Covering the Card Front

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There are three ways of putting patterned paper on the front of a card quickly and easily—covering the entire card front with paper, covering the card front with paper, but leaving a border or constructing the card front and then gluing to your card.

Covering the Card Front

First, select the paper for the card front. This can be patterned paper, lightweight cardstock or a foil paper. The two papers together will add a nice weight to the card without adding extra postage.

Fold the card closed and place it flat on your work surface. (The fold of the card will be on your left—especially important if your paper is patterned with words!)

Apply glue around the outside edges of the card front, taking care to add glue around the corners because that's the part that gets handled most by the recipient. It's not necessary to saturate the entire card with glue—that can cause the paper to warp.

We recommend using a "dry" adhesive like a glue stick for best results, as liquid glue can warp paper. A glue stick is also more forgiving than double-sided tape—if you need to reposition the paper, it's easier to lift it off and try again.

Next, glue your paper to the card front, lining up two edges of the paper evenly with the card front. We find it works best to place one edge of the paper along the fold of the card. That way, you won't risk cutting into the card fold when you trim.

Smooth the paper down, then turn the card over and trim the excess paper from the other two card edges. Save the extra paper—it can be used for a great border inside the card or for another card!

Leaving a Border
You can also add paper to the front of your card without covering the entire card. Simply cut a piece of paper slightly smaller than the front of the card, then center and glue. You'll have a border around the outside edges that helps to "frame" the card focal.

Make a Constructed Front
You can cut the paper to size then embellish it with brads (so the prongs don't show) or ribbons (with the ends glued behind the paper). Then glue this "constructed front" to your card.

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