagged this card so I could show you the details up close. I love not just the Megaflakes background, but also the shine of the Dazzles™ lace border!


Sara’s tip: Create gorgeous gilded backgrounds with a simple swipe of FlitterGlu on a cosmetic wedge! The more glue, the more area will be covered with metallic flake—here, I’ve left plenty of the teal vellum showing to emphasize the contrast. The vellum will curl up when the glue dries, so I recommend placing it in a plastic sheet protector and between two books to flatten.



  1. Cut a 3 3/4”-wide piece of teal vellum. Apply FlitterGlu to a cosmetic wedge and swipe horizontally across the piece. Sprinkle Winter Dawn MegaFlake over the vellum and use fingertips to burnish flakes into the adhesive. Gently polish with the Scoochy Foam. Mat the top and bottom edges with black cardstock.
  1. Place the card fold at the top. Cover with green patterned paper. Glue the vellum piece in the center. Place the lace border Dazzles™ on a 1 1/8”-wide strip of green patterned paper; this won’t be long enough to go all the way across the card front, so cut it in half width-wise and glue one piece even with the right side of the card and the other even with the left side.
  1. Stamp the butterfly on white cardstock with black ink. Mat on black cardstock and wrap the top and bottom corners with teal ribbon. Color the butterfly with BT2, BT4 and BT1 Spectrum Noir pens. Foam-tape to the card front.
  1. Add a knotted piece of green ribbon at the left side of the matted piece, and the Dazzles™ accent at the bottom of the card front.
  1. For the card inside: Use the chisel tip of BT4 to ink the long edges of a 3”-wide piece of green patterned paper. Glue to the inside of the card. Stamp the small butterfly and sentiment on white cardstock with black. Ink the edges with BT4, then add it to the inside of the card, along with a Dazzles™ swirl and a leftover strip of gilded vellum.


Sara’s next card also uses Megaflakes, but this time she stamped her image with FlitterGlu to create a gilded, stamped focal. I really love the clean look of this card! The carefully placed elements highlight the detail of the gilded flowers without being overwhelming.


And the inside:



Sara’s tip: When you’re done stamping with the FlitterGlu, be sure to clean your stamp immediately—soap and water will do the trick. If you can’t get to a sink quickly, keep a container of water nearby and simply drop in the stamp to soak until it can be cleaned properly. With detail stamps like these, it’s a good idea to give a scrub with an old toothbrush to remove glue from tiny areas.



  1. Place the three stamps on one block. Stamp on white cardstock using FlitterGlu. Sprinkle Winter Dawn MegaFlake over the stamped images and use fingertips to burnish flakes into the adhesive.
  1. Gently polish with the Scoochy Foam to reveal the stamped design. Stamp “you make life special” with brown ink and color in the flower and “life” with Spectrum Noir BT4 pen.
  1. Cut the stamped piece to 5 1/2” x 3 3/4” and mat on brown cardstock. Add Jewel Dazzles™ at each corner, then wrap with sheer ribbon and brown twine. Hold two pieces of brown twine together, then tie in a bow. Glue to the gilded focal as shown.
  1. Place the card fold on the side. Cover with brown patterned paper. Glue a 4 1/2”-wide piece of herringbone vellum onto a piece of white cardstock the same size. Glue to the center of the card, trimming the ends even with the top and bottom of the card. Note: A light application of glue stick will not show through the patterned vellum, but you still want to apply it sparingly.
  1. Glue the gilded card focal in the card center.
  1. For the card inside: Glue a 4 1/2” x 4” piece of herringbone vellum on top of a piece of white cardstock the same size. Glue to the inside of the card.
  1.  Stamp the butterfly and sentiment on white cardstock with brown ink. Color with BT2, BT4 and BT1. Use the chisel tip of BT4 to edge the white cardstock. Mat again on white and glue inside the card. Tie a bow in brown twine and glue as shown.

Thank you Sara for creating such beautiful cards! And with my (current) favorite paper pack. The white cardstock she chose contrasts well with the Trail Blazer scrapbooking papers and patterned vellum to create these fresh, delightful cards! I also have to thank Sara for coining my new favorite term of endearment—because we really do love our “Paper Wishers!” You can also check out Sara’s blog here.

Have a great weekend! 🙂


Michelle Gustafson

Paper Wishes Blog


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