Cutting and Punching Windows

Creating a window in your card front is a great design technique—and it’s pretty easy, too! A window is sometimes called an aperture.

Cutting a window: It’s easier to first cover your card front, then cut your window, rather than trying to cut separate pieces. Simply cover the card front with paper, then open the card and place it on a cutting mat. Mark your window on the front of the card. Use a pen knife and ruler to cut the window. Always make sure you have a sharp blade in your knife; a dull blade will drag on the paper and make your window more difficult. Hold your knife firmly against the edge of your ruler and try not to lift the knife until you’ve cut one side of your shape.

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How to get your window shape? You can use a template, or draw the shapes yourself. If you’re new to windows, start with straight lines—a square or rectangle, or even a star. Circles, ovals and curved shapes, like scalloped frames, take a little practice. To achieve a smooth line, turn the paper as you cut along the curve instead of lifting your knife.

Punching a window: Got punches? They’re a great way to create windows, too! Square, circle and heart-shaped punches make super windows. You can also use the scalloped square, circle or heart punches.

What to put in your window? Line the inside of your card with patterned paper, or place a special message or an embellishment to show through the window.

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